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The 9 Best Patio Porch Swings with Chains

A porch swing is a wooden, wicker, or another type of swing that you hang from the ceiling in your porch area. They usually hang from either two or four hooks on your roof and swing back and forward with between one and three people on them. Some porch swings are weatherproof, meaning you can put them somewhere with minimal or no cover, whereas others need full protection all the time.

You can buy family-size porch swings, some that are longer to act as beds, and some that come with cushions so you can take up day napping on them. The options are endless when it comes to choosing a swing, so you may like to set some time aside to go through these options below.

9. CAF Amish Patio Porch Swing with Hanging Chain

If you don’t mind having to put a little bit of effort into this porch swing to finish it off, then it may be the very thing you’ve been looking for to add to your outdoor entertainment area. You won’t be able to use it right away, though. The wood surface is heavy-duty but rough, and it might require more paint if you get a semi-solid black or white porch swing instead of a stained one. It also arrives partially, but not entirely, assembled.

However, once you spend a bit of time getting this porch swing up to scratch, it’s going to impress you from one side to the other. You can choose from five color options, including three stains and two paint types. You even get to choose a length to suit you – four or five feet. All of the slates are one-inch thick so you can rest assured it will hold your weight, and it’s even suitable for holding up to 800 pounds. Most other porch swings cannot.

It comes with hanging chains for immediate installation, routered wood edges, so you don’t cut yourself, and it’s made here in the United States using kiln-dried, pressure-treated pine. It’s not ready right out of the box, but this swing is most certainly one that will grab your attention.


  • Four or five-foot options
  • Five color options – unfinished, cedar, dark walnut, semi-sold white, semi-solid black
  • Kiln-dried pressure-treated pine
  • One-inch thick slats
  • Made in the USA
  • Routered wood edges
  • Hanging chains
  • Soy-based stain finish
  • Bio-based technology
  • 800-pound weight capacity


  • Plenty of color options
  • You can choose to stain it yourself
  • It comes with the chains to hang it
  • There are no sharp edges
  • It’s environmentally-friendly
  • Affordable to buy
  • Choose the length to suit you


  • You have to assemble it yourself
  • The finish is rough
  • The wood requires further sanding and more paint

8. Handmade Cypress Patio Porch Swing with Cup Holders

If you want a new porch swing that you can either A) leave as it is or B) add your touch; then this is the best one for you. Not only does it arrive entirely natural, but it blends in with your home environment beautifully. It also doesn’t cost the earth and has a few standout features.

This porch swing has cup holders for added convenience, is five feet long to seat more people than other porch swings, and also has sturdy, durable wood to seal the deal. The woodworker has even ensured the seat is comfortable with unique contouring in the seat and back area. While it’s not fully assembled upon arrival, it comes with brass-plated screws, solid steel nuts, bolts, and sanded, rounded edges to save you a lot of work.

You can then set this porch swing up, stain it or paint it, then enjoy everything it has to offer. However, that doesn’t mean it’s all smooth sailing as there are a few sticking points with it. The wood can split, it has a significant number of splinters in the wood, and not all the screws are high quality. With a few changes, it could be a leading product in the swing market.


  • Included cup holders
  • Made in the United States
  • Five feet long
  • Solid steel nuts and bolts
  • Brass-plated screws
  • Staple-free
  • Rounded and sanded edges
  • Contoured back and seat
  • Partially assembled


  • It blends in with your natural environment
  • You can paint or stain it to whatever color you want
  • Solid wood construction
  • Premium materials
  • It doesn’t take long to assemble
  • It has cup holders which is an unusual feature
  • Doesn’t cost a lot to buy
  • Generous length


  • You have to assemble parts of it yourself
  • The wood splits
  • Has a lot of splinters
  • The screws are not decent quality

7. Modern Seating Porch Swing Bed

If you prefer a porch swing that’s comfortable and convenient, then set your sights on this one from Belham Living. Unlike other porch swings on the market that feature hardwood and leave you wanting to get off it quickly, you will want to spend as much time as possible on this one.

Not only does it have lovely eucalyptus wood with a driftwood frame finish, but it comes with cushions with white piping too. These cushions are exceptionally comfortable and enhance the porch swing beautifully. However, once your bottom is comfortable, your back will need some comfort also. Consider investing in back cushions for the full package.

This deep-seated porch swing then has a gray glaze finish to make it look contemporary, as well as arriving with a 48-inch chain so you can hang it anywhere you want. When it comes to being a market leader, Belham Living cover all bases.


  • Eucalyptus wood
  • Gray glaze finish
  • 64 x 21 x 28 inches
  • Deep-seated style
  • Cushion included
  • Driftwood frame finish
  • White piping on a cushion
  • 48-inch chain included


  • It comes with a comfortable cushion
  • Lovely finish on the paint job
  • Generous size
  • Comfortable to sit or lay on
  • The chain comes with it
  • Ready for you to hang immediately


  • The back is hard, so you may like to buy back cushions

6. Coral Coast Porch Swing

Even though you will possibly need to buy additional hanging hardware for this porch swing if the manufacturer doesn’t offer any, you will still prefer this swing to many others on the market. Because it has resin wicker instead of wood, it requires little to no maintenance. It won’t fade, warp, or crack, or succumb to the elements nearly as much as a wood porch swing would.

