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The 9 Best Craft and Sewing Tables and Desks in 2019

A sewing table is a specific type of furniture made for crafters and those who like to dabble in sewing. They differ from standard tables in the respect that they have fold-down sections, expandable pieces, and unique storage departments for sewing machines and accessories.

Sewing tables are often suitable for other tasks too, such as arts and crafts and even computing. However, they are usually there to make the average sewer’s life far more comfortable. If you are yet to experience a purpose-built table for your home-made clothing, then now could be the time.

Below, we have nine high-quality sewing tables that are available online. Read through the features, weigh up the pros and cons, then consider what you really need in a sewing table. You can then enjoy a far more pleasurable sewing experience in your home.

1. Sew Ready Comet Sewing Desk

Sew Ready Sewing Table

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By Sew Ready

If you are in the early stages of your sewing hobby, or you need a craft table that will not break the bank, check out this option from Sew Ready. Are you sew ready? This table will surely have a few features that will pique your curiosity.

When you check it out, you will see it’s available in six color schemes. Therefore, it’s not a challenge to match one to your home or office décor. You can also choose from five styles to ensure they all work well for your needs.

While it’s small at 45.5 x 30 x 23.5 inches, it’s not going to worry those who are starting out. Instead, it just means professionals won’t see the value in this sewing table. It boasts heavy-gauge steel for sturdiness, a folding side shelf for space-saving measures, and a lower shelf area for storage as well. There is also room for either a keyboard or sewing machine.

The sewing machine area is possibly not in the most natural position, nor is this sewing table easy to assemble as you might hope, but that doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy its offerings. Those who have a newfound hobby will enjoy the cost-effectiveness that this sewing table brings.


  • Six color schemes
  • Five styles
  • 45.5 x 30 x 23.5 inches
  • Folding side shelf
  • Lower shelf storage
  • Heavy gauge steel construction
  • Four floor levelers


  • You can choose from plenty of colors and styles
  • It doesn’t cost a lot to buy
  • It’s multipurpose for sewing or computing
  • Ideal for hobbies
  • You can level it on the ground
  • It has a storage shelf
  • You can adjust the platform
  • It features sturdy steel for strength


  • The cutout position for sewing isn’t natural
  • It’s not easy to assemble
  • It’s small

2. Sullivans Portable Sewing Table

Sullivans Portable Sewing Table

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By Sullivans Portable

If you’re all about furniture that can serve more than one purpose, then this sewing table from Sullivans is probably worth a closer look. Not only can you use it for sewing as its name suggests, but arts and crafts, computing, or any other hobby you may have.

What stands out the most for prospective purchasers is its portability. Unlike many other sewing tables for sale, this one has caster wheels – six of them. You will have no trouble wheeling this around your home or business with ease.

It also boasts lovely white walnut wood, five drawers, and versatility for how and where you use it. When you buy it, it’s also of a competitive price tag, but you do need to assemble it yourself. It’s of a reasonably decent size of 44 x 29 x 16 inches and will serve many different purposes over its lifetime.

Before you buy it, however, it pays to be aware of the inferior hardware customers speak of, and the problems they have with opening and closing drawers. Know what you may be in for when you decide to purchase this sewing table from Sullivans.  


  • White color scheme
  • Assembly required
  • Five drawers
  • Six caster wheels
  • Walnut wood construction
  • 44 x 16 x 29 inches


  • It’s on caster wheels for portability
  • It has plenty of storage space
  • White color scheme times in with most home décor
  • Straightforward to assemble
  • It doesn’t cost a lot to buy
  • It’s ideal for crafts, computing, and more


  • The drawers don’t open and close smoothly
  • The hardware included can be inferior

3. Southern Enterprises Sewing Table

Southern Enterprises Sewing Table

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By Southern Enterprises

If you don’t mind a little challenge when it comes to the assembly of a sewing table, then this model from Southern Enterprises may be worth a closer look. From the lovely color scheme options of white, red, and blue, to the durable melamine and wood construction; this sewing table offers it all.

