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The 9 Best Safety Cones to Avoid Danger

No amount of words can overestimate the importance of safety cone in our daily activities. As individuals, we do more good than harm by purchasing safety cones and using them appropriately. If you merely drive by a well-made safety cone, you may not appreciate the wonderful design behind it. But if you take a closer look or you touch it, you will realize it is more than just a cone.

High quality safety cones are characterized by some amazing feature that will save you from the cost of a lawsuit and hospital bill. These cones don’t just help us to obey some traffic rules, they also obey some laws in physics. Yes I mean it! You will understand how well designed safety cones obey laws of physics by the time you read this article further.

The best safety cones are fashioned to possess the brightest colors and reflective collars to ensure visibility at night. Efficacious cones have weighted and fairly wide base to make them stable in strong wind or rainfall. These cones have perfectly streamlined body and are made of durable plastic materials. We have carefully short-listed the nine options below to offer you a range of superb safety cones.

9. RK Reflective Collars – 28-inch PVC Safety Cone with Black Base

This 28 inch high orange safety cone is very effective in controlling traffic on the road and parking lot. Its bright orange color makes it visible even from a far distance. RK Safety cone is made of high quality PVC material which has been refined to enhance its durability. You can be rest assured that this safety cone will stand the test of time in rain and sun.

The base of the cone has been designed to comprise of high density material to provide stability and low center of gravity. RK safety cone have been reported to remain firmly standing during strong winds, this can be attributed to the 7 lbs. weight of the base. The cone is designed to withstand hot and cold weather without losing the bright color.

RK PVC safety cone has an efficient light conversion facility. It is fashioned to have two reflective collars that reflects even the smallest ray of light at night. These reflective collars help to make the cones clearly visible in the dark. Even after several years of continuous use, the reflective collars will remain as brightly shinning as it has always been. Every aspect of this cone have been tested to ensure compliance with road safety standards. If you have been thinking of getting high standard and durable safety cones, RK PVC safety cone is exactly what you have been looking for.

8. Comfitwear Orange Traffic – 36-inch Safety Cone with Black Base

When it comes to stability even in strong winds, Comfitwear has proven its worth. With 36 inch height and 10 lbs. weight, this cone stands out firmly and give clearly visible signs from afar. The safety cone is made of PVC to make sure it is rugged, flexible and durable. It is adapted for use in highway construction, drivers’ education, bike training courses and parking lot.

Comfitwear traffic safety cone is equipped with radiant orange color which meets road safety regulations this helps to spot it easily no matter where it is placed. The cone is fashioned in a way that provides efficient light conversion. Its reflectors are specially made to maximize reflection of light. You can easily recognize the cone wherever it is placed and it is very effective in demarcating lanes on the road.

With a wide streamlined body and well refined PVC material, this cone can withstand minimal impact. This has made its durability to rate high among several safety cones. If you have been thinking of how to efficiently delineate lanes especially during road maintenance, Comfitwear cones will be fit your project because it is tall, strong and you can move it easily.

7. RK Orange PVC – 36-inch Safety Cones

Here comes another quality product from RK PVC Safety cones, but this one gives a higher measurement of 36 inches that makes it stand out clearly even in the face of obstacles. It is very suitable for use during road construction, and for utility trucks. The base of this cone is well concentrated with high density material to further ensure its stability despite the height.

This safety cone is made of the best PVC material to ensure its durability even in harsh weather. An engineer said he is amazed by the way his RK safety cones have remained unchanged after years. The durability of this cone is simply wonderful. It can even withstand minimal impact without damage. You can transport this cone easily.

The bright orange color of this safety cone is in line with road safety regulations and it is offers clear visibility in the dark through its reflective collars that facilitate efficient light conversion. These reflective collars have been designed to adhere firmly to the cones and will last throughout the lifespan on the cone. You can be rest assured that once you purchase RK PVC safety cone, it will serve its purpose for years.

6. CJ No Reflective Collar – 28-inch Traffic Safety Cones

This PVC traffic safety cone is very durable. It is made of high quality PVC that is suitable for all weather conditions. A fascinating feature of this cone is the 13.5 by 13.5 inch wide base that helps to give it stability. The base also helps to hold it firmly to the ground because it enhances friction between the ground and the cone. This particular type of cone has a stenciling design.

Because of the well design of CJ 28-Inch cone, road users will see it clearly even when a very dim light is incident on the cone. This safety cone is built to withstand harsh weather condition such as extreme and intense rays of the sun, heavy rainfall and many other unfavorable conditions. The CJ 28″ is made to have a moderate weight which together with its design help to give it greater stability and therefore prevents the cone from falling whenever wind attempts to shift its base or make it fall.

