The Top 7 Korean Pop Star Girls

K-Pop ladies are undoubtedly a formidable force; besides being immensely talented they are naturally beautiful and sexy. Understandably, therefore, they appeal to both guys and girls. The idols furthermore passionately care for their loyal fans and as such Kpop fans feel lucky to have attractively charming girls who appreciate their support and efforts.

Ranging from bubbly girls to intelligent ladies to sex pots and divas K-Pop women are indeed an incredible combination of great women. So, who among stands out most? Below is a list of the top 7 beautiful K-pop girls of all time. Check them out;

1. Nana


Nana, a model, a singer and an actress, is a South Korean K-Pop idol who is indisputably stunning with or without makeup. She features prominently in a girl dance group, After School, as well as its subgroup entitled Orange Caramel. Nana ventured into acting in 2014 and subsequently joined the SBS variety TV show, dubbed Roommate. K-pop fans consider the 27-year-old the sexiest and most beautiful members of both groups, for obvious reasons. Nana is blessed with perfect body figures. Many men find her tall physique and characteristically tall legs irresistibly gorgeous.

Many of her ardent fans wonder why a girl with such great looks and absolute talent fail to join Miss World. Would she win? Well, she previously tried her luck in beauty contests and she performed exemplary. Her impressive performance in the competitions saw her become the principal model for Juvis, one of Korea’s largest diet brands. Her impressive performance in acting has seen her host OnStyle’s Style Logs Show, second season. She was even cast in a supporting role in The Good Wife, a TV drama show in which she has received great reviews for her role.

2. CL


2NE1, a girl group which CL leads, has for a long time been an audacious girl group in the K-Pop niche. The group is composed of the young and bodacious  Minzy, gorgeous Bom and lovely Dara. However, CL takes the price of the ultimate boldness of this outstandingly striking girl group. During the team’s several packed live shows, CL has always wile out much to the delight of hundreds of her loyal fans. She even took to the stage solo at Psy’s happening concert that took place in April, last year during which she declared herself the Baddest Female of all time. Her unmatched ability to wrap in Korean and English puts her in a class of her own.

CL is also one of the very few performers who can charm an entire crown with thrilling performance with a parrot perched on her shoulder. She occasionally gets cheesy, in a good way, helping her rightly earn her self-professed title. Her ballistic rap style coupled with her unbridled swagger further makes her so pop. Her role as a muse fashion designer (for Jeremy Scott) completes the incredible persona. That she once declined a suggestion to have her undergo plastic surgery reveals her as a confident girl who owns it. Confidence is sexy.

3. Huyna


To some K-pop fans, Huyna is the ultimate pop girl thanks to her tatted up hellcat personality. Previously a brief member of a girl group entitled Wonder Girls, she shortly ditched the group for 4Minute, the indubitable Pussycat Dolls in the industry. Her decision, later on, turned out to be a blessing in disguise because the group was a striking match for her nasty girl sex appeal.

Hyuna’s solo shows, nonetheless, mainly feature her cheerful Marilyn Monroe fusses although she still manages to steal the show as a solo rapper. Further affirming her gal sex appeal, the k-pop beauty queen’s Music Video, Change, was regarded as extremely sexy and subsequently, labeled with a 19(Plus) age rating.

So, what makes her so pop? The Gangnam style co-star is one of the most confident k-pop performers. After breaking it down in Change, her inaugural solo single, she successively released a redolent Ice Cream single followed by Bubble Pop Video. Additionally, Hyuna’s daring choreography got banned in Korea for accusations of raciness projected her as a decisively unabashed gal. Underscoring her coveted performance and achievement as a k-pop star is a 21-second teaser clip, on Ice Cream, that earned a remarkable over five million views.

4. Lee Hyori

Lee Hyori
Lee Hyori

Equipped with a cheeky character and a bodacious body and voice Lee comes out as the original star of K-pop. Her uniqueness and great voice introduce a bawdy All-American Flavor to K-Pop. Following her brief stint as Television show host, Lee made a bold comeback to the niche, effectively reminding all and sundry that she is rightfully an unsurpassed great K-Pop star to whom all aspiring pop stars take lessons from.

