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The 9 Best Safety Glasses for Workshop

The choice of safety glasses to wear in the workshop or laboratory goes beyond just protection of the eyes alone. Comfort of the user wearing the glasses is an important factor as well. Furthermore, the quality of the safety glass is something you can’t afford to joke with. If you have ever come across an eye injury caused by absence of or use of substandard safety glasses, you will realize you have to be very selective in purchasing safety glasses.

The best safety glasses are fashioned to protect your eyes, make you see clearly while working and make you feel comfortable. Their lenses are made of polycarbonate, which is a material lighter than glass and yet structurally competent enough to withstand impact. The temples are adjustable and they are designed to minimize pinching.

Even if you are wearing prescription glasses, you are well taken care of because you can wear it underneath the safety glass without any discomfort. Based on our detailed research and customer feedback, we have collated some brands of safety glasses that have been designed to guarantee your safety and comfort. Any choice you make out of the nine options below is a wise choice.

9. Jorestech Eyewear Safety Glasses

This pair of safety glasses comes in two colors (Transparent and Yellow). It has been designed to offer maximum protection for the eyes. It fits well to the face and can conveniently accommodate prescription glasses. The lenses used for its production has sufficiently undergone series of test such as the high velocity impact test to make sure it is safe for use. It is designed to have air vents in order to prevent fogged up lenses.

Its offers maximum comfort with its light weight, you will barely feel its presence on your face if you are wearing it. With the adjustable temples, it is held firmly to your face and you won’t feel any pinching effect. You can be rest assured of your safety against any impact because of the polycarbonate hardened high impact lenses. These lenses are as well reinforced with scratch resistant coating.

The yellow tinted model of Jorestech safety glasses is fortified with UV 400 protection for both UVA and UVB light. Its Hi-flex frame is designed to enable a firm hold while wearing it. With this pair of Safety glasses, protection is guaranteed during heavy duty work. A pick on this product will make you realize that safety is indeed affordable.

8. Gateway Safety Cover2 Clear Safety Glasses

Gateway Safety glasses is designed to provide adequate safety against impact. An interesting feature is its ability to be worn conveniently over prescription glasses. Gateway has been a prominent name in manufacture of personal safety equipment since 1944. The company has over the years incorporated style, safety, efficacy and comfort into its products.

This can be vividly seen in the Gateway 6980 safety glasses as it has been built with a very light and yet resistant polycarbonate reinforced lenses. This gives you the safety and comfort you deserve during work. A user said Gateway is a perfect intersection of safety and style.

The flexible and adjustable temples ensure a firm grip even during a rigorous work. The polycarbonate lenses have been enhanced to eliminate refraction while viewing through it, you are therefore guaranteed of clear and accurate vision especially when you are doing work that requires high precision in the workshop. Its compact fit prevents any splash contact when you are working with chemicals in the laboratory.

Gateway safety glasses is adapted for various safety purposes and can effectively function in technical workshop, chemistry laboratory, Geological fieldwork, Quarry sites and many more. One surprising feature about it is its affordability. If you are considering safety and affordability, Gateway has got you covered.

7. Trust Optics Impact and Ballistic Resistant Safety glasses

If you are a lover of safety carved into style, this pair of safety glasses is meant for you. It has been fashioned stylishly in various radiant colors. An interesting feature of this product is its sleek and comfortable nature. Its frame has been designed to allow it fit comfortably around the face without losing its defense mechanism.

Trust Optics safety glasses is highly protective against impact, furthermore, it provides protection against UVB, UVA and UV rays. Its temple length of 4.5” ensures that the frame fits well to your face. It is light weighted even while providing adequate defense against impact and harmful rays. The pair of safety glasses is suitable for use in metal work, welding, wood work, hunting and even sports.

The light weight of these safety glasses won’t make you feel added weight on your face even if you are working for several hours. You won’t discover the superb scratch resistance its lenses possess despite the attractive style until you use it for months and find it difficult to detect a single scratch on the lenses. Trust Optics Safety glasses has been proven to one of the best of its kind. A Geologist was quoted to have said; “Trust Optics safety glasses is my indispensable companion on fieldwork”.

6. NoCry Anti-Fog Scratch Resistant Safety Glasses

No Cry has been gained its popularity from users’ feedback. A lot of people have reported that it is absolutely amazing and one of the best they have ever come across. This pair of safety glasses simply gives you so much confidence to go to any length in your work knowing fully well that your eyes are adequately protected. Its lenses are made of well coated poly-carbonate, this ensures that there is no fogging effect and optical distortion, rather a clear vision is guaranteed through the lenses.

With the exceptionally smart design of the temple and nose piece, you will enjoy maximum comfort while using No Cry safety glasses. It has green and black adjustable temples, which helps to ensure firmness on your face. The nose piece is also adjustable to fit any shape of the face.

