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The 9 Best Mason Jars for Crafting and Preserving Food

Mason jars are wide-lipped glass jars that people would traditionally use for preserving and pickling goods. The first patent for the design and invention came through in 1858 for a Mr. John Landis Mason – who named the jar after himself.

The first mason jars were molded, had a wide mouth, and the lid had a screw thread with a metal ring. The goal was to ensure no air could get through and ruin the contents. While mason jars still exist for this purpose, they are now commonplace as drinking vessels too. You can also use them as table centerpieces at weddings, for holding goods, and for putting candles in as well.

The mason jar is no longer for pickling alone, and that’s a good thing. As the world tries its hardest to become environmentally friendly, the population is looking for an alternative to plastic. Instead of using plastic cups at your event or party, you can buy bulk amounts of mason jars and use them over and over again. Most of them have handles and you can put them in the dishwasher too.

Check out these options below so you can pick the right jars for your needs.

9. VERONES Mini Mason Jars with Regular Lids

If you love the idea of preserving food and giving away preserves as gifts, then take a look at these mason jars from VERONES. For a small sum of money, you receive 25 four-ounce jars with lids, as well as an additional 20 gold and silver lids for presentation purposes.

These food-grade jars are safe for all types of food, the lids won’t rust, and you can store them in your fridge for around three weeks. They will even last in storage for at least one year as well.

However, it’s not their storage capabilities that will impress, but their style too. Because you also get 30 chalkboard labels with these jars, they are more than suitable for gifting. The only thing letting them down is the gold jar lids leak fluids while some of the standard ones don’t seal properly. These points aside, they are well worth a closer look.


  • 25 jars and lids
  • 10 golden lids
  • 10 silver lids
  • 30 chalkboard labels
  • Food-grade materials
  • Four-ounce capacity
  • Corrosion-resistant lids
  • One-year storage capabilities
  • Three-week fridge storage capability


  • You get an additional 20 lids for free
  • The chalkboard labels are a nice touch
  • Excellent gift options
  • They stay in good condition for a long time
  • Lovely style
  • Affordable price tag
  • The lids don’t rust
  • Premium glass construction


  • The gold lids leak
  • The seal doesn’t always work on the lids

8. KAMOTA Mason jars

If you’re in the spirit of giving – be it Christmas or any time of the year, then you may like to invest in this 24-pack of mason jars with lids. Not only are they generously sized at eight ounces, but you can use them for a range of goods. Fill them with herbs, baked goods, preserves, or something else, then watch as the recipient gratefully receives them.

There is also more to this set of jars than meets the eye. Not only do you get 24 jars with lids, but you can choose the color. Get regular silver or live a little by going for gold. Each eight-ounce jar also comes with labels and are dishwasher safe. Even the glass is BPA-free and food-grade for your peace of mind.

While, given the glass construction, there is a risk of damage in the post, it’s a small risk considering the minute unit rate even when you factor in shipping.


  • Silver or gold lids
  • 24 jars and lids
  • Eight-ounce capacity
  • Screw lids
  • BPA-free
  • Food-grade glass
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Ideal for gifts, preserving, storage, and more
  • Safe materials for food storage
  • You can paint and decorate them
  • Affordable unit rate
  • Generous size
  • Easy-care
  • You can wash them in the dishwasher


  • High risk of breakage in the post

7. Ball Glass Mason Jars

If you want mason jars that look like they used to, with all the classic styling of jars from days gone by, then check out these units from Mason Ball Jars. Even though you pay more for a six or 12-pack of these than you would other brands, there’s a reason for it – they’re high-quality.

Instead of being plain like other mason jars, these are full of flair and style. You can use them for preserving, or you can make them into gifts for friends and family. They are a 16-ounce capacity jar too, leaving more room for goods inside than regular jars for sale.

The included lids also offer additional peace of mind. Each unit has a high-quality seal that will see any preserved goods last the distance. That’s not all, either. Instead of being plain glass, they each have etching on them to be a nostalgic design you and the recipients are bound to love. Therefore, even though you do pay more for these, you will gladly do so.


  • Six or 12-pack
  • 16-ounce capacity
  • BPA-free
  • Included lids
  • Airtight seal


  • You can use them for preserving, gifts, and more
  • They are reusable
  • Safe for food
  • Robust glass material
  • High-quality sealing lids
  • Timeless and unique style


  • Expensive unit rate

6. California Mason Jar Mugs with Handles

If you are wanting to do something different for a party, then consider using mason jars as drinking cups. Not only are they more stylish than regular plastic cups, but they are something you can use, use again, then use again!

The unit rate is affordable, they come with handles so they are easier to hold, and the glass material is high-quality and built to last. However, because you get them in the mail, you run the risk of one or more being broken in transit.

However, if you happen to get all mason jars in one piece, you will fall in love. They have an unbeatable vintage styling, come with brown tags that look old, and the lid is tin but won’t rust. You can use them with all manner of cold drinks but you can’t use them with hot liquids.

