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The 9 Best Off Road Car Spot Flood LED Light Bars in 2020

An off-road LED light bar is a product you install on your off-road vehicle to light up the night sky. Off-roading at night for leisure or hunting purposes can be quite dangerous – especially if you are not familiar with the back roads or the countryside. An off road LED light bar, however, can illuminate the sky as if it was the daytime

Not all do as they say, though. It’s crucial to pay attention to what people are reviewing and commenting, as well as the quality of the product. The last thing you want to do is receive disappointment in the post, as opposed to a premium light bar you can use for years to come.

We have chosen nine high-quality products below, all of which may have features that suit your needs perfectly.

9. YITAMOTOR Curved LED Light Bar, 5D Spot Flood Combo Pod Lights

YITAMOTOR Curved LED Light Bar, 5D Spot Flood Combo Pod Lights
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Buying an off-road LED light bar can be an expensive undertaking, especially if you only want the best for your vehicle. Fortunately, you can get a balance of quality and value with this off-road LED light bar from YITAMOTOR. Even though it’s not from a well-known brand, that doesn’t mean you won’t be impressed with the quality of it.

It’s 50 inches long, you can choose from six options, and it has a 5D optic design for better overall quality. However, the benefits don’t end there. The three-inch grooved fins help to deflect heat away from the off-road LED light bar, while the stainless-steel mounting gear means it’s rustproof and set to last the distance.

What users will also like about this off-road LED light bar is its lifespan. The LED bulbs, which have 360-degree adjustment and multi-angle refraction, each have a lifespan of 50,000 hours.

Therefore, no matter how often you use your new light bar, it will keep providing you with all the light you need. Sealing the deal is the two-year warranty which reinforces how well made the product is.


  • 50 inches
  • Six options
  • 5D optic design
  • Three-inch grooved fins
  • Multi-angle refraction
  • Waterproof rubber pad
  • 50,000-hour lifespan
  • 360-degree adjustment
  • Compatible with all vehicles and situations
  • Two-year warranty


  • Affordable to buy
  • Various options
  • You can use it on any vehicle, and even in your garden for lighting
  • It has a long lifespan
  • It’s well made
  • It will eliminate heat quickly
  • It won’t rust
  • Comes with a generous warranty period


  • Not as bright as other models
  • Fogs up when it rains
  • Not as much distance-focused lighting as other models

8. AUTOSAVER88 Offroad Curved LED Light Bars

Even though the installation process of this off-road LED light bar is not as easy as other models, once it’s on your vehicle, you will be more than impressed with how it looks and performs. This off-road LED light bar from AUTOSAVER88 is all about creating a safe and convenient environment when you’re on an outdoors adventure at night.

It’s a 50-inch off-road LED light bar, comes with an eight-foot wiring harness for your convenience, and it even offers peace of mind with a two-year warranty as well. Even before you install it, you will see the manufacturer believes in its products. It has a 4D optic design suitable for floodlights and spotlights, and the external heat sink fins ensure the lights don’t get too hot, either.

However, there is more to this off-road LED light bar than meets the eye. The aluminum housing helps it to stand up to daily wear and tear, while the included brackets and wiring harness means the options are endless for where and how you can install it.

It’s also suitable for all vehicles, including boats, so that you don’t have to be unsure about putting it in your shopping cart. Once you buy this off-road LED light bar, you will immediately know you made the right choice.


  • 50 inches
  • 400 watts
  • Eight-foot wiring harness
  • Two-year warranty
  • Waterproof
  • LED chips
  • 4D optic design
  • Spot and flood optics
  • External heat sink fins
  • Aluminum housing
  • Universal for all vehicles
  • Brackets and wiring harness included


  • You get everything you need to mount it to your vehicle
  • You can choose from 24 inches all the way through to 52 inches
  • It’s waterproof and dustproof
  • It’s well made and robust
  • You can use it on vehicles, boats, and more
  • It’s affordable to buy
  • Enables you to make night time look like the daytime


  • Poor instructions for installation
  • The switch is poor quality
  • The brackets are tricky to install

7. Northpole Light 20-Inch Waterproof LED Light Bars for Off Road, Jeep, Truck, Car, ATV, and SUV

If you are strapped for cash but you still want an off-road LED light bar that won’t disappoint, then set your sights on this one from Northpole Light. Even though it’s one of the most affordable LED light bars on the market, you will never know by looking at it. Instead, it looks and feels hardy and robust, ready to take you on an outdoor adventure.

