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The 9 Best Milking Machines for Cow, Goat, Sheep in 2020

A milking machine is a unit you use to milk your sheep, cows, and goats on-farm. The larger it is, the more it can milk in an hour. The goal of a milking machine is to take the manual process out of it, stopping you from having to milk them by hand.

However, the market is so large, that you’ll find a dozen or more machines that may or may not suit your needs. Some are for one or two animals, while others suit up to 24 cows or so in an hour.

If you need a milking machine, but you don’t know what kind, then check out the options below. There is a range of devices for small to medium operations, catering to a broad range of farm animals. Once you find one you like, compare it to the considerations below, ensuring you make the right decision.

9. The Frontier Milking Machine

If you have a few goats, cows, or sheep you need to milk; then you’re going to need a milking machine. Rather than spend a long time trying to milk them by hand, you can let a machine take care of all the hard work. That’s what this one from The Frontier aims to do.

As an American made machine, you can be sure of its quality. It’s sealed, comes with standard and small teat cups, and runs on six included rechargeable batteries as well. Once you set this machine up, you’re bound to appreciate everything it can do.

Its ultimate aim is to stop milking your stock from being such an arduous task. Once you attach it to your animal’s teat, it applies constant suction to make quick work of it. You then clip the battery pack onto your belt and supervise the effort going into the process. It’s also affordable to buy, even while it’s saving you a lot of time and possibly money as a result.

There are only two things that let it down. For some animals, it can take longer to milk them than if you did it by hand. It’s also not always suitable for sheep, with the smallest cups being too small, and the largest being too big. But all in all, this machine is one that’s worth a closer look.


  • Made in the USA
  • Sealed system
  • 60 mL standard
  • 35mL small cups
  • Goat, sheep, and cow-compatible
  • Battery powered
  • Six rechargeable batteries included
  • 120 volts


  • It takes all the manual labor out of the job
  • Affordable to buy
  • You get the batteries with it
  • It has constant suction
  • You clip the battery pack onto your belt


  • It can take longer to use than by hand
  • Advertised as being suitable for sheep, but not easy to use

8. Farway Electric Milking Machine

Farway Electric Milking Machine
No products found.

If you want to milk your sheep, cows, or goats with far more efficacy, then it might be time to check out this milking machine from Farway. Even though it’s a low capacity unit that still takes time to use, it’s far quicker than if you were to milk each of your farm animals manually.

What’s more, when you buy it, you can start milking right away. It comes with all the parts you require, including the stainless-steel machine and five-liter milk bottle. You can’t fill it to the top, but you will get plenty of milk for your household.

This machine is also non-toxic, safe to use, eco-friendly, and is affordable to buy. Take hours off milking time every week by investing in a milking machine that takes care of all the hard work for you.


  • Cow, goat, and sheep-compatible
  • Electric pulse
  • 304 stainless-steel construction
  • Non-toxic
  • Eco-friendly
  • Five-liter capacity
  • Five-liter bottle
  • Vacuum pressure pump


  • Comes with everything you need for milking
  • You get a five-liter bottle with your purchase
  • You can use it with goats, sheep, and cows
  • It’s eco-friendly
  • It’s safe to use with your animals
  • It’s easy-care
  • Affordable to buy
  • Doesn’t take a long time to milk


  • You can’t fill the bottle to the five-liter mark

7. CO-Z Portable Milking Machine

If your dairy operation requires you to work quickly and have little downtime, then check out this milking machine from CO-Z. Even though it’s not a commercial machine, you can still use it in your everyday milk plant or on a dairy farm.

It features stainless-steel parts, durable and food-grade rubber rings, and a range of elements that are bound to impress. From the chemical-free milking process to its affordability for the average farmer, there’s a lot to love about this milking machine.

What’s more, unlike other milking machines for sale, it has a 25-liter capacity. It will then pulse between 60 and 80 times every minute to ensure you get as much milk as possible in the shortest timeframe.

There are a few things that may put you off buying this unit, but there are even more reasons why you should. Be wary of the stainless-steel bucket. It’s quite thin and can form rust – even though it shouldn’t. For the first time milker, it’s also quite a challenge to understand, as it doesn’t come with instructions. Finally, the claw is difficult to attach to the bucket when you’re trying to move it.

This machine is by no means the standout on the market, but it’s also far from being the worst. For a farmer with a few cows, it could be all you need to milk to your heart’s content.


  • Stainless-steel construction
  • Cow-compatible
  • 25-liter capacity
  • 60-80 pulses per minute
  • Pneumatic pulsator
  • Food-grade rubber rings
  • Chemical-free


  • Far quicker than other milk machines for sale
  • It has a generous capacity
  • Affordable to buy
  • Ideal for cows
  • It has high-quality materials
  • It comes with everything you need to milk right away
  • Easy to clean
  • You can use it on a dairy farm or in a milk plant


  • It’s challenging to attach the claw to the bucket
  • Challenging to understand how it works with no instructions included
  • The tank is thin and can rust

6. Futt Electric Pulse Milking Machine

Aside from being a bit tricky to work out how to use this milking machine, it’s bound to impress many people who have been milking their animals by hand. Hand milking is okay for one or two animals, but it can end up taking an enormous amount of your time. This machine saves the day.

