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The 9 Best Professional Desktop Printing Calculators

A desktop printing calculator is a tool that’s useful for both homeowners and business managers. Unlike a standard calculator, it enables you to add up figures, then prints them out so you can keep a running record

A desktop printing calculator can also convert currencies, show the date and time, and work out tax as well. Most of them can also bring up individual item totals, grand totals, and double-check functionality. In essence, they are smarter than a calculator and also leave a paper trail.

The features can vary dramatically, even throughout leading brands – which is why it’s important to do your research. Think about whether you need one for your business or home use, and whether you need “advanced” features or only basic functionality.

The price doesn’t vary too much in either instance, so this should be a minor consideration. Then, when you’ve thought about what you need, you can then check out these top-rated options below. You are sure to find the very tool you need to get the job done.

9. Casio HR 100TM Mini Desktop Printing Calculator

Whether you’re in business or like to set a budget at home, you will enjoy what this desktop printing calculator from Casio has to offer. Not only do you get peace of mind that it’s from a reputable manufacturer, but that it has many features to help your calculations become effortless.

You get to benefit from a lightning-fast reaction time of two lines per second, a 12-digit display, and a two-color printer. The paper is also the perfect width at two-and-a-quarter inches for simple storage in your accounting books.

This desktop printing calculator also offers all the buttons and functions you need, such as the grand total, item total, and sign change, as well as being useful with batteries or AC power. It runs on four polaroid AA batteries when you’re away from the office, or you can power it up when you’re back sitting at your desk.

Many people love all these convenient features, but there are a few things of which you need to be aware. The screen is not backlit – so any late-night accounting has to take place with a desk lamp, and there is no shut-off function too. If you are running on battery power, this may be an inconvenience.

The unit is also very lightweight which means it can slip around on your desk while you use it. Given its affordable price tag, however, there’s every possibility you can look past these negatives and focus on all the good it can offer for home and business use.


  • Two lines per second
  • 12-digit display
  • Two-color printer
  • Two-and-a-quarter-inch paper width
  • Key rollover
  • Total, item total, and sign change functionality
  • AC adaptor
  • AA batteries


  • Reputable brand
  • All the functions you require
  • Has two colors
  • Affordable price tag
  • Large, easy-to-read display
  • You can use power or batteries
  • The batteries last a long time


  • The screen is not backlit
  • No auto shut-off function
  • The buttons aren’t comfortable
  • Too lightweight

8. Canon P23-DHV-3 Desktop Printing Calculator with Double Check Function

If you’re trying to balance the books at home, but you’re not having much luck, it might be time to call in the big guns – a desktop printing calculator. Unlike a regular calculator that leaves no notable paper trail, this desktop printing calculator from Canon is all about making sure it has a running record of all your facts and figures.

You can buy it as a one or two-pack, convenient if you want one for home and work, and it even has a clock and calendar function. Therefore, you can always know when you entered your data and even at a particular time. This desktop printing calculator from Canon also takes care of currency conversion and tax and business calculations, giving you peace of mind that everything is above board.

If you’re not sure whether you’ve calculated correctly, you can use the double check function to be entirely sure. This desktop printing calculator also comes with a paper roll and two-color printing functionality for ultimate user convenience. It’s not the fastest desktop printing calculator on the market and has issues with paper falling off its roll, but for home users, it’s an excellent option from a reputable supplier.


  • One or two-pack options
  • Clock and calendar feature
  • Tax and business calculations
  • Currency conversion
  • Paper roll included
  • Double check function
  • Two-color printing


  • Heavy-duty
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable to buy
  • You can buy two for a low price
  • Reputable brand
  • It offers the option to convert currencies
  • Calculates taxes
  • Comes with a paper roll
  • Has two colors


  • Slow to calculate
  • The paper falls off the roll
  • Feed motor is slow
  • Very small

7. Casio HR-170RC Desktop Printing Calculator

If you don’t want to have to buy a hefty desktop printing calculator that takes up a lot of room, did you know there’s a small, lightweight option available? Casio now offers a mini desktop printing calculator that takes up no space at all but still has all the same functions as its much larger counterpart.

This desktop printing calculator offers two-color printing for easy-to-see final figures, a 12-digit display, and it comes with paper and an adaptor as well. You can either run your desktop printing calculator on AC power or with four AA batteries which don’t come with the unit.

However, there’s more to love about this desktop printing calculator than meets the eye. It has a calendar and clock for quick dating and can check currencies too. Then, if you need to make a quick correction, it will be on top of that in an instant.

Even though this is a mini desktop printing calculator rather than a full-size one, the buttons are still not going to frustrate you. They are large, plastic keys that are spaced far apart for your convenience. Being small and lightweight can be a frustration at times, but as a whole, this desktop printing calculator is going to impress.


