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The 9 Best Floor Lamps with Table Attachment in 2020

People who will benefit from floor lamps with table attachments are those who continually knock their lamp off their side shelf. Whether you’re reading a book, writing a letter, watching TV, or relaxing in your armchair, it’s so easy to stretch your arms out and knock your lamp right onto the floor. If it’s a high-quality glass lamp, it can also have disastrous results.

If you own a floor lamp with table attachments, however, you will never know that disappointment and anger again. Table floor lamps are a complete unit that takes care of those unbalanced lamps. Instead, the light sits within the table with an inclusive or corded switch. It’s stable, robust, and is not bothered if you swing an elbow out and hit it.

However, most options you will find on the market are more than just a table and a lamp. They often have USB ports for electronic devices, as well as swivel arms so you can steer the light where you want it to be. They are also usually stylish and contemporary to tie into your home beautifully. If you think a floor lamp with table attachments is what you require, read on.

9. Costzon Table Floor Lamps with 2 USB Ports

Contemporary, elegant, and suitable for most home décor, this floor lamp with table attachments will appeal to many who view. It features an in-built side table with a shelf, a stunning floor lamp that sits proudly on top of the table, and funky colors and styling that is a stroke of modern-day brilliance. However, it’s not only the style that’s going to grab your attention.

What also appeals about this floor lamp with table attachments are the USB ports. The table features two of them which enable you to charge two electronic devices at the same time. You would never expect this from a typical floor lamp. You can also select from two beautiful shade colors to suit the room you put it in.

If you’re having trouble with the direction of the light, this floor lamp with table attachments enables you to change it. It has a 360-degree swing arm, meaning you can move the brightness to provide better visibility for what you require.


  • Built-in table and shelf
  • Double USB port included
  • 360-degree swinging arm
  • Two shade styles
  • Contemporary patterns

8. Brightech Madison Mid Century Modern Nightstand LED Floor Lamp

Whether you’re looking to upgrade furniture in your office, living room, or bedroom, it’s worth taking a closer look at this floor lamp with table attachments. Not only does it replace the need for you to keep your old shabby lights, but it provides a range of convenient features that will see you updating all your side tables at once.

The first noteworthy point is the style. You can choose from three colors – white, white and black, or Havana brown – all of which are bound to tie in with your home décor beautifully. It doesn’t matter whether your home is classic or contemporary, you’re sure to find this floor lamp with table attachments meets the mark entirely.

However, style aside, there is also so much this setup has to offer. You’ll never knock the lamp off your table because it’s built-in, and you can choose where you want to shine the light as well. Thanks to the 360-degree swing-arm in the floor lamp, you can direct light to where you need.

What’s more, you don’t have to worry about changing lightbulbs – at least not for two decades. Included in the floor lamp with table attachments is a 9.5-watt bulb with 800 lumens of light and a 20,000-hour lifespan. As a result, even if you use it for three hours a day, it will last around 20 years.

If you’re not yet convinced, you can buy this floor lamp with table attachments knowing a manufacturer three-year warranty covers all faults.


  • Solidly-built lamp
  • 3-year warranty
  • 9.5-watt LED bulb with a 20,000-hour lifespan
  • Swing arm light
  • Robust, high-quality table
  • Three color choices – white, white and black, Havana brown

7. Ashley Shianne Metal Tray Lamp

Rather than worry about having to purchase both a table and a lamp when you’re upgrading your furniture, why not have both in the form of a floor lamp with table attachments? This unit from Signature Design by Ashley is going to meet the mark for all your requirements.

For storing all your books, magazines, remotes, and more, the table unit offers all the space you require. It features dual racks, a stunning metal finish, and lovely wood to tie the entire package together. Then, when the natural light is no longer good enough, or you require ambiance, you can turn on the stunning lamp and benefit from a chic glow.

The lamp is tall, features a three-way switch, and the style ensures it suits both bedrooms and living rooms. What’s more, the light on offer is warm and cozy – perfect for on a cold winter’s day. When you purchase this floor lamp with table attachments, you’ll also need to buy a 100-watt bulb separately, but it’s a small price to pay for such a lovely piece of furniture.


  • Integrated storage
  • Built-in wood tabletop
  • Metal racks
  • Hardback shade
  • Three-way switch
  • Easy assembly
  • Uses a 100-watt or 23-watt CFL bulb

6. Kshioe Floor Lamp with Built-in Two-Tier Table

Kshioe Floor Lamp with Built-in Two-Tier Table
No products found.

If you’re tired of damaging precious lamps because they’re so easy to knock off your tables, then it might be time to take a closer look at this floor lamp with table attachments. Rather than buy tables and lamps individually for your home, you can instead purchase an all-in-one unit to offer no end of convenience.

This floor lamp with table attachments is set to impress in many ways. Firstly, as the stunning lamp fits into the table, you’ll never have to worry about knocking it off. What’s more, it sits in the very center of the table with a slim body which means you can fit more items on the table top. A typical lamp and table setup can’t offer this same convenience.

The style of this floor lamp with table attachments is also set to impress. The light features metal which is solid as well as a white oak tray, linen lampshade, and an outlet for a 60-watt bulb.

Whether you need a new floor lamp with table components for your bedroom, living area, or office, this one will not disappoint.