It offers a sleek design that enhances any truck and is also universally suited for any vehicles. Therefore, when you’re looking for a new off-road LED light bar, you will not have to do a lot of research before buying this one.

It also has a 60-degree flood beam, operates on a 10-30-volt DC setup, and offers 30,000 hours of life on each of the LED bulbs. If that’s not enough to convince you, then the robust waterproof and shatterproof housing will. No matter your outdoor adventure, this off-road LED light bar will light up the night sky while being hardy to last the distance.

When the time comes to install it, you will also find it includes the wiring harness, brackets, and screws. The wiring harness is quite short, and you may need to modify the brackets, but it’s a small price to pay for what is an exceptionally well-made product.


  • 20 inches
  • 126 watts
  • 60-degree flood beam
  • 6000k color temperature
  • 10-30-volt DC operating range
  • Eco-friendly low power mode
  • 30,000-hour lifespan
  • Wiring harness, brackets, and screws included
  • Waterproof
  • Shatterproof


  • Robust and rigid
  • Built to handle wear and tear
  • The bulbs won’t shatter
  • They have a long lifespan
  • You can use it with all kinds of trucks
  • Sleek design
  • It comes with everything you need to install it
  • Very affordable to buy


  • The switch is made poorly
  • The wiring harness is not very long
  • Bright but not as bright as other models on the market

6. YITAMOTOR 52-Inch LED Light Bar

If you don’t mind having to make some minor alterations when you purchase an off-road LED light bar, then there’s every reason to take a closer look at this bar from YITAMOTOR. It’s affordable, sleek, well-made, and will provide you with all the light you need in the great outdoors. However, as mentioned, you will need to modify it ever so slightly.

The mounting bracket is flat rather than curved for mounting on vehicle roofs. The wiring harness is also too long on one side and too short on the other. Then, the hardware for installation, as well as the switch, are poor quality too. The off-road LED light bar itself is exceptional, but the same amount of detail and care is not in the accessories to go with it.

However, there is still a lot to love. You can choose from seven style options, enjoy the 50,000-hour lifespan, and reap the rewards of a lifetime manufacturer warranty and included spotlights with your light bar. There may be a few installation problems, but the bar itself will impress time and time again.


  • Seven style options
  • Diecast aluminum body
  • 27,000 lumens output
  • 52-inch light
  • 50,000-hour lifespan
  • Suitable for all vehicles
  • Lifetime warranty for manufacturer defects
  • 300 watts
  • 18-watt spot beam
  • Water resistant
  • Dust resistant


  • Robust outer shell
  • Clean and crisp design
  • Plenty of style options to choose
  • Affordable price tag
  • Comes with spotlight pods
  • Strong aluminum casing
  • Long lifespan
  • Generous warranty period
  • Won’t fog up
  • Effortless to install


  • The mounting bolts are not suitable for many vehicles
  • The wiring harness is not ideal for many people
  • The switch is poorly made

5. Northpole Light 28-Inch 180W LED Light Bar with Mounting Bracket

If you aren’t mechanically minded or can’t do any alterations, then you may struggle to install this off-road LED light bar. However, if you can figure it out, you won’t mind how hard it was to get to the final point because it looks striking and will meet the mark in more ways than one.

Firstly, it comes with an affordable price tag, meaning you can keep more money in your wallet than you could with other manufacturers. Then, the housing of this off-road LED light bar is exceptionally well made.

It’s waterproof, dustproof, shatterproof, and will even hold up to rust and shock as well. No matter what you throw at this off-road LED light bar, it will continue to do what you want it to do.

It also doesn’t matter which vehicle you install it on; it will work well – including cars and trucks. It operates on DC 10-30 volts and comes with the hardware you need for installation. However, as many people state, the accessories are not always the best for the job.