However, that’s not all that you will love about this seat. It has a unique Soho style that’s bound to appeal to many people, as will the 450-pound weight capacity. Fill the 53-inch long seat up with people with confidence. It also comes with armrest and backrest hooks for you to attach hanging hardware, and it comes with a cushion for added comfort. However, where this meets the wicker, you may find it cuts into the back of your legs.

The weather, over time, will discover this porch swing, but given how much use you can still get out of it, it won’t make all that much difference. If you don’t want the hassle of maintenance with a wood swing, then consider this resin wicker option from Coral Coast.


  • Resin wicker construction
  • Soho style
  • 450-pound weight capacity
  • 24 x 25 x 53-inch dimensions
  • Weather-resistant style
  • Armrest and backrest hooks
  • Included cushion


  • It doesn’t require any maintenance
  • It won’t crack, warp, or fade
  • It doesn’t take a lot of effort to mount it
  • The cushion is comfortable
  • You don’t need to assemble it
  • Generous weight capacity
  • The pillow coloring coordinates with the weave
  • It withstands bad weather conditions


  • The edging of the seat cuts into the back of your legs
  • It can discolor in the weather
  • It doesn’t come with the hanging hardware

5. Kilmer Creek Porch Swing

If you like the rustic look of a porch swing but don’t want to pay through the nose for it or make one yourself, then check out this unit from Kilmer Creek. Handmade in the United States, it’s not a perfectly-finished porch swing, but it has all the makings of one.

It features Western red cedar wood, which lasts longer out in the elements than other wood, and it’s hard to last. It won’t decay, rot, or succumb to insects, meaning you get your money’s worth when you purchase this one.

For the most part, this swing comes fully assembled. It has all the bolts and screws in the right places but only needs you to attach the hanging hardware then put it where you want it to be. You also get the benefit of its suitability for two people and that it has planed and routered edges to reduce the instances of a rough finish.

The final cherry on the top is the finish which is a cedar tint with silicone. Even though the layer is thin, it offers water repelling features as well as UV light protection. Given its competitive pricing and artistry involved in its making, you will struggle to find a swing that’s much better than this one.


  • Western red cedar construction
  • Decay, rot, and insect-proof
  • Two-person capacity
  • Planed and routered edging
  • Nail-free construction
  • Preassembled with bolts and screws
  • 27 x 23 x 62 inches
  • Deep seat style
  • Silicone magic and cedar tint finish
  • Eco-friendly
  • Water-repelling
  • UV light protection
  • Made in the United States
  • Hanging hardware included


  • It’s almost fully assembled
  • It comes with the hardware for hanging
  • It will withstand a lot of weather conditions
  • The wood is treated to last a long time
  • It won’t succumb to rot or decay
  • It’s affordable to buy
  • Strong and premium-quality wood


  • The wood finishing is rough in some places
  • The stain finish is thin

4. Jack Post Country Garden Swing Seat

If you have a covered-in porch that the weather can’t touch, then this porch swing from Jack Post could be a garden seat to consider. It looks like a lovely, character-filled park bench – but on hanging hardware so you can use it on your porch.

You can buy more than one unit at a time, enjoy that it suits two people, and will handle up to 500 pounds of weight. Even though you can’t have it outside in the weather, it’s still a tough and well-made porch swing that will last a long time. It has a lovely bronze steel finish, hardwood slats, and is comfortable too.

Every time you sit on this porch swing, you will feel at home. It doesn’t make any noise, is comfortable, and is deep-seated, so your legs dangle comfortably over the edge. It’s not the most convenient option given how quickly you can lose it to the elements, but it’s up there among the best regarding artistry.


  • Four feet long
  • Chains and hanging hardware included
  • Bronze steel finish
  • Hardwood slats
  • 500-pound capacity
  • Country style


  • Lovely style and design
  • Suitable for up to two people
  • Generous weight capacity
  • It comes with the hanging hardware
  • Affordable to buy
  • You can buy more than one unit at a time


  • It has to be under shelter
  • It succumbs to the elements quickly if you leave it outside

3. Jennings Outdoor Porch Swing with Chains

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on outdoor furniture, but you wouldn’t mind a porch swing to while away those humid summer evenings on, then check out this swing from Jennings. It’s not going to be big enough or strong enough for the whole family, but for one or two people, it will meet the mark entirely.

It arrives ready to roll, so you can use the supplied chain hanging hardware and add it to your porch with minimal hassle. Once it’s hanging up, you then have four feet worth of porch swing to use to your advantage. Sit yourself down with a friend and get peace of mind from knowing it will handle up to 400 pounds of weight.

