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The 9 Best Vanity Makeup Mirrors with LED Lights

You would come by some exceptionally beautiful people in your day to day activities either on the street, on social media or elsewhere and you will keep wondering what is different about them. The answer is not far-fetched. You will discover the secret here.

Firstly you have to realize that looking good goes beyond just applying make-up. Secondly, even when you apply the make-up correctly, under what condition are you doing it? What kind of mirror are you using to monitor yourself?

The kind of mirror you utilize play an important role in the result of your make-up. For example you can’t compare the result you get by using an ordinary plane mirror and that of a perfect finish derived from the use of a specially designed mirror with advanced facilities that make your task easier. Vanity mirrors are designed to complement your skills and give you a gorgeous look after a perfectly finished make-up.

The best vanity mirrors are fashioned in the smartest manner. They are built with strong frames like aluminum. The reflective mirrors produce sharp and undistorted images having the best clarity so that you can see every nuke and cranny of your face to give it perfect touch. These vanity mirrors are adapted to be used under various conditions, they are equipped with illumination and magnification facilities.

The least result you can get from vanity mirror is a beautiful look. If you are yet to achieve this feat, getting one of the following vanity mirrors will be absolutely fulfilling.

9. Chende Tabletop Vanity Makeup Mirror with LED Lights

Chende Hollywood Vanity mirror is a superb modern mirror. It is equipped with a lot of interesting facilities that will help you get an amazing result from your make-up. It is constructed to be durable and strong with its high quality aluminum frame and wooden base. The frame is perfectly fashioned to accommodate the mirror and illuminating facilities. This vanity mirror is designed to be a table top mirror but also has hook to allow hanging on the wall.

With Chende Hollywood Vanity mirror, you will be able to conveniently apply your make-up and see a true and clear reflection of your face without any image distortion. This will help you to ensure uniform application of color. Users have reported to have enjoyed it for its effectiveness and durability.

A special feature of Chende Hollywood Vanity mirror is the illumination it is capable of producing. The mirror is facilitated with twelve 110V 3W white bulbs to light up your environment during makeup. This light can be dimmed and brightened. The light has been designed to deliver sufficient illumination that will not form shadow. With this vantage mirror, you can apply your makeup both day and night.

8. Aoleen Dimmable Hollywood Vanity Mirror with LED Light Bulbs

This is another wonderful vanity mirror with fascinating facilities that will make your makeup extremely convenient. Aoleen vanity mirror is designed to be a table top mirror. With a dimension of 16.15” by 11.81”, it provides a wide surface that gives you clean and clear reflection. You can adjust the angle of this mirror according to your preference, therefore there is no need of stretching or changing position before you can view your body extensively.

Aoleen vanity mirror has 12 dimmable LED bulbs that provide adequate illumination. You can adjust the brightness of the LED light by simply touching the screen. You can also vary the color of the light according to your preference. The LED light has warm light and cool white light. With this facilities, you can now be rest assured that you can apply your makeup even under a dark condition. You can adjust the light to suite the brightness of the room in order to prevent shadows.

Aoleen vanity mirror is made of high quality glass and its glass is confined within a metal frame. This frame is composed of polished high quality metal which is smooth. This makes it to be resistant to rusting. The mirror comes in two colors (white and black) from which you can make your choice. By getting this vanity mirror, you can now boast of a professional mirror that gives you a perfect look.

7. WanEway Hollywood Style Makeup Cosmetic Mirror with LED Lights

WanEway vanity mirror is exceptionally made to give you a sharp, clean and undistorted image under all conditions. It is highly durable and packed with a lot of amazing features. The vanity mirror makes your makeup an interesting experience you will achieve best results with ease. WanEway vanity mirror comes with 12 adjustable LED bulbs available in day light and warm light options.

This vanity mirror is made of high quality glass that gives you clear reflection. It is built to last long. The optic mirror has a dimension of 12” by 16” while dimension of the frame is 14.5” by 19”. With this wide surface, you can conveniently apply your makeup. It is also suitable for dressing.

WanEway vanity mirror provides further convenience by allowing rotation of the mirror to your preferred angle. It allows 180 degree rotation. It is designed to be a table top mirror and it doesn’t require any assembly or wiring before you can use it. The lighting facility is powered by USB cable and adapter. The light has a smart control by means of screen touch button. With WanEway vanity mirror your makeup and dressing has just been made smarter.

6. Fancii LED Lighted Vanity Mirror With Magnifying Mirror

Fancii vanity mirror has taken contemporary makeup and dressing mirror to another level with this function packed product. This state of the art vanity mirror is facilitated with 16 bright next generation daylight LED that mimics natural sunlight to provide you bright natural light. This light helps to ensure you always have the correct illumination for your makeup even in the darkness. This light can be adjusted using touch sensor technology.