Therefore, if you have access to better nuts, bolts, and brackets, it’s best to gather them together in case you can do it better than the manufacturer. The bulb lifespan is also 20,000 hours less than leading brands, but the lower price tag can more than make up for this shortcoming.


  • Waterproof
  • 180 watts
  • Three styles
  • 6000k color temperature
  • Shatterproof lenses
  • Waterproof
  • Dust and shockproof
  • Anti-corrosion
  • 30,000-hour lifespan
  • 10-30-volt DC operating voltage
  • One-year warranty
  • Included bolts and mounting hardware


  • Affordable price tag
  • You can choose from three wattage types
  • Suitable for all kinds of vehicles
  • They won’t fog up
  • They are built to last with waterproofing, dust-proofing, and more
  • Sleek design
  • Ideal for use in harsh conditions
  • Comes with a warranty


  • Shorter lifespan than other models
  • The wiring is in a unique area
  • Not as stylish as other options on the market
  • Challenging to install
  • The hardware is not always the best for the job

4. Rigidhorse Off Road Triple Row Light Bar, 23-Inch, 216W

Do you want to be like all your friends with a quality off-road LED light bar, but don’t want to pay an exorbitant price tag? Well, now you can be. Thanks to Rigidhorse, you now have access to a premium off-road LED light bar that looks a million dollars but is nowhere close.

It features three rows of light for better visibility than single-row options and even comes with a 50,000-hour lifespan for each bulb as well. It doesn’t get much better than that. This off-road LED light bar also has an excellent waterproof housing, comes with all the hardware you need for installation, and fits any trucks.

While its focus is scattered, it doesn’t come with a wiring harness, and the hardware is poor quality, the rest of the lighting package ticks all the boxes. You get value for money when you purchase this off-road LED light bar from Rigidhorse.


  • Triple row of lights
  • 23 inches
  • Five options
  • IP68 waterproof rating
  • 50,000-hour bulb lifespan
  • One-year warranty
  • Mounting brackets included
  • Universal fitment


  • Easy to install unlike other brands
  • Three rows of lights for better brightness
  • Long lifespan
  • One-year warranty
  • Suitable for a range of trucks
  • Affordable price tag


  • You have to use your own wiring harness
  • The headlight focus is scattered
  • Installation hardware is poor quality

3. Auxbeam 52-Inch Off Road Driving Lights with Wiring Harness

If you don’t mind spending a bit more on an off-road LED light bar if it means you’re going to get a quality product, then take a look at this bar from Auxbeam. It can be around twice as costly as other options on the market, but once it arrives in the mail, you will be pleased you decided to take the risk. The quality is immediately evident.

This off-road LED light bar is 52 inches long, features 5D optics with fisheye lenses, and comes with both floodlights and spotlights. The spotlights have a 30-degree range, while the floodlights are 60 degrees.

All light components are waterproof, dustproof, and have a 50,000-hour lifespan. Therefore, every time you head out on an outdoor adventure, you can benefit from the knowledge that they will handle the wear and tear with no problems at all.


  • Five options
  • 52 inches
  • 300 watts
  • 5D optics
  • Fisheye lens bulbs
  • 30-degree spot lens
  • 60-degree flood lens
  • Waterproof
  • Dustproof
  • 50,000-hour lifespan


  • Sleek and stylish design
  • Packed full of technology
  • Focused lens
  • Robust housing
  • Effortless installation process
  • Quality hardware
  • Five different options


  • More expensive than other lights on the market
  • No backing on the lights to protect the vehicle roof
  • The powder coating comes off
  • The light doesn’t spread wide

2. YITAMOTOR 300W Combo White Curved LED Light Bar

The off-road LED light bar variety online is vast, but most tend to be black. While black is suitable for most vehicles, some people like to stand out from the crowd a little. That’s where this off-road LED light bar from YITAMOTOR comes in. Instead of being black and straight, this off-road LED light bar is white and curved. On a bold colored vehicle, it’s going to look exceptionally striking.