You can buy it in three capacity options of five, seven, or 14 liters, then choose from a milking machine for a cow or sheep. Both models have a pulse function, silicone lining for comfort, and an anti-negative pressure tank for safe storage.

That’s not all you will love either. This machine is comfortable and pain-free for animals. The soft silicone mimics a hand, meaning your cows or sheep will have no problem with a robot taking over your job.

It also has a pulsing function, offers food-grade silicone, and has a robust 12-watt motor to do the job quickly. If your hands are tired from milking your sheep and cows by hand, then let this milking machine from Futt take over. You will be pleased you did.


  • Five, seven, and 14-liter capacity
  • Cow or sheep models available
  • Pulse function
  • Silicone lining
  • Non-toxic
  • Anti-negative pressure storage tank
  • High-power pump
  • Full copper motor
  • 12 watts


  • You can choose to buy it for a goat or sheep
  • Plenty of size options
  • It’s painless for the animal
  • The sucking cup simulates a human hand
  • The hose is food-grade silicone
  • The pump can work for one day continuously
  • Robust motor
  • Affordable price tag


  • Doesn’t come with instructions for use

5. Fencia Electric Milking Machine Milker

If portability is as vital to you as efficiency in a milking machine, then set your sights on this model from Fencia. Even though it can be quite expensive, it’s worth every penny when you see what it’s capable of doing.

Once it milks up to 12 cows in an hour with 60 pulses per minute, you can move it anywhere you need it to be. This powerful and high-capacity milking machine is on wheels, meaning you can move it around your dairy farm or factory with minimal hassle at all.

It features stainless steel to be durable and rust-resistant, while also capable of carrying up to 25 liters of milk at any one time. Its high capacity makes it perfect for full cows that you don’t have time to milk by hand. Sealing the deal is the robust 110-volt motor and series of high-quality materials. If you need a milking machine that does the job, no matter the cost, then this one from Fencia could be worth a look.


  • Portable
  • Heavy-duty wheels
  • Stainless-steel construction
  • 25-liter capacity
  • 25-liter bucket
  • 64 pulses per minute
  • 110-volt motor
  • 10-12 cows per hour capacity


  • Comes with all the accessories
  • Fast to milk a lot of cows in a short timeframe
  • Premium materials
  • It pulses over 60 times per minute
  • The wheels make it easy to move
  • Generous-sized milk bucket
  • Ideal for cows


  • High price tag

4. Fencia Double Tank Milker

When you find yourself with around 20 or so cows, you may struggle to find a milking machine to suit your needs. You don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on a large-scale factory setup, but you don’t want to spend all day milking them by hand. You need a happy medium.

That’s where this milking machine from Fencia comes in. It’s a bit more expensive than a low scale machine, but there’s a reason for that. It’s capable of milking up to 24 cows in an hour, freeing up your time for other pressing farm tasks.

It’s on heavy-duty wheels to move around your property, lets you use one or two buckets, and can carry up to 25 kilograms of milk. What’s more, it uses its 1,440RPM motor to pulse up to 80 times per minute. You’ll have your morning milking complete in no time.

The high-quality materials and robust machine are bound to capture your attention when you find out all they can offer. The unit comes with everything you need to do the job in a timely fashion, which you surely can’t put a price on.


  • Heavy-duty wheels
  • Single or double buckets
  • Stainless-steel construction
  • Electric pump
  • 60-80 pulses per minute
  • 25kg milk bucket capacity
  • 20-24 cows per hour
  • 1,440RPM motor


  • You can milk two cows at once
  • It can milk up to 24 cows in an hour
  • The motor is reliable and powerful
  • You can use one or two buckets
  • The wheels make it easy to move
  • Premium stainless-steel construction


  • Expensive price tag

3. Fenteer Portable Vacuum Milking Machine

Fenteer Portable Vacuum Milking Machine
No products found.

If you have one or two sheep, goats, or cows, then this is the milking machine for you. Even though it has a small capacity, and takes more time to use than other milking machines for sale, it can be all you need. There’s no point in buying a large capacity machine that you won’t apply to its full potential.

This affordable and lightweight machine is one that will handle any cow, sheep, or goat. It’s effortless to set up, easy to clean and provides enough room for up to two liters of milk. That’s often more than enough for the average sheep, cow, or goat.

It has easy-care stainless steel, runs on a 12-volt motor, and is mobile when you need it to be. This milking machine is ideal for storage and transportation, or whatever you need it to do. It may not be something you’d buy for more than a couple of farm animals, but don’t look past it for the daily milking of your goat, sheep, or cow.


