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The 9 Best Sectional Sofa Beds for Home Living Room in 2020

A sectional sofa bed is an L-shaped sofa with several components for versatility. Often, you can mix and match the parts, move them around, and have the sofa facing different ways. Such a sofa is also one that you can sleep or sit on to watch TV. 

There are many options for sale, but not all will be right for you. Some are high-quality but expensive, while others are dirt cheap but don’t last long at all. These following nine sectional sofa beds for sale may give you a fair idea of what’s available and likely to suit your needs well. 

1. GDF Studio Fabric Sectional Sofa 

GDF Studio Fabric Sectional Sofa

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By GDF Studio

If affordability is important to you in your hunt for a sectional sofa bed, then this model from GDF Studio could be for you. It doesn’t cost the earth to own, but it looks like it does. You can, therefore, buy it for your bedroom or living room without a hefty price tag looming over your head.

You can use it to sleep on, lounge on, or for guests to sit on. You can also buy it in three different color schemes of gray, blue, or red to suit your home’s unique styling.

The modular design, armless style, and birch legs are a few of the many features that will lure you in for a closer look. This sectional sofa bed also boasts a right and left armchair, a corner chair, and two armless chairs. The versatility is unparalleled. This sofa is also comfortable with polyester construction and effortless assembly process. 

However, given its competitive price tag, you can expect a few flaws. It’s not the most durable sofa and is exceptionally lightweight. Therefore, it’s not challenging to flip or move around. The cushioning can also lose its shape, and you can’t re-stuff these cushions either. You will appreciate this sectional sofa bed in the short-term, but it may not suit your needs into the future. 


  • Gray, red, and blue color options
  • Modular design
  • Armless style
  • Polyester construction
  • Birch leg material
  • Right armchair
  • Left armchair
  • Corner chair
  • Two armless chairs 


  • Affordable price tag
  • Versatile components
  • Plenty of color options
  • Comfortable padding 
  • Lovely leg style 
  • Ideal as a bed or sofa 
  • Easy-care 
  • Easy to assemble 


  • Not durable long-term
  • The couch cushions can lose their shape 
  • You can’t re-stuff the cushions 
  • It’s lightweight

2. Bliss Brands Sectional Sofa

Bliss Brands Sectional Sofa

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By Bliss Brands

Aside from the limitations surrounding the color of this sectional sofa bed, there are plenty of reasons why it should feature near the top of your wishlist. From the reversible storage chaise for left or right orientation to the two-piece styling; it has it all.

This brown sectional sofa bed features a microfiber threaded fabric which is one of many standout features. It has a glamorous sheen, is easy to clean, and looks at home in an office, bedroom, or living room. While it requires assembly, you don’t need any tools, and it will be put together quickly.

You can sleep on it, lounge on it, use it for guests, or anything else. It’s an all-around versatile sectional sofa bed that’s likely to suit your needs well. What people also like is that it has a storage chaise. While it forms part of the two-piece set, you can lift the top off and store items underneath. If you lack space in your home or office, this is a welcome addition. 

If the time has come to invest in new furniture that’s elegant and stylish, this sectional sofa bed is an excellent option that’s well worth a closer look. 


  • Reversible storage chaise
  • Two-piece set
  • Microfiber threaded fabric
  • Pull-out bed style 
  • Assembly required 
  • Dark brown color scheme 


  • It’s versatile for use at home, in a bedroom, or office
  • Executive styling
  • It has a hidden storage chaise for convenience
  • You can use it as a bed
  • You can move the chaise to the left or right side 
  • It’s easy to care for
  • It doesn’t take long to assemble
  • The sheen makes it easy to clean


  • It’s only available in one color 

3. Rivet Reversible Chaise Sectional

Rivet Reversible Chaise Sectional

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By Rivet

An executive sectional sofa bed that screams style but affordability is a challenge to come by, but it’s not impossible. Rivet is pleased to produce a sofa that not only meets the mark for price points but styling and comfort as well. It won’t be long until this sofa wins you over. 

You can choose from one of nine colors, four sectional styles, and enjoy the whole host of features that are likely to impress. From the hardwood frame and weave material construction to the solid beech wood legs and generous one-year warranty; this sectional sofa bed offers it all. 

