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The 9 Best Roller Stands Supporting Table Saws

When cutting long pieces of material on the table saw, it’s crucial to have something to support during the cut. A roller stand helps you to keep the wood or metal supported while also moving it forward smoothly to your preferred spot. Before you select a roller stand, you have to decide on the machine you want to use it with and the weight you expect it to bear.

You have access to a wide range of rollers stands online, but what you may not have or know is how to choose the one that delivers the support you need. We’ve decided to help you out a little bit with this challenge by doing your homework for you. We’ve done dug through different brands, designs, and products, and came up with our best pick of top 9 roller stands.

9. HTC HSS-18 Roller Stand

Do you need a roller stand for the big job? We present you the HTC HSS-18 adjustable roller stand. This support stand has a capacity of 500lb, making it an excellent workhorse. You can quickly adjust it from 28 to 45.5 inches; this means it can support material for almost any tool. HTC made the 16 x 2 inches bearing roller from high-quality galvanized steel; this makes material feeding comfortable due to its smooth precision.

The sturdy legs of the roller end with four non-skid feet which level and provide stability to the stand. The HTC HSS-18 also boasts of impressive wedge lock that tightens when under load making it the best in the business. This HTC HSS-18 roller stand is the ideal option if you are into heavy feed work.

Pros and Cons 

  • Smooth ball bearing
  • Easy to assemble
  • Have a rock solid stability and versatility
  • Heavy duty capacity
  • Height adjustment can be an issue

8. Shop Fox D2054 Roller Stand

This Shop Fox D2054 roller stand weighs a little over 8 pounds and spots a 150 IBS capacity making it perfect for storage and transportation. The improved roller stand offers stability for any wood processing project. The flat room, variable height adjustment, and welded square steel construction make it stand of choice. The roller stand is suitable for elevation drops to accommodate the various engine heights and process your material to your preferred spot.

You can quickly adjust the height from 24-1/2 to 42 inches, and the 13 inches ball bearing rolls provide you with a smooth operation and also can support a range of workpieces. The Shop Fox D2054 roller stand works perfectly as an out-feed stand for jointers, planers, and saws.

Pros and Cons 

  • Made of all steel construction
  • Easy to fold the unit and store when, not in use
  • Very affordable and durable
  • It’s a bit unstable

7. Tough Built – Roller/Support Stand

The affordable Innovation ToughBuilt roller stand is designed to make your work more efficient and comfortable. The heavy-duty roller stand is ideal when you need to support and keep long workpieces, like wood or pipes or wood level and steady. It has a tube framed that provide it with stability and strength while the custom feet keep the roller stand secure and stable.

The chrome roller allows your material to glide smoothly on its top and you can fold the legs flat for secure storage and transport. You can quickly adjust the height from 26.6 to 42.9 inches, and the lever easily locks and unlocks so you can position it anywhere.

Pros and Cons 

  • Ideal for heavy-duty projects
  • Easy to wheel around
  • Easy to put together and lightweight
  • Sturdy and effortless to set it up
  • Instructions are unclear

6. Titan Attachments Adjustable Horizontal Roller Stand

The Titan Attachments roller stand is excellent for working on unwieldy and cumbersome pieces of wooden planks or metal. It allows you to balance the weight of your material and keep it steady while you are cutting. The height is adjustable, you can make it shorter or taller from 22 4/5 to 38 1/5 inches, and you can also assemble it using Allen wrench. The lightweight of the roller stand makes it more convenient for you to move it around the garage or shop.

This Heavy-duty construction Titan roller stand boasts of 1,760 lBS capacity, making it very solid and heavy for its size. The solid cast iron base makes it very steady, and the rolling head makes it comfortable to move material on/off the stand, all you have to do is ensure the object rest on it.

Pros and Cons 

  • The V-shaped design keeps material from rolling off the side
  • It is versatile and strong
  • Perfect for heavy-duty project
  • Doesn’t have height adjustment handle, you’ll have to use Allen screw

5. Vestil STAND-H Horizontal Deluxe Roller Stand

Vestil designed this roller stand for use when you are working on long length materials. Each of the stand boast of 2 inches chrome plated rollers that makes it highly functional and last longer. The heavy-duty cast steel base provides it with firm support so you won’t have to worry about the stand tripping. With a gas charges cylinder and friction lock screw, you can quickly adjust the height of each roller stand.