It boasts four side shelves for all the tools of the trade, and even a fold-down leaf. You can use this table and its extendable piece for sewing, computer work, or any other hobby you might have. While it extends out for additional space, it also folds down and allows you to store it somewhere out of sight and out of mind.

This sewing table also has four caster wheels which lock into place. Therefore, you can wheel it where you need it, lock it down, then enjoy it not moving around as you use it. The instructions are a bit tricky to follow during the assembly phase, but once it’s together, it’s likely to appeal. Give this sewing table a whirl and notice the difference to your hobby time.


  • Blue, red, and white color schemes
  • Wood and melamine construction
  • Four side shelves
  • Fold-down leaf
  • Lockable caster wheels
  • 19 x 29.5 x 51 inches


  • It offers plenty of storage space
  • It’s compact and doesn’t take up much space
  • You can choose one of three colors
  • It has wheels for portability
  • Affordable to buy
  • Versatile for different uses


  • It’s a little challenging to assemble

4. Anbeaut Studio Designs Sewing Machine Table

Anbeaut Studio Designs Sewing Machine Table

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By Anbeaut

If you’re tired of using a wobbly sewing table that shakes and shudders with every movement, then check out this more solid model from Anbeaut Studio Designs. Instead of featuring the MDF framework that can typically be quite unfriendly regarding stability, this one is all about sturdy steel.

While it has a laminate wood top surface, the framework is all heavy gauge steel. Therefore, you won’t need to worry about wobbliness or durability issues for a long time – if ever. What may also pique your curiosity is the warranty. While most sewing tables for sale don’t come with one, this one does – and it’s long at a full ten years.

If that doesn’t win you over, then the four flour levelers, drop-down platform, and folding side shelf will. This sewing table is all about versatility, space, and making sure your sewing hobby is accommodated with ease. You will have to assemble this table upon arrival, but it’s a straightforward process. Take a closer look at this table and see if it’s right for you.


  • Laminate wood and metal construction
  • 10-year warranty
  • Heavy-gauge steel
  • Four floor levelers
  • 29 x 23.5 x 44.75 inches
  • Drop-down platform
  • Folding side shelf


  • It’s durable
  • It doesn’t wobble around
  • Strong metal construction
  • The top surface has plenty of room
  • It levels to your flooring
  • There is a platform that allows more space
  • It has a folding side shelf for extra storage
  • It boasts a generous warranty period
  • Straightforward to assemble


  • Some of the parts may not line up

5. Sewing Rite Hobby and Craft Sewing Table

Sewing Rite Sewing Table

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By SewingRite

This compact and small sewing table could be the answer to your hobby woes. Even though it’s too small for a large variety of hobbies, it’s likely going to be all you need to sew to your heart’s content.

It’s white to suit a broad range of home décor and fits into any unlikely gap thanks to its 28 x 18 x 40-inch conservative dimensions. The platform is also adjustable and has a generous weight capacity of 35 pounds. For the average sewing machine and accessories, that’s more than enough.

The table also boasts a mixture of melamine and MDF, with steel legs to promote stability and strength. Once you’re finished with it, you can then fold it down and put it away.

This affordable sewing table is straightforward to assemble and ideal for many situations. Check out every feature then decide if it’s right for you.


  • White finish
  • 40 x 28 x 18-inch approximate dimensions
  • Adjustable platform
  • Melamine and MDF construction
  • Steel legs
  • 35-pound platform weight limit
  • Foldable table


  • Solid and well made
  • The steel legs stop it from wobbling
  • Generous platform weight limit
  • Ideal for many different hobbies
  • It folds down
  • Easy to assemble
  • The sleek color scheme to tie in with most home décor
  • Affordable to buy


  • It’s too small for all that many different hobbies

6. Arrow Sewing Cabinets Portable Sewing Table

Arrow Sewing Cabinets Sewing Table

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By Arrow Sewing Cabinets

If you know someone who can help you with the assembling process of this sewing table, then it’s going to suit all your needs once it’s put together. You will need plenty of tools for this process, including an electric screwdriver, hammer, and more. If that doesn’t put you off, then at least you’ll get all the joy of the features once you put it together.