Even though the frame can creak and the springs can make some funny noises too, its 450-pound weight capacity can offer peace of mind. It’s also compact, has reasonable cushioning for comfort, and only needs a little bit of assembly. Even better, you can move the chaise from one side to the next – whatever your preference. 

The coloring, however, is not all that accurate. To combat this, the manufacturer provides free swatch samples before you place your order so that you can be sure of your decision. You can then buy this sectional sofa bed for your living room or bedroom with full confidence that it’s what you wanted. 


  • Nine color options
  • Four sectional styles
  • Weave material construction
  • Hardwood frame
  • Solid beech wood legs
  • 450-pound weight capacity
  • Assembly required
  • One-year warranty 


  • There are plenty of color and style options to choose 
  • You can move the chaise to the left or right side 
  • It has a generous weight capacity
  • It comes with a warranty
  • Durable materials
  • Executive design
  • Ideal for rest or comfort 
  • Suitable for small homes 
  • You can order a color swatch before you buy it
  • The cushions are comfortable and supportive 


  • The springs can get squeaky 
  • The frame can creak
  • The color isn’t accurate to the swatches online 

4. Divano Roma Furniture Corner Sectional Sofa 

Divano Roma Furniture Corner Sectional Sofa

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By Divano Roma Furniture

Trying to fill a large living room can be difficult, but Divano Roma Furniture tries their best to rectify the problem with this sectional sofa bed. As a couch that’s large enough for six people, it’s sure to combat your seating issues, as well as providing someone with a place to catch some shut-eye. 

You can buy this sectional sofa bed in black or brown and immediately enjoy the bonded leather construction. It looks stylish and sleek, is easy to clean, and even has a reclining style. The two outer seats have a 20-64-inch reclining capacity that is sure to capture your attention.

The cushioning is exceptional due to the overstuffing, and it’s 70 inches long to ensure everyone has a place to sit. Whether you have a medium or large living space, this sectional sofa bed is bound to suit.

That’s not to say it’s perfect. The seams don’t appear robust for the rougher members of the family, and daily use can result in leather wear and peeling. It’s up to you to decide whether you need an affordable sofa now, or whether you can wait for something with more durable materials but a higher price tag to pop up. 


  • Black or brown color scheme
  • Traditional bonded leather construction
  • Reclining style 
  • Overstuffed upholstery
  • Six-person capacity
  • Assembly required
  • 20-64-inch reclining capability 
  • 70-inch length 


  • Suitable for a large number of people
  • Ideal for large living areas
  • Easy to clean
  • The two outer seats recline for comfort
  • Assembly is a breeze
  • It has a lot of cushioning for comfort
  • Plenty of space to stretch out 


  • The leather appears thin and can wear out
  • The seams don’t appear robust 

5. Honbay Sectional Sofa Couch

Honbay Sectional Sofa Couch

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By Honbay

If you require a durable sectional sofa bed that will stand up to wear and tear and children rough-housing, then this is not the sofa for you. However, if you’re a professional couple or single in need of something stylish and sleek for your apartment, then it should be full steam ahead for the purchase of this sofa. 

Its L-shaped design, light or dark gray linen fabric construction, and overall styling are drawcards for any prospective purchaser. It’s also compact at 78.5 inches long to suit most conservative spaces. 

It has a reversible chaise lounge component for versatility and even a generous weight capacity of 660 pounds. For the average professional, this sectional sofa bed is a likely contender to win your heart. It looks lovely, suits most home styling, and is even easy to assemble if you read the instructions correctly. 

The chemical odor that’s present on arrival will dissipate with time, and aside from durability for families, this sofa is worth a closer look. 


