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The 9 Best Paper Towel Dispensers

In the past, people use napkin and towel to wipe or dry their hand after washing them, but as time went on people realized that this practice was not hygienic. It is because the bacteria and germs from previous users could stick on the towel and thereby contaminate the next person and causing a lot of diseases. So there was the need to invent a paper towel dispenser which will enable hand wiping and hand drying in disposable paper sheets or towels.

In recent years, paper towel dispensers have become an essential item in most homes and offices as it helps to reduce paper wastage and it is very cost efficient. There are a variety of paper towel dispensers available today and you have the option to either mount them on the wall in a situation where you have limited space or on a countertop for a flat surface.

Finding the right paper towel dispenser from the various ones available on the market can be a herculean task and what this guide aims to do is to simplify that by looking at the top 9 paper towel dispensers that are best for you.

9. Genuine Joe Acrylic C-Fold or Multifold Paper Towel Dispenser

The Genuine Joe paper towel dispenser is made of acrylic which means it doesn’t get smudged easily. The design is such that makes pulling of paper towels easy thereby helping to save paper and also your paper towels are free from contamination and moisture because they are well protected. It also accommodates all types of paper towel brands, so you do not have to worry about the particular type of paper to use with it.

The dispenser is 11/2 by 4-3/32-inches. It can be wall mounted or placed on a flat surface if you desire it to be. The Genuine Joe paper towel dispenser offers you a more efficient way of cleaning up instead of using roll papers or multiple regular towels.

8. eBun Bamboo Paper Towel Dispenser for Kitchen and Bathroom

If you are looking to add an element of nature to your home or office, then you might want to consider buying this bamboo inspired paper towel dispenser. Many might worry about the durability of the bamboo but this paper towel dispenser is made from naturally growing bamboo which is quite strong and just a little maintenance is required. And because it is naturally made, it complements the decoration in the house rather than overwhelm it.

The Bamboo paper towel dispenser for kitchen and bathroom is compatible with the c-fold, multifold and single fold paper towels. It can either be placed on the counter top or can be wall mounted if you want to dispense from the base as it comes with screw for hanging. It also gives you the option to either take a single sheet of paper towels at a time or grab multiple sheets from the top of the dispenser.

It is cost effective and can be used at home in the kitchen and bathroom or wherever you might deem it fit. The design is beautiful and sturdy making the paper towel fit well in the dispenser.

7. Corella Paper Towel Dispenser

The Corella paper towel dispenser has a compact and stylish design with replaceable covers which are transparent allowing for easy viewing of the paper. The covers have locks, so if for any reason you want to limit access to the dispenser or reduce waste, that feature is going to be handy. It is reasonably priced at $92.24 and it is available on Amazon. The Corella paper towel can either be wall mounted or placed on the counter top. It is quite durable and easy to use.

6. Georgia–Pacific C-Fold or Multiford Paper Towel Dispenser

The Georgia-Pacific translucent smoke paper towel dispenser has a simple dispensing system and it requires minimal maintenance making it ideal for schools, government offices, and manufacturing and food service industries. It offers touch less benefits because users only have to touch one sheet at a time.

There are no buttons pranks or levers, eliminating touch points and helping reduce the risk of cross-contamination. The one-at-a-time dispensing also helps to reduce over dispensing and wastage. This mechanical paper towel dispenser pulls out all the stops when it comes to high capacity and low maintenance.

This paper towel dispenser provides a single 11 inch top with each low force for reducing excess usage. It features a stub roll allowing for optimal capacity and simple upkeep, the dispenser performs well and looks good doing it. It is available in translucent smoke and white. The Georgia-Pacific paper towel dispenser complements any washroom designs.

What makes the Georgia-Pacific dispenser a cut above the rest compared to the other mechanical dispensers is it does not have an exposed cutting blade. This feature prevents the potential of hurting yourself while using it. If you are looking for a paper towel dispenser that helps to reduce waste and requires easy, simple maintenance, then the Georgia-Pacific paper towel dispenser is for you.

5. Anself Chuangdian Wall-Mounted Bathroom Tissue Dispenser

The Anself Chuangdian wall-mounted bathroom tissue dispenser is the perfect dispenser for marathon towels. Although, it looks like it is made of stainless but it is actually made of high-impact ABS plastic and this helps to prevent smudges making it very durable as well. It does well in helping to keep your counter top clutter free and it is able to hold up to 200 pieces at a time. It also has a lock-key feature which makes it perfect for public places; it can also be used at home in the kitchen or bathroom.