You can buy it in three color schemes of white, black, or oak, then enjoy everything it has to offer. The six caster wheels make it entirely portable, while the two fold-out leaves are sure to allow more space for your needs as well.

It comes with an airlift, three sewing positions, and a universal insert. If that insert doesn’t suit, you can also buy custom ones from the manufacturer post-purchase.

There is a lot to offer when it comes to this sewing table, even if the assembly process takes a rocket scientist. If it’s time to invest in your sewing hobby, then let it be with this table.


  • Assembly required
  • Three color schemes – oak, black, and white
  • Six caster wheels
  • Airlift included
  • Three sewing positions
  • Four drawers
  • Two fold-out leaves
  • Universal insert


  • Plenty of storage space
  • It’s adjustable for comfort while you sew
  • The caster wheels make it portable
  • You can choose a color to suit
  • It doesn’t take up much space in your home
  • Competitive price tag
  • Ideal for many hobbies
  • You can buy additional custom inserts for it


  • You have to have tools to assemble it
  • It’s challenging to assemble

7. Arrow Sewing Cabinets Craft Table

Arrow Sewing Cabinets Craft Table

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By Arrow Sewing Cabinets

Even though this sewing table from Arrow Sewing Cabinets is a little complicated to assemble, you won’t mind in the slightest. Because once it’s put together, it’s going to suit your sewing and craft needs well.

It comes with a stunning white color scheme to tie into your home décor, a three-position lift for ultimate versatility, and a full range of adjustments. These might be tricky to assemble in the beginning, but once it’s set up, those potential alterations will be a lifesaver.

This sewing table also suits a broad range of sewing machines, but you must read the manufacturer’s measurements to make sure it suits yours. You can then buy custom inserts for your machine if you so desire.

If the compact size of this sewing table all folded up doesn’t make you add it to your shopping cart, then the generous warranty period surely will. It has a ten-year cover period to ensure any manufacturer faults in this period are taken care of.

If the time has come to invest in your hobby and make it more pleasurable than ever before, then this sewing table can help. Check it out for yourself and see if it’s going to work for you.


  • Three-position lift
  • White color scheme
  • Adjustable positioning
  • 55 pounds
  • Locking swivel caster wheels
  • Machine-specific inserts available
  • Ten-year warranty
  • 45-pound weight capacity


  • Ideal for amateurs and professionals alike
  • Plenty of storage space
  • Generous warranty period
  • Entirely adjustable
  • Suits a broad range of machines
  • You can buy inserts for it that suits your machine


  • Complicated to assemble

8. Sewing Craft Table

Sewing Craft Table

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By Sewing Craft Table

Even though this sewing table can take a long time to assemble by one person, you’ll like what’s on offer when you view this table. Not only is it made to last thanks to its high-quality materials, but it’s versatile for a range of people – not just avid sewers.

It boasts a lovely amber pine finish, stunning black hardware that looks striking against the wood construction, and it comes with everything you need for the assembly process. As there are many different parts, this may take some time, but it will be worth it in the end.

Even portability is a breeze thanks to the addition of the caster wheels, while it also folds down to make itself smaller in restricted places as well.

What draws most people to this table, however, is the storage. It has two cubby areas for all those small bits and bobs, then a large cabinet for the larger items you need to carry. The underneath shelf will comfortably house your sewing machine with no problems at all. Then, once your machine is in place, you can fold the whole unit up and store it out of sight and out of mind.

There is much to love when it comes to this sewing table, so it might be time to check it out for yourself.