  • L-shaped design
  • Linen fabric construction
  • Light gray or dark gray color scheme options
  • Assembly required 
  • Reversible chaise lounge 
  • 660-pound weight capacity
  • 78.5-inch length 


  • It’s suitable for small apartments
  • Robust fabric 
  • Lovely and contemporary color scheme
  • You can move the chaise to where you want it
  • Sturdy legs
  • Comfortable and supportive cushions 
  • It doesn’t require any tools to assemble 
  • You don’t sink into the cushions 


  • It releases a strong chemical odor
  • Not durable for families and kids 

6. FDW Sofa Sectional Futon Sofa

FDW Sofa Sectional Futon Sofa

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If executive styling is your cup of tea, but a high price tag isn’t, then check out this sectional sofa bed from FDW. Whether you need somewhere to rest for a nap, or watch TV, this sofa is going to be the answer. Buy a left or right-handed one, pair it with the chaise, then enjoy both the functionality and executive appeal it adds to your home.

It has a cushioned back, firm padding for support, and faux leather construction. The faux leather is easy to keep clean but may require some conditioning from time to time. It’s also of a two-piece design for versatility. 

The chaise boasts storage for convenience, and it’s styled in such a way as to be suitable for offices, homes, and other places of business. In many ways, it’s everything you could want in a sectional sofa bed. 

It isn’t reversible, which can be a minor inconvenience, and you have to assemble it yourself. It’s also not a soft and plush sofa, which is what many people desire. It does, however, have many of the aesthetics you might like. Check it out and decide if it’s the best sectional sofa bed for you. 


  • Left or right options
  • Assembly required
  • Cushioned back
  • Firm padding
  • 75.2-inch length 
  • Faux-leather construction
  • Two-piece design


  • It’s easy to clean
  • Affordable to buy
  • Executive styling
  • Versatile for how you set it up and use it
  • Suitable for sitting and sleeping
  • Ideal for offices, bedrooms, and living rooms
  • Plenty of padding and support 


  • It’s not reversible, so you have to buy a left or right-handed sofa
  • You have to assemble it 
  • It’s not soft 

7. GDF Studio Sectional Couch

GDF Studio Sectional Couch

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By GDF Studio

While this sectional sofa bed won’t suit a large family with rough-housing children, it’s going to tick all the boxes for a busy professional who wants an attractive sofa to feature in the living room. If the time has come to upgrade your sofa to something more stylish, then check this model out from GDF Studio.

It features sleek light gray fabric, polyester construction, and birch legs as the cherry on top. It requires assembly, but it won’t be all that long until you’re resting or napping in style. It’s versatile, ideal for offices, bedrooms, or living rooms, and is even an excellent option for conservative-sized rooms. 

What is bound to attract you to this sectional sofa bed, too, is the versatility. Instead of being one large sofa, it’s made up of six pieces – right, left, corner, and two armless chairs. In all senses of the word, it’s a comfortable sofa to own. It is a bit lightweight which won’t work well for rough families, but it’s still a desirable piece of furniture for many. 


  • Light gray fabric construction
  • Ottoman included
  • Right armchair
  • Left armchair
  • Corner chair
  • Two armless chairs
  • Polyester construction
  • Birch wood legs 
  • Assembly required 


  • Exceptionally versatile
  • Plenty of pieces to move around
  • Stylish color scheme
  • Comfortable material
  • Plenty of padding 
  • Affordable to buy 
  • Ideal for homes, offices, and bedrooms
  • Easy to set up and assemble 
  • Suitable for small living rooms


  • It’s lightweight
  • Not durable long-term

8. Harper & Bright Designs Sectional Sofa Set 

Harper & Bright Designs Sectional Sofa Set

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By Harper & Bright Designs

If you’re in dire need of a sectional sofa bed to take your living room from okay to extraordinary, then this one from Harper & Bright Designs might be spot-on. From the inclusion of six pillows to complement your décor, to the hardwood frame, L-shape design, and block foot peg foundation; what’s not to like? This sectional sofa bed certainly has a lot to offer the average prospective purchaser. 

It requires assembly, but not a lot, and it’s 104.7 inches long to accommodate a few people at once. This sectional sofa bed also boasts a contemporary gray color scheme, unique nail head detailing, and a competitive price tag that is likely to pique your curiosity. It’s also elegant, easy to clean with a damp cloth, and comes with an ottoman. This ottoman doubles as storage as well, which is perfect for a small apartment that lacks space. 

Instead of being a one-piece sofa, it’s made up of several for versatility. You won’t have any trouble lugging it up to your apartment and putting it into position. In many ways, this sectional sofa bed is perfect; but there are a few snags that could hold you back from making the sale. 