They arrive as a set of six, don’t contain any lead or BPA, and are a generous size at 16 ounces. If you are hosting a party, you will find this set of mason jars more than meets the mark for your needs.


  • Glass construction
  • Vintage design
  • Vintage brown tags
  • Tin lid
  • Chalkboard labels
  • Set of six
  • 16-ounce capacity
  • BPA-free
  • Lead-free


  • They are vintage styled
  • You can use them with cold drinks
  • Ideal for events, parties, and home use
  • Affordable unit rate
  • They come with a handle, so you can hold them easily
  • Affordable to buy
  • The lids don’t rust


  • You can’t put hot liquids in them
  • There’s a risk of broken jars on arrival in the post

5. Encheng Wide Mouth Glass Jars

Even though the rubber seals on these hinged mason jars can fail, and the metal clasp is not the most durable on the market, there is still so much to love about them. They are a mason jar set with a difference.

Instead of coming with detachable screw lids, these come as regular jars with hinged lids. You can pull the lid onto the jar top then secure it in place with the metal hinge. Everything inside remains safe, secure, and sealed tight.

You can use these mason jars as gifts for friends, or even for storing your goods in the pantry. They are all 25-ounce capacity mason jars and you can buy them in bulk amounts of 30 or a set of four or six. Each jar is 4.9 inches tall and comes with a wide mouth and leak-proof gasket.

If you plan on gifting these mason jars, you will be pleased to know they will look fantastic. The set comes with a free pen and stickers so you can have the jars looking at their best. Best of all, if you want to change what item you have in them, you can put them in the dishwasher to clean them perfectly. Don’t look past these jars if you’re in the market for a quality mason jar set.


  • Four, six, or 30-pack
  • Airtight lids
  • 25-ounce capacity
  • 4.9 inches tall
  • Free gift pen and stickers
  • Thick glass
  • Rubber gasket lids
  • Leak-proof
  • Wide mouth
  • Food-grade glass
  • BPA-free


  • Sealed, hinged lids
  • You can wash them in the dishwasher
  • Perfect for dry food storage, gifting, and more
  • Affordable to buy
  • You can buy them in bulk
  • Stylish design
  • You get a free pen and stickers with them
  • Premium material
  • They hold a lot of things


  • The metal clasp is not sturdy
  • The rubber seals sometimes fail

4. Premium Vials Mason Glass Jars

If you want to risk a few mason jars breaking in the mail, then these jars from Premium Vials might be a valid option. The packaging can be a problem when shipping a breakable item, but that doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy the durability of these jars if they arrive in one piece.

You can buy a set of 12 in either six or 12-ounce capacities, then use them for a range of things. You can buy a high-heat or two-piece canning lid for any preserving, or use them for centerpieces, gifting, candles, and more. The sky’s the limit due to the versatility of the design. They are also safe for hot or cold products.

These mason jars are 4.72 inches high, have a 9.25-inch circumference, and feature exceptionally durable glass. They are also safe for food. Even though the seals can fail, a quick check before preserving can ensure you don’t come across a dud and waste your produce. These affordable mason jars are not the best, but they will serve their purpose well.


  • Six or 12-ounce options
  • Set of 12
  • Hot or cold fill options
  • 4.72 inches high
  • 9.25-inch circumference
  • Label panel area
  • Glass construction
  • Two-piece canning lid
  • High-heat lid


  • Ideal for canning, preserves, gifts, and more
  • Generous size options
  • Affordable unit rate
  • Thick, robust glass
  • Stylish design
  • Easy to clean


  • The seals can fail
  • Risk of them breaking in the mail

3. KombuJars Half Gallon Glass Mason Jars

If you love brewing Kombucha, pickling, canning, or just stocking up on preserved goods, then there’s every reason you are going to love these mason jars from KombuJars. Made for the very reason of storing Kombucha, they are large enough to handle a whole lot of preserved goods.

Their half-gallon size make them more desirable than smaller mason jars too, and their wide mouth mean you are less likely to spill any fluids you put into them.

What people also like about this set of mason jars is how they don’t leak like other brands. The foam liner offers a medium of protection while being more durable in many cases than a rubber gasket. They also come with threaded screw-on lids that come with a reduced risk of working their way loose.

Even though you only get six in a set and they are expensive, you get what you pay for – quality. The glass is thick, BPA-free, and the cleaning process is a breeze. However, they do arrive with a pungent odor which may take a few washes to remove before you use them for your intended purpose.

This point aside, there’s every reason to believe these mason jars will tick all the boxes for pickling and other needs.


  • Six set
  • Half-gallon capacity
  • Wide mouth style
  • Threaded screw-on lids
  • Foam liner
  • BPA-free
  • Made in the USA


  • Ideal for brewing, canning, pickling, and more
  • They don’t leak
  • Easy to clean
  • The lids are threaded to stay air-tight
  • Generous sizing
  • Premium quality glass
  • Foam liners instead of rubber to last longer


  • Expensive to buy
  • Strong odor

2. Estilo Mason Mugs with Handles

If you are hosting a party or an event, then it might be time to swap the plastic cups for reusable mason jars from Estilo. Not only can you use these for many different situations, but you can use them over and over again to save money.