  • Two-color printing
  • 12-digit display
  • Paper included
  • Adaptor included
  • Clock and calendar functionality
  • Large plastic keys
  • Currency exchange
  • Quick corrections
  • Grand total


  • Affordable to buy
  • You can use it with batteries or an AC power adaptor
  • Comes with all the functions you need to run your accounts
  • Uncluttered keys to stop you from making mistakes
  • The display is easy to read
  • You can reprint calculations
  • You can double check your calculations


  • Very small
  • Lightweight, so it can move around on your table

6. Sharp EL-1750V 2-Color Compact Desktop Printing Calculator

If you’re not convinced that new style desktop printing calculators are going to suit your needs, then why not opt for a more tried and true option? That’s where this printing calculator from Sharp comes in. Sharp knows how to stay true to its classic styling, relying on the adage that you don’t need to fix what isn’t broken.

This no-frills desktop printing calculator is going to impress with its rugged casing, packed feature list, and user-friendly approach to calculations. You get to benefit from fast printing and calculating, even if it’s quite loud to use, and 1.55 lines per second for lightning-fast precision. This desktop printing calculator also comes with a 12-digit display, two-color printing, and one-touch change calculation.

What holds it back is that you can only use it with AC power, not a battery. Therefore, you can find yourself confined to your desk, rather than being able to work from anywhere. Convenience aside, this desktop printing calculator is well worth your inspection for being a useful product that doesn’t miss a beat.


  • 12-digit display
  • Two-color printing
  • AC operation
  • One-touch change calculation
  • 1.55 lines per second
  • Metal paper holder


  • High-quality product
  • Well made
  • Robust buttons
  • Heavy-duty
  • Effortless functionality
  • Fast printing and calculating
  • Affordable price tag


  • You can’t use batteries with it
  • The display is not backlit
  • Loud on the print function

5. Casio HR-8TEPlus Printing Calculator

Even though this Casio desktop printing calculator is slower than newer models in their range, you will find it suits your home or business accounting needs perfectly. Once you buy it, you will also be pleased with how quickly you work out how to use it. It’s effortless, portable, and of a handheld size for user convenience as well.

What many people also like about this desktop printing calculator is that you can use it with the Casio scanner, it has a data storage option, and you can use it with both batteries and AC power. It even turns off when you’ve finished using it for that extra convenient touch.

It’s quite fast with its calculating of 1.6 lines per second but is slower on the printing front. Benefit from an affordable price tag, portable and handheld size, and comfortable buttons that won’t hurt your fingers after long-term use. This desktop printing calculator will add so much convenience to your life.


  • Compatible with Casio FZ-700S scanner
  • Data storage
  • Comes with adapter
  • 1.6 lines per second
  • Automatic power off function
  • AA batteries
  • Three-digit comma markers


  • You can use it with AC power and batteries
  • Handheld size
  • Affordable to buy
  • Comfortable buttons
  • It turns off after you’ve finished using it
  • Prints quickly
  • The buttons are large and pleasant to read


  • Slower than new models

4. Casio DR-210TM Desktop Printing Calculator

If you’ve got plenty of space on your desk for a chunky desktop printing calculator, then you may like to consider this model from Casio. It’s far larger than most other calculators on the market, but it’s a small price to pay for getting a range of features others may not provide. As a result of these features, this calculator is more suitable for expert accountants as opposed to beginners.

It comes with a 12-digit Digitron display, cost, sell, and margin functions, and two-color printing. With the printing functionality, you can also switch between red and black. It counts items, has a total button, and also offers many other functions you may need to refer to the instructions to understand! However, given that it can throw out 4.4 lines per second, it’s a lightning-fast and effective desktop printing calculator that you will love to use.

This desktop printing calculator is also heavy-duty, has keys that don’t fade or wear out, and a display that’s far larger than most other calculators. If all these features sound appealing, it could be worth a closer look.


  • Digitron display
  • 4.4 lines per second
  • Cost, sell, and margin functions
  • Two-color printing
  • AC adaptor
  • 12-digit display
  • Item counter
  • Total button


  • The display is more significant than other models
  • The keys don’t fade or wear out
  • More lines per second than most other models
  • Quick calculations
  • Heavy-duty to sit nicely on your desk
  • You can switch the printer between black and red
  • Affordable to buy


  • Too many options for beginners
  • Takes up a lot of space
  • The power button is in a different place to most other calculators

3. Canon MP21DX Business Printing Calculator

If you don’t mind getting back to basics with your desktop printing calculator, then this one from Canon could be worth a closer look. Rather than buy a new model with high-end functionality, you can focus on traditional features with upgrades appropriately done.

This model has a fluorescent 12-digit display that stands out and is easy to read, as well as tax calculation keys that are easy to spot. You also get to benefit from two-color printing – with negative numbers automatically printed in red. Then, it will write and calculate at 3.5 lines per second, with a high-speed ink ribbon printer that’s set to impress.

While you do pay more for this desktop printing calculator than you would others, and it’s cumbersome compared to sleeker models, you will quickly learn that it’s a firm favorite for many people. The display is easy to read, the buttons are spaced apart to avoid making mistakes, and the printouts are crisp and clear. What more could you need in a desktop printing calculator?