Over time, the fabric can wrinkle and look loose. It’s also firm to the point of being uncomfortable. It also doesn’t feel sturdy or long-lasting. It can take a bit of humming and ha-ing to decide if this sectional sofa bed is the right one for you. 


  • Three-piece set
  • Six pillows included
  • Non-reversible chaise 
  • L-shaped design
  • Block foot peg foundation 
  • Hardwood frame
  • Soft fabric construction
  • Assembly required 
  • 104.7 inches long 
  • Gray color scheme 
  • Nailhead detailing 


  • It has nail head detailing for elegance
  • Affordable to buy
  • It’s made up of several components for versatility
  • Robust material
  • Elegant design
  • Generous length
  • It cleans easily with a damp cloth 
  • Easy to assemble 
  • It has a storage ottoman for convenience
  • It comes with six pillows to add to your décor 


  • The material can begin to look loose and wrinkled
  • It’s firm to the point of becoming uncomfortable 
  • It doesn’t feel sturdy or long-lasting 

9. Homelegance Sectional Sleeper 

Homelegance Sectional Sleeper

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By Home Elegance

If you prefer firm padding in your sectional sofa bed, and something affordable rather than made to last, then this sofa could be for you. Made by Homelegance, it’s a stylish, competitively-priced and elegant couch that’s likely to fit into any office, home, or bedroom.

You can purchase it in taupe, gray, or blue, then immediately enjoy all its many features that will far surpass expectations. If you often use your sofa for sleeping as well as relaxing, then you’ll enjoy the pull-out trundle feature for sleeping. The collapsible headrests are ideal for unplanned naps too. 

This sectional sofa bed is also lovely with white baseball stitching, chrome feet, and easy-care material. However, the feet appear like brittle and cheap plastic, so it’s worth being aware of that before you buy it. 

It’s 98 inches long, has a 600-pound weight capacity, and will suit a wide variety of homes. What’s more, if you’re short on storage space, the lift-up storage chaise will be a welcome addition as well. From the sturdy plywood frame to the generous proportions and overall convenience; there’s certainly a lot to love. This sectional sofa bed may not last forever, but it’s likely to serve you well while you keep it. 


  • Blue, gray, or taupe color scheme options
  • Pull-out trundle feature
  • Lift-up storage chaise
  • Collapsible headrest 
  • White baseball stitching
  • Chrome feet 
  • 600-pound weight capacity
  • 98-inch length
  • Assembly required 


  • It’s comfortable
  • Easy to clean
  • You can choose a color
  • The chaise offers storage
  • You can collapse the headrests back
  • It has a pull-out trundle to become a bed
  • Robust material
  • Attractive design
  • Strong plywood frame
  • Generous weight capacity
  • It doesn’t take much to assemble it


  • The legs feel like cheap, brittle plastic
  • It may not last for a long time
  • The padding is firm 

Considerations for Purchasing a Sectional Sofa Bed 

Buying furniture can be a challenging decision to make. It’s not only a costly exercise but can be time-consuming when you think about removing your old stuff and trying to get your new furniture through the door. Therefore, you have to be quite sure of your decisions to avoid having to do the job more than once. 

Before you jump into the purchase of a new sectional sofa bed, check out these considerations below. You can then have more of a chance of buying a sofa that works for you.

  1. Versatility

    The best sectional sofa bed is one that offers versatility. You should be able to lie down on it, sit on it, relax on it, and even sleep on it. The best type of sectional sofa bed is also one that looks the part in any living room, office, or bedroom, while also featuring many pieces you can move around. A reversible chaise is often the icing on the cake.

  2. Price

    The pricing of a sectional sofa bed can be tricky. If you spend very little, the sofa may not last all that long. If you spend too much, you may wonder whether you overpaid. Set a budget then rely on reviews to show off the quality. You can then strike a happy balance of competitive pricing and quality. 

  3. Materials

    If you want a sectional sofa bed to last the distance, you need to focus on the materials. Fabric can crease, stain, and wear out. Faux leather can peel and pull away from the seams. If you’re not sure what to expect, read the reviews. The weight capacity and frame material is also an indicator of quality. 

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