The Anself Chuangdian paper towel dispenser has an attractive and functional design with easy open and retrieval functions. It makes wiping of messes and drying of hands convenient allowing your needs of paper towels on the counter top minimal. The Anself Chuangdian paper towel dispenser is easy to mount and it is perfect for offices restrooms, kitchens and bathrooms. It is available in champagne gold, silver and white.

4. San Jamar Ultrafold Fusion Folded Towel Dispenser

Often when you go to dry your hands paper towels fall out in clumps causing a mess and thereby resulting in extra expenses. The San Jamar Ultrafold Fusion Folded paper towel dispenser offers a touch less option of dispensing paper towel as it dispenses one paper towel at a time. This feature helps to reduce wastage often known to most other folded towel dispensers.

The San Jamar paper towel dispenser is ideal for small spaces as it thin design fit perfectly anywhere it is placed and it is able to accommodate 200 c-fold or 400 multifold paper towels at a time giving the freedom to choose the paper towel of your choice. It is also key-locked like most of the paper towel dispenser we have talked about here, thus making it ideal for public places.

It also helps to eliminate overstuffing of paper as it helps to make sure that even when the dispenser is overfilled, only a single paper towel is dispensed at a time. The San Jamar ultrafold paper towel dispenser boasts of a sleek design which can naturally fit within any environment. It is available in two sizes: 1-pack priced at $28.27 and 2-pack at $61.99. It is hygienic, efficient and economical.

With the San Jamar paper towel dispenser, you do not have to worry about waste again as it is an innovative option for a battery free paper towel dispensing system. It is quick and easy to assemble and the plastic construction is quite durable.

3. Costway Wall Mount Lever Roll Paper Towel Dispenser

The Costway lever roll paper towel dispenser is also made of ABS plastic which makes it very durable. The design is such that it is meant to be wall-mounted thereby giving you more free space on the counter top. The Costway lever roll paper towel dispenser will help to complement any restroom decorations and it is perfect for public places because it can be key locked. It can also be used in the kitchen and bathrooms. It is easy to operate and install. The Costway Lever roll paper towel dispenser is available in two colors black and white.

2. San Jamar Element Lever Roll Towel Dispenser

The San Jamar element lever roll paper towel dispenser delivers an excellent dispenser value because it features an aesthetically pleasing design which has a very reliable functional operation. It is versatile, simple and you are assured of consistent paper availability helping to also minimize wastage. The San Jamar element lever roll paper towel dispenser is universal so you are free to choose the paper towel that fits your budget best.

It is easy to load with paper towels and the drive module is replaceable for an easy maintenance. To reduce paper towel costs even more with the San Jamar paper towel dispenser, the features automatic transfer stub roll allows for complete paper utilization. The San Jamar element lever roll paper towel dispenser has a compact design and a unique ergonomic handle which is easy to use and fits in places where other paper towel dispenser fail to fit.

It also has a hygienic hands-free alternative and an integrated front dispensing arm which helps to minimize installation space. The San Jamar paper towel dispenser features a treated dispenser levers which help to inhibit bacteria growth giving you extra protection. It has a unique attractive design, durable and it is cost effective ideal for both homes and offices.

1. Kimberly-Clark Professional Touchless Paper Towel Dispenser

The Kimberly-Clark professional touchless towel dispenser is a very stylish and effective resource to replace your common tissue papers or towel. This type of dispensers holds two different types of towels; the first is the Kimberly-Clark Kleenex Premium towel and the second is the Scott Brand paper towel for high capacity environments.

The Kimberly-Clark paper towel dispenser features a locking mechanism which is optional. If you decide you don’t need the key locking mechanism, there are push-tabs inside the dispenser that you can replace them with. So there is no need to fetch for a key or hunt them down if you don’t need to keep the paper towels secure.

This dispenser has a lot of cool features. There is a feeder mechanism which makes it very easy to get the towels rolling. In the interior part of the dispenser, you have two options for the amount of paper towel you would like it to dispense. It also offers a touchless features which helps to reduce the risk of contamination as it dispenses only one paper at a time.

Although, this is a touchless paper towel dispenser but it also has a mechanical feature which if for any reason the dispenser runs out of batteries can be activated as a mechanical hands free paper towel dispenser. There is also an indicator on the side of the Kimberly-Clark paper towel dispenser which lets you know if the paper towels are low and needs to be replaced.

It also allows you to choose between the hidden towel mode and the dispense only mode. The hidden towel mode is perfect for public places because it helps to conceal the paper towels thereby securing from which wastage which tends to happen when you have a paper towel dispenser in such places. So for a hygienically sensitive environment, the Kimberly-Clark professional touchless towel dispenser is a smart choice.


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