The traditional styling and wooden construction is also another standout feature. Even though it’s lightweight and affordable, it will still look beautiful on your porch. It will also match character homes and cottages as if it always belonged there. Quality-wise, it’s not the best, but you may love this swing all the same.


  • Chain hanging hardware included
  • Four feet long
  • Traditional styling
  • Wooden construction
  • 49 x 27 x 17 inches approximate dimensions
  • 400-pound weight capacity


  • Lovely style
  • Lightweight
  • Straightforward to hang
  • Affordable to buy
  • Suitable for two people comfortably
  • Light wood to suit character homes
  • Generous proportions


  • The weight capacity is not as good as other swings
  • The slats work their way loose

2. Outdoor Swing Bed Porch Swing

If a porch swing is not enough to grab your interest, because everyone seems to have them, then maybe a swing bed might. Of course, there is nothing wrong with sitting outside on a beautiful summer’s day, but would it not be even more exciting to lie down? That’s what’s on offer with this porch swing from Furniture Barn USA.

Made by the very talented Amish people in Pennsylvania, this porch swing looks nothing like what you would buy from a regular store. It’s sturdy, robust, built to last many years, and will require a lot of people to help with the assembly and installation process.

However, you don’t have to worry about it falling apart. The manufacturers used only the best pinewood and hardware available, so you can relax on it for years to come, knowing it’s going to last a long time. This swing bucks the trend but you will be happy it did. Buy the mattress made for this swing bed then relax in comfort and style.


  • Oversized style
  • Bed and chair swing style
  • 68 x 24 x 28 x 75 inches
  • Pinewood construction
  • Made in the United States
  • Amish-craftmanship
  • Partially assembled
  • Four ceiling hooks


  • You can buy a mattress to go on it
  • Robust construction
  • Heavy-weight to handle a lot of people
  • Straightforward to assemble with some help
  • Well made


  • You will need quite a few helping hands for assembly

1. Dark Brown Crafted Wooden Porch Swing

If you don’t plan on exposing your porch swing to the elements, then you can confidently purchase this one from Belham Living and know it will last the distance. It’s not the best on the market given that its back is low, the armrests are narrow, and it has no protective coating, but it still looks smart.

It features lovely eucalyptus wood with a dark brown finish, and its generous sizing allows for two people to sit on it comfortably. It also has a beautiful back on it that’s curved with slat seating too.

If you were to set this up in your yard, it wouldn’t take long for the elements to get to it. While the manufacturers say it has weatherproofing, it doesn’t appear to have all that much. What’s more, because the wood is so thin, it’s more prone to cracking, warping, and fading than other options on the market.

Fortunately, this porch swing is affordable and will easily be something you can consider for your sheltered patio area. If the time has come to create a sanctuary outside your home, then there’s a place for this porch swing from Belham Living.


  • Eucalyptus wood construction
  • Dark brown finish
  • 48 x 20 x 23-inch approximate dimensions
  • Curved back detailing
  • Two-person capacity
  • Slat-style seating


  • Lovely brown color
  • Affordable to buy
  • Straightforward to set up
  • Doesn’t require much, if any, assembly
  • Unique structure


  • The back is too low
  • The armrests are narrow
  • No protective coating

Considerations for Purchasing a Patio Porch Swing with Chains

Fortunately, with a porch swing, there are not too many things you need to consider. For the most part, it’s a cut and dried case of whether you like a swing and does it have enough seats for all the bums in your house? However, that doesn’t mean you won’t find a little bit of room for error. The size might be wrong, the weight capacity not heavy enough, and it might not be all that weather resistant. Consider these points below before you decide which porch swing is right for you and your loved ones.

  1. Size

    If you are trying to determine the size, think about how many people are in your family, and how many people would like to sit with you at any one time. The most common porch swing size is a double – comfortably fitting two people, but you can also get some that cater for three people.

  2. Weight Capacity

    Choosing a size to suit your family is okay, but what about the weight capacity? It might be wide to fit three people, but can it hold all their weight? The lowest weight capacity you should choose for a porch swing is 400 pounds. Otherwise, you may find it can be dangerous to have such a piece of furniture on your porch. You then need to consider whether reaching that weight capacity can have an impact on the area from which you are hanging the swing as well.

  3. Weather Resistance

    A porch swing means that – a swing for your porch. As a rule of thumb, a porch is covered, so a swing under it will get cover too. If you want a porch swing that sits in your garden – exposed to all the elements – then read the product’s description carefully. Not every swing you come across will be able to handle gale-force winds and driving rain – not to mention yearly dumpings of snow. Even weatherproofing a porch swing can have varying results.

  4. Assembly

    Finally, consider the assembly process and whether there is one. Some swings arrive with all the parts, slats, and bolts in place, while others essentially need you to build it yourself. The more a swing costs, the more assembled it usually arrives. If you don’t consider yourself to be handy or you don’t have any tools, try to find one that only requires you to hang it with the supplied hanging hardware – instead of having to screw things in place.


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