  • Electric motor
  • Two-liter capacity
  • Dual heads
  • Sheep, goat, and cow-compatible
  • Stainless-steel construction
  • 12 volts


  • Easy to clean
  • Premium materials
  • You can use it for cows, sheep, and goats
  • It’s lightweight
  • Exceptionally mobile
  • You can store and transport milk using it
  • Doesn’t take long to milk


  • Only suitable for small farming operations
  • Small capacity

2. Futt Vacuum Milking Machine

Even if you have one or two farm animals, you still need a milking machine. You may think you’ll milk them by hand, but after a few days of that, you’ll soon realize it’s a thankless and arduous task. Your time is best spent elsewhere.

Instead of using your hands, you can try out this milking machine from Futt. It may not be ideal for a massive capacity milking operation, but it could be all you need for one or two cows or sheep you need to milk once or twice per day.

There are many things about this machine that are bound to impress, even though the high price tag might have you faltering in the beginning. It’s suitable for both cows and sheep, operates on a battery instead of a wall outlet, and will provide you with five hours of milking time. Once it’s flat, you can charge it overnight in time for your morning milking session.

This machine also comes with a robust aluminum alloy frame, a silicone milk lining for your animals’ comfort, and an anti-negative pressure storage tank for easy household use. That’s not all you will love either.

It boasts a full automatic stop to take all the manual labor out of the task and has a robust motor that will keep going and going. It’s 12 watts, copper, and won’t disappoint. Finally, this machine is easy to clean, effortless to maintain and will service your small farm milking needs well. Its price tag may not be the lowest, but it proves that it’s worth that time and time again.


  • Five-liter single bucket
  • Cow or sheep-compatible
  • Large-capacity battery
  • Aluminum alloy frame
  • Five-hour battery capacity
  • Silicone milk lining
  • Anti-negative pressure tank
  • Full automatic stop
  • Food-grade silicone hose
  • Low-temperature resistance
  • 12-watt motor
  • Copper construction motor  


  • Ideal for household milk supplies
  • It runs on a battery instead of a power supply
  • The battery lasts a long time
  • You can use it for cows or sheep
  • It’s non-toxic to use
  • Harmless and comfortable for animals
  • It uses soft silicone for the teats
  • It’s easy to clean
  • The powerful motor makes milking faster


  • It’s expensive to buy

1. Bestchoice Milking Machine with Automatic Impulse Vacuum Pump

Even though this milking machine only has a small two-liter storage tank, that might be all you require. If you just have one sheep, goat, or cow, this could be the best machine for you.

It operates with a two-liter milking barrels, almost four and a half feet of milking tube, and has a robust 12-volt motor. This motor is reliable, and sturdy, and will suit your needs for milking one sheep, goat, or cow without any hassles.

That’s not all you will love about this milking machine either. When you spend a lot of time carrying heavy equipment around the farm, how lightweight this unit is will be a breath of fresh air. You’ll be able to cart it around your property with no problem at all.

If you hate spending all your time cleaning, then this milking machine helps you here too. The design and mixture of stainless steel with plastic mean that it’s easy-care and takes minimal effort. Use it for transportation and storage, and spend mere minutes sterilizing and cleaning it after.

As soon as you get this affordable milking machine out of its box, it will immediately impress you. Get straight to work milking your farm animal and enjoy the convenience and ease of the process. You will be pleased you made the investment.


  • Two-liter capacity
  • 12 volts
  • 4.27-foot milking tube
  • Cow, sheep, and goat-compatible
  • Electric barrel
  • Stainless-steel pump
  • Plastic construction


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to clean
  • Effortless to transport
  • You can use it for storage or transportation
  • Ideal for cows, sheep, and goats
  • Affordable price tag
  • Straightforward to set up and use


  • Small storage tank

Considerations for Purchasing a Milking Machine

If you have a small-scale farming operation, then you won’t need a large dairy milking shed that caters to dozens of animals. However, that doesn’t mean you want to spend hours of your day milking your cows, sheep, and goats by hand. Let a milking machine take care of that for you. However, choosing one is not always straightforward. Consider the following to reduce your risk of buying one that’s not fit for purpose.

  1. Productivity

    The speed of the milking machine can make all the difference to your milking operation. The faster it is, the quicker you can move onto something else. However, your animals still needs to be comfortable. Find a milking machine that will do around 60-80 pulses per minute or approximately ten cows per hour.

  2. Milk Capacity

    How much milk can your milking machine hold at one time? Most small one-animal milking machines will carry around two liters. If you want to milk a few, then select one that holds up to 25 liters.

  3. Comfort

    Animal welfare should be your top priority. You want your goat, sheep, or cow to be comfortable. Otherwise, they won’t want you to milk them. Make sure the milking machine has soft silicone around the teat area that mimics a human hand.

  4. Power

    Finally, think about how your milking machine runs. Does it have its own motor? Is it battery operated? Do you have to plug it into a wall socket? Some people prefer a battery-operated model as you can take it anywhere. Others prefer the convenience of instant power while plugged into a wall socket.

  5. Animals

    What animals do you have? Do you have sheep, goats, or cows? Or, do you have a mixture of all three? Not every milking machine on the market will cater to all milking animals. Some are more suitable for sheep and goats, or purely cows. Some have interchangeable teats to work with all. Read the fine print and ensure what you are going to buy will be suitable.


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