Featuring a flat single roller design, it is excellent for use in wood and machine shops. Vestil made this roller stand from lightweight materials so you can quickly move it from one location to another.

Pros and Cons 

  • Works perfectly with a metal band
  • Well-built and highly functional
  • Doesn’t shift under the weight of materials
  • Easy to assemble
  • Doesn’t come with rubber feet

4. Vestil STAND-V Deluxe Roller Stand

Do you need a high-quality, heavy-duty roller stand that is great for use in wood and machine shop? The Vestil STAND-V Deluxe is an ergonomic roller stand that is very strong and stable. It enables you to quickly adjust your roller to different working heights so that it can level with your machine. Another great feature about this roller stand is that it folds to occupy the least space possible.

The heavy-duty cast steel base provides it with stability and strength while each stand has 2 inches chrome plated rollers offering durability and outstanding performance. It has a V-groove roller design, and the lightweight construction makes it easier for you to move

Pros and Cons 

  • Simple to assemble and durable
  • Can hold heavy materials
  • Works perfectly with a metal band
  • Well-built and highly functional
  • Doesn’t come with rubber feet

3. Shop Fox W1732 Adjustable Roller Stand

The Shop Fox W1732 is one of the most versatile and useful stands available on the market. You can use it as an out-feed stand for jointers, planers, and saw. The length is fully adjustable; you can move it between 19-1/2 and 54-inch, and you can string together the multiple units to fit within the space you have available. Shop Fox designed it in a way you can reduce the size for storage or movement that require little distance.

The Shop Fox W1732 has heavy-duty legs designed for square tubing for added stability and durability. Features four independently adjustable legs and each of them has locking swivel casters that allow you to set a tilt, elevation drop, or curve to accommodate floor surface that is uneven while moving your materials to where you need them.

Pros and Cons 

  • Perfect for the heavy-duty job
  • Excellent for a different variety of applications
  • Versatile and durable
  • A bit expensive
  • Some people complain of missing parts

2. PROTOCOL Equipment RS-011B Roller Stand

The PROTOCOL Equipment is an ideal, multi-purpose roller stand designed to support heavy materials such as pipes or plywood. It spots a three-position head functioning as a multi-ball head, single-roller, or material stop. PROTOCOL Equipment designs the eight ball bearing rollers to move independently from each other while helping you to transport your material in direction.

The height is fully adjustable; it goes from 28 to 45 inches, and the broad base has a non-slip capped feet which makes it easier for it to support about 150 pounds material. The powder coated body & legs and chrome-plated roller prevent it from rust.

Pros and Cons 

  • Easy to folds and assemble feature makes it convenient for storage or transport
  • Comes with lifetime limited warranty
  • Sturdy and durable frame
  • The folding legs don’t have a locking mechanism

1. Oasis Machinery T2272 Adjustable Roller Stand

The Oasis Machinery roller stand combines convenience and versatility. The tool allows you to handle almost any load with ease and also give you all the support you may need on the job site or in the shop. It features cast iron base, this provides you with stability and supports about 200 IBS, which means it is suitable for a different range of activities.

The Oasis Machinery is a reliable and quality roller stand that can guarantee you high-level performance. It is ideal for radial arm saws, table saws, planers, jointers, and other machines. The roller stand simplifies a two-person job into one. Oasis Machinery constructs this unit from steel iron making it reliable and last longer. It also features an adjustable height of between 26-7/9 to 42-1/2 inches; you will have no issue adjusting it to the preferred length.

Pros and Cons 

  • Convenience and versatility
  • Ideal for a wide range of activities
  • Easy to carry and store after use
  • Doesn’t have rubber feet


You can now get the best stability and support with these roller stands when using your saw. They are stable, durable, accommodate different weights and they have a variety of features that guarantee you top-notch services. For maximum performance, ensure you get one of these top 9 roller stands.


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