Instead to trying to defy her age so as to fit in in a niche that glorifies acting coquette and girly appearances, she embraces her age (34) much to the admiration of fans and fellow pop stars. She effectively projects the image of an incredible woman and confidently fierce lady.

Despite her advancing age, Lee earns her spot in the top beautiful k-pop girls thanks to her unwavering personality and outstanding performance. Her decision to name her comeback single Bad Girls appears to be aimed at reminding everyone that notwithstanding her 10 years in business still remains a force to reckon with in the industry. That her bold single won the number one slot in K-Pop Hot 100 list proved all skeptics wrong; she still remains k-pop’s top diva after all.

5. Amber Liu

Amber Liu
Amber Liu

This Taiwanese-American singer and rapper is very active in the K-pop scene. Born and raised in LA, Amber moved to South Korea in the year 2009 where she joined a girl group called SM Entertainment. Among the many works under her name include Goodbye Summer that was included in the group’s second album, Summer Love (a track in her third studio album) and Pink Tape.

She even launched and released as a solo artist, EP Beautiful, a track that managed an impressive position two on World Album Billboards. Her collaboration with DJ Ksuke in 2016 saw her release Breathe Again, her maiden English song.

Managing such an exceptional feat in South Korea a country that for a long time was considered a conservative East Asian country should not be taken lightly. Well, the country appears to be going through a transformation as evidenced by an obsession with girls who dress like boys.

Liu, herself an Angelino native with Taiwanese descent wears tomboy attires explaining why everyone K-Pop fan is crushing on her. Liu confesses that Mike Shinoda (Linkin Park) inspires her. She pleasantly defies conventions of K-Pop instead opting to be nothing but herself. Consequently, every k-pop fan strives to impress and befriend her.

6. UI


Aged 24, UI (real name; Lee Ji-eun) is cute, pretty and exceptionally gifted. She gained a major breakthrough and gained a good number of fans following the huge success of her lead single Good Day from her album Real that was released in 2010. The single to date holds the records for occupying position one on charts for the longest duration. Other than her thriving music career UI hosts TV shows, radio shows and is a very good actor.

Ji-eun’s acting prowess saw her land on a supporting role in teen drama show entitled Dream High. She also featured in Lee Soon-Shin, You’re The Best, Pretty Manmade and Scarlet Heart Ryeo besides making minor appearances in a number of TV series. UI’s unrivaled aptitude to project authenticity as a songwriter puts her in a class of her own, far from her ebullient and largely viral styled competitors.

7. Tzuyu


Tzuyu, whose real name is Chou Tzu-yu, is a Taiwanese singer and a member of Twice, a JYP Entertainment Group. The Seventeen-year old was first discovered in the year 2012 at the famous MUSE Performing Arts Workshop while scouting for talents in Tainan.

Three years down the line she auditioned for Sixteen, a South Korean reality show, where she was selected alongside other eight girls to form Twice, a new girl group. Twice debuted in October of the same year (2015) and she has been playing an active role for the group ever since.

Tzuyu gained massive popularity as an individual just two months following the launch of the group, effectively entertaining and giving fans value for their loyalty. She charms her fans with her undeniable beauty that no one can afford to ignore. Ever since she was spotlighted in the reality show that aired on Mnet, many viewers have recognized Tzaya one of the cutest girls in K-Pop.


In an industry that is characterized by stiff competition and demanding fans you have to be exceptional to cut a niche. So, the fact the above K-Pop girls have made to the list of the most talented, distinguished and stunning performers is commendable.

In the recent past, the genre has gained huge popularity meaning that performers have to always give their whole and be at their best form. Fans are continually comparing performances meaning the lovely girls have to always remain on their toes to remain atop. Where will retain her position? Who will drop? Time will tell.

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