5. CJ Safety – 28-inch Safety Traffic Cone with Reflective Collars

One unique feature of this safety cone is its reflecting collar. The reflecting collar in this type of cone is firmly wrapped around it and it is nearly impossible for any factor to get the reflecting collar to scrape off the cone. The reflective collar is made of a combination of transitions elements on the periodic table and this ensures that the surface is wonderfully reflective.

This cone is of moderate height of 28 inch and it has its reflective collar placed at a position close to the top of the cone which ensures that the reflective collar could be conveniently lit by head lamp of oncoming vehicles since they are nearly on the same level above the ground. The clear visibility of this cone has helped to avert many road accidents both during the day and at night.

The cone is made of special PVC material which is very durable and ensures that the cone is very durable. The cone is resistant to strong winds because it is moderately weighted due to the material it is made from. Each cone can weigh four or five pounds and one can be so sure of good stability.

4. Comfitwear – 18-inch Traffic Safety Cone with Black Base

Comfitwear - 18-inch Traffic Safety Cone with Black Base
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This cone is an 18 inch orange cone which has a black base. This cone is very rugged and it neither fades nor cracks. The PVC construction assures flexibility. The flexibility does not affect the durability in any form. The bright orange color of the cone makes it very visible even from a very far distance.

Both the cone and the base are made of special PVC material. The base is square in shape and wide enough to give the cone a very good stability which is exactly what is needed. This type of cone is a heavy duty traffic cone because the base is wide enough to make is suitable for use in construction sites, on roads and parking lots. This cone is shaped in such a way that wind cannot make it topple but will rather blow by its streamlined body.

The black base is moderately weighted so that it also adds to the stability of the cone. The base of the cone remains completely non detachable and this helps to totally prevents the risk of the cone falling off.

3. Emedco – 28-inch Orange Caution Cone

The caution traffic cone is a 28 inch high traffic cone which has a caution note written boldly on two sides of the cone. The caution message is in silk screen and it is written in very bold prints from the top downward. The cone is very stable on the ground because of its wide base and very low center of gravity.

This cone weight 6 pounds each and this clearly suggests why the cone is very stable. The PVC material used in making this cone is strongly resistant to heat that the sun’s ray might produce. The caution sign written on the cone never fades over time because they are written with material which have been tested as capable of withstanding all the possible conditions the cone can be subjected to while using it on the road.

The color which is selected for writing the caution message on the cone is so conspicuous against the orange background of the cone and the letters are neatly separated so that road users can both see them and read them with convenience.

2. Mr. Chain Traffic Safety Green Cone

Here is a special traffic cone with reflective collars strapped somewhere close to the top of the cone. This cone comes in green color and it is 36 inches high. This cone is special because of its heavier weight when compared to other safety cones. A single Mr. Chain cone weighs 10 pounds. The direct implication of this weight is of course improved stability. The light and shiny green color of the cone makes this cone also very conspicuous to road users.

Its base is wide enough to keep the cone stable and it has a dimension of 14 inch by 14 inch. The cone is very suitable for use in nearly all climatic conditions since it is not affected by extreme cold or heat. The PVC injection molding process by which the cone is made is one of the reasons responsible for its durability and toughness.

The reflective collar on the cone don’t fade away even when you use the cone under very harsh conditions. The reflective collars brilliantly bounces back any ray of light that falls on it so that it quickly makes the cone to be spotted even in the dark as one gradually approaches it.

1. Worth Flashing Traffic Cone with LED Flashlight

An important feature of this traffic cone is its ability to be easily collapsed without damaging the cone in any form. The cone has a square base but which is readily detachable whenever the needs to do so arises. Extreme care was taken to ensure that the cone is detachable from its base only when unscrewed. This ensures that wind or other similar impacts does not separate the cone from its base accidentally.

This type of safety cone is also equipped with a red removable flashlight and an adjustable inside light. The flashlights when switched on ensures that the cone is straightaway visible at night even when no light is incident on it by any source. The safety cone is very compact once it is assembled and high quality is guaranteed.

The traffic cone as well possesses two 1.5 inches reflective silvery grey collars. The collars can be easily seen from very far distances as far as one thousand feet away. The reflective collar serves as another quick means by which the cone can be seen or noticed at night. The base of the cone is wide to maintain stability and the height of the cone is not too high, just 17.8 inches. This helps to maintain stability.


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