Privacy Policy

Once you are on The9Best, it’s essential for you to read and understand our privacy policy. We aim to protect your information once you are on our website, and if you have any questions about our privacy policy or website operations, please get in touch. We will respond immediately. By reading our privacy policy, you will also find out how we handle, use, and collect your personal information during your visit to our site.

Amazon Associates Program

The9Best is an affiliate program designed for advertising, in conjunction with the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. Amazon provides this service as a way in which websites can earn advertising fees by linking directly to, and through adverts.

Personal Identification Information

When you visit The9Best, we encourage you to read and understand our privacy policy to get to grips with how we use your personal information. The way in which we collect data varies. When you visit our website or register, fill out a survey or a form, these are all ways in which we can receive your data. What’s more, when you subscribe to our newsletter or place an order, you are also voluntarily releasing your personal information. Sometimes, we may even ask for your mailing address, phone number, email address and name. You provide this information voluntarily. If you visit our website anonymously, we can also gather any personal identification information that you provide us.

Non-Personal Identification

Alongside personal data, we also collect non-personal information from visitors to The9Best. Examples of non-personal data could include the way in which you connected to our website, your browser name, what device you are using, and technical user information as well.

Website Browser Cookies

We offer you the choice to either allow or deny the use of cookies. However, your browser, in many cases, will automatically use cookies on your hard drive by way of tracking and recording. We may also use cookies to improve your experience on our website. If you choose to refuse cookies while visiting The9Best, please note that some features of our site may not be available.

Information Use

Your personal information is very valuable to us, but we are transparent in how we use it.

We use it for:

  • Providing you with a better user experience
  • Sending you order status emails, periodic emails, and responses to your questions
  • Personalizing your viewing experience – e.g., showing you products in which you may be interested
  • Running contests, promotions, and surveys to benefit the user

Information Protection

We care about your information as much as you do, which is why we ensure it’s as safe as possible. When your private data is shared with us, we use an SSL secured communication channel. This channel is encrypted and safe from unauthorized access. We also use the best storage, processing and data collection methods to reiterate this protection and safety.

Personal Data Sharing

The only circumstances where your data will be shared is if we use a third party to run our website on our behalf.

Third Party Website

Every now and again, you may come across various adverts and blocks of content that will link to other services or websites. This is a standard feature on most blogs. The9Best has no control over these links or adverts, nor are we responsible for their practices. Any websites, services, or blogs linked to The9Best have their own privacy and customer service policies in place.


Some of our advertising partners enable cookies to provide you with ads. They do this using your non-identification data from your computer. This advertising aims to provide you with targeted adverts based on what you have looked at previously.

Google AdSense

Alongside regular ads, Google also provides some ads, using DART cookies. DART cookies cannot track your personal information, but they do focus on your non-identification data to provide you with relevant advertising.

Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act Compliance

The9Best complies with and adheres to the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act. We do not cater our content to those aged below 13 years of age.

Privacy Policy Modifications

We reserve the right to update, alter, or modify our privacy policy. If we do make any changes, however, we post on The9Best to inform our customers, as well as via email. We encourage you to check our site regularly to view any changes we may make now or in the future. Furthermore, you must acknowledge and agree that you have reviewed the privacy policy and any modifications that may take place.

Terms Acceptance

By using or visiting The9Best, you agree and comply with all policies. If you do not agree, then it is requested that you do not visit this website. By using The9Best, you also accept that you are in agreeance with any modifications of the privacy policy.

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