  • 12-digit display
  • Fluorescent display
  • High-speed ink ribbon printer
  • 3.5 lines per second
  • Two-color printing
  • Keys for tax calculations


  • Heavy-duty construction to sit firmly on your desk
  • Negative numbers automatically print in red
  • The display is easy to read
  • The buttons are spaced far apart to avoid mistakes
  • Robust buttons to last the distance
  • The printouts are crisp and clear


  • Expensive to buy
  • Large and takes up a lot of room
  • Noisy to operate

2. Canon MP11DX Printing Calculator

If you have a small desk and need a small desktop printing calculator to match it, then set your sights on this model from Canon. Even though it offers everything you need for tallying your accounts, it does so within a small and compact unit. For some people, this will be a pleasant surprise, while for others it will be an annoyance.

However, regardless of the size, there is still a lot on offer from this desktop printing calculator. It has a sizeable 12-digit fluorescent display, a calendar and clock function, and sculpted keys for more comfortable tapping. Even after long-term use, you will not get sore fingers.

It also prints and calculates at 3.7 lines per second, with both black and red coloring for positive and negative numbers. If you want your desktop printing calculator to be sleek and stylish, this model ticks all the boxes here too. It has a brushed nickel design, comfortable keys, and comes from a reputable brand with an affordable price tag to seal the deal. If you need a compact desktop printing calculator, this model may be the answer.


  • 12-digit fluorescent display
  • 3.7 lines per second
  • Black and red two-color printing
  • Calendar and clock function
  • Sculpted keys
  • Brushed nickel design


  • The keys are spaced out to be easy to push
  • Heavy-duty to sit firmly on the desk
  • Lightning fast calculation and printing
  • Affordable price tag
  • Reputable brand
  • The keys are comfortable to use
  • The display is easy to see at night and in the daytime
  • It comes with a calendar and clock function
  • The design is sleek and stylish


  • Small in size
  • Buttons aren’t big enough for big fingers
  • Hard to feed the paper roll

1. Datexx LP-50 Business Printing Calculator

If you want a basic desktop printing calculator without all the frills, then this option from Datexx may be a good option for you. It’s not from a reputable brand, but that doesn’t mean it won’t fulfill all your tax and accounting needs. It has everything a more well-known brand does, but without the complexities that some of those models seem to offer.

It has an Epson printer, a 12-digit LCD screen, and weighs only nine ounces. If you want it to be portable, this lightweight aspect can be more of a positive than a negative. It’s also effortless to use unlike the more complex models and has a lovely design that looks stunning on any desk. It’s not going to win awards for speed, but it’s still going to suit a range of home and office people looking to budget with more effectiveness than ever before.


  • Epson printer
  • 12-digit LCD display
  • 9-ounce weight
  • Two lines per second


  • Easy to use
  • Straightforward functionality
  • Portable and compact design
  • Sleek styling


  • Unknown brand
  • Expensive price tag
  • Too lightweight to sit nicely on a desk

Considerations for Purchasing a Desktop Printing Calculator

No matter what you intend on using a desktop printing calculator for, it’s important to find one that you feel comfortable and confident handling. After all, you’re dealing with finances and tax, and it’s crucial to get it right. Instead of buying a desktop printing calculator you’re not happy with – why not spend a little time working out what you want? You can then buy a calculator that offers it all and brings a smile to your face. Consider these points below.

  1. Functionality

    The functionality is possibly the most critical factor of your calculator. You need to be able to find all the buttons you need in the right place, and use each one with confidence. The functionality also comes down to how effectively those buttons are displayed. You can either read the instructions carefully or refer to pictures to see where they are and whether it’s convenient for you.

  2. Display

    The display of printing calculators differs dramatically. Some do not have backlit screens which is an inconvenience if you’re working at night and some have fluorescent displays. Think about the time of day you typically do your accounting and taxes. Then, consider the size of the display. Does it need to be large for you to see it properly?

  3. Speed

    The line speed for printing and calculation can differ from one model to the next. If you pride yourself on premium productivity, then make sure you select a printing calculator that won’t hold you up. Line speeds above two can be a preference.

  4. Size and weight

    Size and weight don’t matter for a lot of products, but it can mean the world for a desktop printing calculator. If it’s too small, it can be hard to hit the right keys all the time. If it’s too large, it can take up a lot of space and take ages to reach for all the buttons.

    If it’s lightweight, it can flip around on your desk every time you enter figures. Refer to the dimensions before you purchase any model. Too many people leave bad reviews because the calculator is too large, small, heavy, or light. It is not the manufacturer’s fault that you didn’t do your due diligence.

  5. Printing

    The printing counts for a lot on a desktop printing calculator because you want to be able to look back at receipts with confidence and clarity. The best calculator is one that will print in black and red, using black for positive numbers and red for negative. It’s also convenient if this is an automatic process. The resultant printed numbers should also be precise so you can read them without looking too close or second-guessing yourself.


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