Fancii vanity mirror is equipped with two options of magnification. The 1X magnification gives a clear and undistorted image, while the 10X pull out mirror gives a detailed and magnified image to allow comprehensive view. The glass is 9” by 6.3” wide. It has 180 degree swivel which allows front and back tilting and horizontal or vertical rotation. With this facility, you can be rest assured that you will have a clear view of any body part you want to view.

Other fascinating features of this wonderful vanity mirror include a well-designed cosmetic base which is made up of 5-compartment organizer where you can neatly place your makeup brushes and other items. This gives it a unique look. The vantage mirror is powered by USB cable and adapter or 4 AA batteries. It will automatically turn off after 30 minutes of in activity. This is to ensure energy conservation. Its LED is designed to last up to at least 20,000 hours.

5. AIMEE-JL Touch Screen Makeup Mirror With Adjustable Brightness

When it comes to quality vanity mirrors, AIMEE-JL vanity mirror is another outstanding product. This mirror comes in two colors, so you have option of choosing black or white. The vanity mirror is built to be extremely durable and efficient. Its mirror is made of 5mm thick quality high definition glass that gives you a superb reflection. You are sure of getting a clear detailed image from this mirror.

AIMEE-JL vanity mirror is designed with high quality metal frame to provide a firm support for the glass and a well fashioned harbor for the lighting facility. It is provided with 12 bright adjustable LED light to further provide enough illumination. This table top vanity mirror requires no special installation and it is easy to use.

This vanity mirror is powered by DC direct charge power supply. You can use smart chip to adjust the brightness of the light. The LED bulbs have longer life of 50,000 hours and have dual color. With a mirror size of 300mm by 400mm, you are sure of a detailed image. Another smart feature of this mirror is that it can be tilted to your desired position conveniently.

4. E Home Designs Frameless Professional Vanity Makeup Mirror

This LED Illuminated vanity mirror is designed to be hanged on the wall and it comes hardwired. It offers a wider field of view and provides bright illumination which helps to ensure that you can use it under all conditions. This mirror can be installed horizontally and vertically. If you are the type who take selfie a lot, this mirror will suite your taste.

E Home vanity mirror is provided with 50,000 hours of bright light and the light is designed to shine through the frosted glass in order to illuminate the surrounding. With this mirror, you can conveniently and effectively apply your makeup before going for dinner. It is also suitable as dressing mirror.

This product is absolutely amazing and it offers beautiful cool daylight glow with the Silicone wrapped LED light which also ensures that there is no discolor or haze. The mirror is made of perfectly refined and reinforced glass in order to ensure clear and undistorted image. This product also boast of a 5 year warranty for you.

3. iHome All-in-One 7X Double Sided Vanity Mirror

As the name implies, iHome vanity mirror is beyond just giving you a clear image. If you call it a Mirror or a High-tech Gadget from beyond, you would be correct. This is because iHome vanity mirror has a whole lot to offer you beyond your money. This mirror gives you clear undistorted image on two sides. The front side has 1X magnification while the back side has 7X magnification. The LED gives you a bright illumination which can be adjusted to the ambient light while you apply your makeup.

You can enjoy good music while your hands are busy on the makeup by wirelessly streaming audio through the Bluetooth provided in your vanity mirror. You can also answer your calls using the Bluetooth hands-free speakerphone in the vanity mirror. This facility is further enhanced with a built in microphone, digital echo cancellation and answer and end control.

Furthermore, you can enjoy more music using Aux Jack audio cable which can be connected to iHome vanity mirror. You can also charge your phone while applying makeup, using the USB port provided. With this vanity mirror, your beauty will be radiant because of the happiness and fulfillment you will derive by using it.

2. iHome iCVBT10 PRO Portable Adjustable Vanity Mirror

This is another wonderful Vanity mirror from iHome. It is packed with a lot of state of the art functions. This mirror is ideal for the clear image you need during your routine grooming. It comes with long lasting LED light that can be adjusted to give you bright and dim light, this facility mimics natural light to provide adequate illumination.

iHome contains rechargeable Lithium ion battery for its power source. You can enjoy music wirelessly through its Bluetooth and you can also answer your calls using this device as you apply your makeup. This vanity mirror is equipped with a pivot which allow adjustment of telescoping height. You can charge your phone with the USB port provided. Grooming is now easy with iHome vanity mirror. View a clear image on the 10.2” by 16.4” reflecting surface.

1. SimpleHuman Sensor Lighted Makeup Mirror

This is a special vanity mirror that utilizes full spectrum bright light to illuminate your face in order to produce a clear and undistorted image. The lighting system simulates natural sunlight to produce just the appropriate illumination you need. The light has been designed to deliver maximum efficiency with color rendering index of 90.

SimpleHuman vanity mirror is designed to give you a 5X magnification which ensures a comprehensive view of your entire face. A smart feature of this mirror is the sensor that is enhanced with multi sense technology that adapts to your behavioral pattern.

The light will detect your presence and automatically light up as your face approaches and it will remain brightly on throughout your activities. When you finish your makeup, it will automatically switch off. The mirror can be tilted in multi angle and direction to allow convenience.

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