  • Amber pine finish
  • Wood construction
  • Cabinet storage
  • Caster wheels
  • Hardware included
  • Assembly required
  • Foldable


  • It’s attractive
  • Well made
  • High-quality materials
  • Beautiful hardware
  • Plenty of areas for storage
  • Ideal for a range of hobbies
  • You can move it around on caster wheels
  • Plenty of workbench space


  • It takes a long time to assemble

9. Anbeaut Hobby Sewing Table

Anbeaut Sewing Table

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By Anbeaut

If you’re tired of trying to sew in the most inconvenient places of your home or business, then maybe this sewing table from Anbeaut can be of assistance. Not only is it available for an affordable price tag, but it’s designed to take all the hassle and fuss out of sewing.

It comes with three drawers for all those little accessories you need to find a home for, and heavy gauge steel framework too. The framing is ideal for structural strength and peace of mind that it won’t wobble around.

It’s strong, well made, and also has a laminate top. This expansive benchtop is both easy-care and boasts a 75-pound weight capacity.

If that’s not enough space, then the side shelf comes to the party too. Fold it down, expand it out, and use it to your heart’s content. This sewing table also has a platform with a 25-pound weight capacity which is also sure to come in handy.

If you struggle with uneven floors, then that won’t be a problem for this table. Thanks to its leveling legs, it’s more than up to the challenge. Once you are finished with everything for the day, you can then store all your accessories underneath, then go back to it the following day.

This sewing table may require a bit of assembly, but with a helping hand from a friend, that surely won’t be a problem. Check out the price and its full range of features before you make a decision.


  • Three drawers
  • Black frame
  • Heavy gauge steel
  • Laminate top
  • Six floor levelers
  • Side shelf
  • Adjustable platform
  • 25-pound platform weight capacity
  • 75-pound top weight capacity


  • It’s strong and sturdy
  • It doesn’t wobble
  • Generous weight capacity
  • Easy-care
  • Sleek color scheme
  • It has floor levelers to stop uneven floors from being a problem
  • Plenty of storage space
  • Three generous-sized drawers for all your bits and bobs
  • Competitive price tag


  • It requires a lot of assembly

Considerations for Purchasing a Sewing Table

Have you ever purchased something then quickly realized you had wasted your money? Most people will admit to that at least once, and sometimes, that cost was quite a financial burden to bear. Don’t put yourself through that with the purchasing of a sewing table. Instead, view these considerations below and enjoy the peace of mind that you’ve done your homework before you decided on a certain table.

  1. Price

    The price is often reflective of a sewing table’s quality. The more you spend, the more you can get – both in quality and features. More affordable tables, while convenient for hobbies and light crafts, are often lacking structural strength, longevity, and convenience.

    Of course, there are a few diamonds in the rough, but don’t be afraid to set your price range a little higher. Treat yourself, spend a bit more, then enjoy the resultant high-quality table for years to come.

  2. Dimensions

    A common complaint by hobbyists and sewers is that a sewing table was smaller than they thought, or much tinier than it looked in the photos. Manufacturers don’t intentionally mislead their buyers. Instead, they provide the dimensions and instruct buyers to do their homework. If all the aspects are offered – both of the table expanded or folded down – then you don’t have grounds to say it’s too small.

    Instead, you can avoid the need to leave less than five-star feedback for a seller by measuring your available space. Decide on the dimensions that will work best for you, then find a table that offers them.

  3. Storage

    It’s not only your sewing machine that needs to sit on a sewing table but all your tools of the trade as well. The best sewing table is one that comes with at least shelving, a cupboard, or drawers for all your accessories. If they don’t, then you have to store these elsewhere or on top of the table, limiting the bench space you have to work with.

  4. Machine Compatibility

    Some sewing tables work with particular sewing machines, so it’s imperative that you read the fine print. Some will also come with universal inserts but offer the opportunity to purchase machine-specific ones post-purchase.

    Do you want a table that fits with your machine, or do you prefer a universal one? Sometimes, people want a general table as it means it won’t matter if they upgrade their sewing machine at any point.


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