You can buy them in a set of six or two packs to get 12, and they all feature durable, thick glass that will withstand the shipping and handling process. They also come with straws which are BPA-free and stylish.

Because the tin, threaded lids have holes in them, you can pop the straws directly in the top, fill the jar up with cool liquid, then drink from them. However, you cannot use hot liquid and you must clean these by hand.

While everything about these mason jars say style, there are a few things of which you need to be aware. Firstly, the tin lids are inferior quality and may rust. If you notice any rust, refrain from using the lid. What’s more, the rubber ring around the lid can fall off and encourage rust to develop. There is also a quality control problem with either straws or lids missing. Open the package immediately to ensure everything you ordered arrived.

Aside from these minor points, there’s every reason to consider buying these 16-ounce mason jars for your next event or party.


  • Set of six
  • Two-pack or one-pack options
  • Glass construction
  • BPA-free
  • Mason jar style
  • Handles included
  • Tin screw-on lids
  • BPA-free straws included
  • 16-ounce capacity
  • 5 x 2.75 x 2.75-inch dimensions
  • Hand-wash only


  • They work a treat for parties
  • There’s a handle so you can hold them with better grip
  • Premium quality glass
  • Thick construction
  • The lids secure on tight
  • You get straws with them
  • You can buy one or two packs at a time
  • Stylish design


  • Expensive to buy
  • You can’t use hot liquid in them
  • The lids rust
  • Problems with quality control

1. Old-Fashioned Glass Jars with Metal Lids

Old-Fashioned Glass Jars with Metal Lids
No products found.

Whether you’re making candles, need table centerpieces at weddings, or you’re making gifts for people, you will enjoy how effortless these mason jars make the process. Instead of worrying about consistency and affordability with other mason jars, you can rest assured that this supplier covers all bases.

They sell their mason jars in bulk sets of 12, and you can buy as many sets as you like because the unit rate is exceptional. All of the jars are also one pint (12-ounce) capacity, which is perfect for most people’s needs.

The glass is thick and durable, but you may find a few can break in transit. They also feature beautiful tin lids which are painted white. However, be careful with the lids as the white paint can scratch off.

These mason jars are going to suit all kinds of occasions, and will more than meet the mark for style. They are quaint, well made, and come with a plastisol seal inside the lid too. Therefore, you will have no problem sealing food inside them. If you need new mason jars for any craft, food, or gifting reason, these are an excellent option for you.


  • Transparent glass
  • 16-ounce capacity
  • Plastisol seal
  • 12-pack
  • Metal lids
  • Multi-use


  • You can use them for sauces, chutneys, jelly, and more
  • They seal tight with the plastisol seal
  • You can buy them in bulk lots of 12
  • They all arrive with tin lids
  • Affordable unit rate
  • Easy-care
  • Generous one-pint capacity


  • The paint on the lid scratches off
  • Quality control issues

Considerations for Purchasing Mason Jars

You may not think that you need to take advice from a buying guide regarding mason jars, or even research them at all. After all, they are mason jars and not expensive electronic devices. However, as you will probably know, buying stuff online then trying to return it when it’s not right can be a hassle. Even buying something small like mason jars can turn out to be more trouble than it’s worth if you fail to learn as much about them as possible.

If you would rather buy mason jars once then have them be fit for purpose from the beginning, then read on. The following advice may be more valuable than you think.

  1. Material

    Most mason jars are made of glass, but did you know the type of glass can matter? If the glass is too thin, the jars can shatter – even before you receive them in the mail. If it’s too thick, it can take away from the capacity and render them almost useless for your needs. Find a jar that offers a happy middle ground. The best mason jar is one that’s thick enough to handle regular use, but thin enough to stiff offer a generous volume on the inside.

  2. Capacity

    Every mason jar is different, with the capacity varying too. While most jars are around the 12-ounce mark, some are six, or even half a gallon. To determine what you need, think about the reason for buying the jars in the first place. Will they hold preserved or pickled products? Are you using them for candles, gifts, or something else? Be sure of the size you buy because it’s not the manufacturer’s fault if you purchase the wrong one.

  3. Lids

    The lid type for mason jars differs from one brand to the next. Some are screw-on threaded tin lids, while others come with standard tin lids. If you get straws with your jars, then they often have a hole in the top and a rubber gasket too. The lid liner is another deal maker or breaker. If you are using your mason jars for preserving, it needs to feature a rubber or foam gasket that will stop any air getting into the contents. It’s also helpful to pay attention to any comments relating to rust. Stay away from tin lids that are not rust-resistant.

  4. Unit Rate

    You might think you are getting a good deal on a particular brand of mason jar, but are you? Consider the price regarding the quantity of jars you are getting. In most cases, you get sets of six or 12. Divide the price by the number to get the unit rate, then add shipping costs too. You may find that “bargain” is not a bargain at all when you compare it to buying six or 12 of another brand.


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