What’s more, it comes with both a flood and spot beam, will fit any vehicle of any make and model, and has a lifetime defect warranty as well. That means that even though you only spend a little bit of money to buy this light bar, you can receive coverage for any problem you have relating to the manufacturing process.

This off-road LED light bar is also dust-proof, waterproof, and ready to help you see more on your next outdoor adventure.


  • 300 watts
  • White color
  • Curved style
  • 27,000 lumens
  • 52 inches
  • Dustproof
  • Waterproof
  • 60-degree flood beam
  • 30-degree spot beam
  • Universal fit
  • Lifetime defect warranty


  • Different from other options on the market
  • Plenty of style options
  • Affordable price tag
  • Sleek design
  • Long-lasting
  • Bright lights
  • Both spot and flood lights


  • No wiring harness for the spotlights
  • They whistle in the wind
  • The brackets are hard to install
  • Not as curvy as other curved lights

1. MICTUNING 20-Inch 5-Row Combo LED Work Lights

When you don’t want to spend a lot of your hard-earned money, you can often end up with an off-road LED light bar that will get the job done but won’t be the best available. That’s the case with this light bar from MICTUNING.

It’s attractive, stylish, and helps to light up the night sky when you’re on an outdoor adventure, but it’s not going to win any awards for efficacy. It’s more suitable for helping your other flood and spotlights or providing enough coverage to get by.

It’s 20 inches long, has three rows of LED lights, equating to 175 bulbs, and offers a 50,000-hour lifespan. This off-road LED light bar is also waterproof, shockproof, dustproof, and has a robust aluminum housing to make sure it will last the distance.

There is nothing wrong with this off-road LED light bar’s quality. However, even with the addition of the two-year warranty, adjustable brackets, and universal fit, it’s still not what many people expect. The lights are far dimmer than other options on the market, which means you need to install additional lighting to get what you want.

There’s no denying it’s going to be suitable for beginners, but in the case of expert hunters and off-roaders, it won’t meet the mark.


  • 20 inches
  • Three options
  • Five light rows
  • 175 LED lights
  • 10,500 lumens
  • Wide-angle flood beam
  • Waterproof
  • Shockproof
  • Dustproof
  • 50,000-hour lifespan
  • Aluminum housing
  • Adjustable brackets
  • Universal fit
  • Two-year warranty


  • Stylish design
  • Affordable price tag
  • Three options
  • Robust housing
  • Will withstand wear and tear
  • Bright, focused lights


  • The screws are too long for the housing
  • Not as bright as other options
  • More suitable for working with different LED light bars than working on its own

Considerations for Purchasing an Off-Road LED Light Bar

Purchasing an off-road LED light bar is not a huge investment. However, it can be if you keep purchasing the wrong light bars, having to buy new ones over and over again. Light bars can help to make your off-road experience far more enjoyable, but you need to be willing to do your due diligence. Consider these four points for making the right purchasing decision.

  1. Size

    Light bars come in all different sizes, with there being no one size fits all approach. Think about the area you want the bar to go in and the size of your vehicle. If you’re not sure, measure the space on your truck and envision a light bar in its place. Is it going to be big enough? Most standard off-road LED light bars are around 50 inches.

  2. Brightness

    Brightness plays a massive part in getting the best off-road LED light bar for your money. After all, you need to be able to travel at night as if it were the day, and if you don’t have bright flood and spotlights, it defeats the purpose. Read the reviews and carefully examine the lumens and other lighting information. A few extra minutes of research can help determine whether the one you’re looking at will be fit for purpose.

  3. Bulb Lifespan

    The last thing you want to be doing within days of purchasing your new light bar is installing new LED lights – if it’s even possible. Therefore, it’s a good idea to consider the lifespan of the bulbs of the unit you are looking to purchase. Some only offer a 30,000-hour lifespan, while better brands are upward of 50,000 hours.

  4. Installation

    Finally, the installation process is crucial. Often, the hardware you receive with the light bars is not up to standard. The bracket can often not be the same shape as where you are installing it, and the wiring harness and screws are too long or short. Find out how much trouble people had to fix them in place. However, if the quality of the product is up to scratch, you may be able to make some minor modifications to get it to fit as you would expect.


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