  • 110-volt power usage
  • Uses a 60-watt bulb, not included
  • Robust metal lamp
  • Panel tray featuring white oak
  • Linen fabric lamp shade
  • 1-year warranty
  • Stable
  • Suitable for bedrooms, living areas, offices, and more

5. Space Saver Glass Tray Table Floor Lamp

If you like the seamless, contemporary styling within your home and don’t want to steer away from it, then including this floor lamp with table attachments into the picture is a good idea.

Often, it’s hard to find both tables and lamps that suit the style for which you’re going. So, instead, why not choose a complete unit such as a floor lamp with table attachments? Everything about this setup is sure to tick all the boxes for your needs.

Firstly, the size is going to meet the mark in many ways. It’s 62 inches in height, including the lamp, with an 18-inch tray. You can use this tray for remotes, books, magazines, and even electronic devices. It features robust and tough glass that’s both seamless in style and effortless to maintain.

The frame is also going to impress thanks to its durability. Rather than worry about wood fading and chipping over time, you can rest assured the ruggedness of the black metal makes it last the distance. Then, the lamp itself features a lovely white fabric, as well as an outlet for a 150-watt bulb and an on-off pull chain.


  • 62 inches high by 18 inches wide
  • Suitable for use with a 150-watt bulb
  • On/off pull chain
  • Robust glass tray
  • Black metal finish
  • White fabric lamp shade

4. Kshioe Table Floor Lamp with Open Display Space

Kshioe Table Floor Lamp with Open Display Space
No products found.

Industrial furniture looks stunning in any home, so you are sure to find this floor lamp with table attachments will as well. With eclectic mixes of metal and wood, this table will prove to be more stylish and convenient than you thought possible.

Not only does it blend in with other similar items you may have, but it’s a two-in-one floor lamp with table attachment. Rather than spend money on both tables and lamps, you can purchase an affordable and inclusive piece from Kshioe.

The wooden tripod styling is very appealing to most homeowners and can support the weight of books, beverages, electronic devices, and more. What’s more, because the pole of the lamp is in the table, you will never have to worry about knocking it off, or it getting in the way.

The light emanating from the floor lamp component is stunning as well. It’s not too bright, yet is a warm, soft light that sits underneath the beige-white lamp shade. With a one-year warranty and one-month money-back guarantee, you are sure to want to add this floor lamp with table attachment to your shopping cart.


  • Contemporary wood styling
  • 1-year warranty
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Beige-white lamp shade
  • Soft light
  • Lamp illumination at 5-10 meters
  • Non-toxic paint

3. Franklin Iron Works Wood Tray Table Floor Lamp

If you prefer the elegance of wood and metal as opposed to the more contemporary combinations, then you’ll love everything this floor lamp with table attachments has to offer. Not only does it meet the mark for being an all-inclusive piece of furniture, but it’s stylish to blend in well with the rest of your décor as well.

The lamp component sits firmly within the walnut wood tray, while the height of 22 inches makes it perfect for bedrooms, offices, and living rooms. What’s more, with the rust finish pole and base, it’s bound to be a talking point for when friends and family visit.

When you turn this floor lamp with table attachment on, you also benefit from a warm glow courtesy of the 150-watt bulb you supply yourself, and the white linen lampshade that adds a sense of ambiance.


  • 18-inch wide table
  • 22 inches high
  • 14-inch wide lamp shade
  • Suitable for use with a 150-watt bulb
  • Dark rust finish
  • Walnut wood finish
  • Linen lampshade
  • Ideal for living rooms or other areas of your home

2. Regency Hill Floor Lamp End Table

Rather than try to fit a lamp and all your accessories onto the top of your average nightstand or side cabinet, why not buy a floor lamp with table attachment from Regency Hill and say goodbye to clutter?

Not only does this unit provide a built-in lamp that takes up minimal space on the table itself, but it also comes with a stylish and unique magazine holder underneath. This metal basket will come in handy for the storage of remotes, electronics, magazines, books, and more.

However, there is also so much more to love. The oak finish of the wood table is classy, while the swingarm provides convenient when you need to move the light’s position. Finally, the linen shade in an off-white hue will add a sense of comfort to any area.


  • 54 inches high
  • Suitable for use with a 100-watt bulb
  • Oak finish table
  • Metal magazine holder
  • Bronze finish swing arm
  • Off-white linen shade

1. Leick Furniture Chair Side Lamp End Table with Drawer

It can be a challenge to find hardwood furniture that won’t fall apart as soon as you use it, but this floor lamp with table attachment is bucking the trend. While you do need to assemble it yourself, it takes mere minutes before lasting for many years to come.

Traditional in style yet with touches of contemporary courtesy of the bell-shaped shade, this floor lamp with table attachment is set to impress. The slate finish will be a talking point with friends and family, and the swing arm will prove helpful when you need to move the light.

It’s functional thanks to the storage drawer and lower shelf, and you will find it ties in beautifully with most office furniture, bedrooms, and living rooms. When the time comes to throw out that old lamp and side table, invest in a floor lamp with table attachment that will handle daily wear and tear with ease.


  • Hardwood construction
  • Assembly required
  • Swing arm lamp
  • Bell-shaped shade
  • Storage drawer
  • Lower shelf storage
  • Antique finish

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