Users of this safety glasses have expressed their satisfaction based on the comfort and safety combined in the same product. You will work several hours wearing this safety glasses without even feeing the weight or any pinching effect. With this product, you can boast of your eyes safety in the workshop, laboratory or on the field. This choice is surely a commendable one.

5. DeWALT Dominator

Dewalt Safety glasses provides protection against impact despite its attractive design. It has been ranked as one of the most popular brands of safety glasses. It meets all safety requirements. It has been designed to stand firm on your face, this feature is made possible by the temples that are tipped with rubber to prevent slippery. It is also facilitated with rubber nosepiece to ensure maximum comfort.

You will be surprised to realize that the lenses on this safety glasses are one of the best you can ever lay your hands on. The lenses have full frame and a wider field of view, they are made of high quality polycarbonate and have been subjected to various stages of reinforcement. These lenses are highly resistant to scratch. They also protect against harmful rays.

Pinching effect is completely eliminated with the design of this product as it won’t leave any marks or traces on your skin even after using it for several hours. If you are considering portability, safety and comfort in your safety glasses, Dewalt is made for you.

4. Jackson Safety Nemesis Safety Glasses

Jackson Safety brands is a notable name in manufacture of personal protective equipment. The company has been maintaining high standard for several years. The V30 Nemesis safety glass is a specially designed product aimed at providing protection in an uncommon way. Its polycarbonate protective lenses have light weight combined with its awesome strength. The degree of reinforcement and coating on the lenses is not easily come by.

A lot of engineering companies prefer buying this safety glasses in mass for their staff because Jackson safety glasses has really proven its worth. You can wear the safety glasses for a long period of time comfortably because of the soft touch temples it possesses. The design is so stylish. The lens doesn’t protect your eyes alone, but it extends its protection to the periphery of your eyes with its wrap around design.

The pair of safety glasses is equipped with neck cord to make it always accessible and close by. The extremely light weight is unbelievable, considering the high quality of reinforced lenses it carries, but you need to get used to the light weight protection you have around you whenever you are using Jackson V30 Nemesis Safety glasses.

3. Jackson Safety Nemesis Vision Correction

Here come another intelligently designed Safety glasses from Jackson Safety. This pair of V60 Safety glasses is meant for people who need vision assistance. This is a superb option to wearing of prescription lenses underneath safety glasses. The V60 safety glasses is equipped with +2.0 diopters which enhances clear vision.

This pair of safety glasses provides absolute comfort while wearing it. It comes with a light weight and flexible design that won’t make you feel its burden on your face for several hours. The nose piece is designed to provide comfort while the integrated ridges are present to channel sweats away.

The lenses provide complete protection as its polycarbonate has been adequately reinforced to resist impact and shield away harmful radiation. It is also equipped with the wrap around design to cover the surroundings of your eyes.

The V60 safety glasses is also facilitated with neck cord, slick sporty design and adjustable nose piece. The temples are also padded to provide firmness. This product is highly recommended if you are prioritizing safety, comfort and visual correction.

2. ClearArmor Eye Protection

When it comes to simplicity and efficacy Clear Armor Safety glasses is a good choice. This product has very resistant lenses that has been reinforced to withstand impact. The lenses have undergone certification test to guarantee safety. Comfort over prolonged use is guaranteed on this pair of safety glasses. The nose piece and temples have smart design to make it fit firmly to the face.

You will find the light weight of this product very advantageous. It is very suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. This brand is very common among engineers due to the simplicity and effective protection it gives while working with it. It is also very portable and durable. A cyclist simply described Clear Armor Safety glasses as a vital part of him he can never leave behind because it gives him confidence to explore limitlessly.

1. NoCry Anti Scratch Wrap Around

This is another wonderful product from No Cry. In this case eyes protection is extended side way. The high quality lenses are made from scratch resistant poly-carbonate. The design of this product has taken care of distortion of vision, you can carry out precision work effectively while wearing this pair of safety glasses.

In the design of this product, the manufacturer has adequately taken care of your safety and comfort. Its temples and nose piece will fit perfectly to your face. The protection goes beyond your eyes alone, it is also extended to the side of your eyes with the sufficient cover guaranteed by the lens. No Cry Wrap around Safety glasses has been certified by many regulatory agencies.

It has been designed to overcome common workshop impact and splash in the laboratory. Many people purchase this pair of safety glasses because of its stylish appearance and its efficacy when it comes to protection. The protection is not limited to impact alone but also extended to protection against harmful rays.

Scientists have reported the effectiveness of this product in protection against chemical splash in the laboratory. If you have been in search of efficient protection combined with comfort, No cry wrap around safety glass is meant for you. You will be astounded by the affordability offered along with its superb features.


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