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The 9 Best Vanity Makeup Table Sets in 2020

A makeup table is a vanity unit, often with the addition of a stool and mirror, that people use for hair and makeup application. Most of them are wood, classic or contemporary, and come in a range of colors such as black, white, and natural wood.

A makeup table is a useful thing to have in a child, teen, or adult’s bedroom, but some are better suited for different areas in your home than others. If the time has come to purchase a makeup table for yourself or a family member, then check out this selection below. At least one of these nine options is bound to appeal. 

1. Bewishome Vanity Set

Bewishome Vanity Set

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By Bewishome

If you love beautiful furniture with elegance and royalty about it, then you’re going to love this makeup table from Bewishome. Not only is it competitively priced so that more people can afford it, but it’s designed in such a way as to appeal to many people who love beautiful things. It ticks this box in more ways than one.

You can purchase it in three exquisite colors of espresso, white, and black, then enjoy its full range of elegant features on offer. From the crystal-looking knobs and curvature to the five petite drawers, two dividers, and movable organizers; this makeup table has it all.

The mirror, which you can remove, swivels 360 degrees. There is also a stool with a stunning polyester cover included in the makeup table package. This table also boasts non-slip mats to both protect the floor and keep it in place and has reasonably durable material. It’s straightforward to assemble, comes with clear instructions, and would suit a teenager or young adult’s bedroom beautifully. 

It has a strange odor, and the paint doesn’t seem durable to withstand wear and tear, but it’s a beautiful product nonetheless. Check it out and see if it’ll work for you. 


  • Cushioned stool included
  • Mirror included
  • Five drawers
  • Two dividers
  • Movable organizers
  • White, black, and espresso color schemes
  • 360-degree moving mirror
  • Crystal knobs
  • Wooden legs
  • MDF and wood construction
  • Polyester seat cover
  • Anti-slip mats
  • Assembly required 


  • You can remove the mirror if you wish
  • It comes with a matching stool
  • Elegant handle knobs
  • You can choose a color
  • Affordable to buy
  • Straightforward to assemble 
  • Compact size 
  • Plenty of storage space


  • Strong odor upon arrival
  • The stool doesn’t feel sturdy
  • The paint is not hardy

2. Vasagle Vanity Table 

Vasagle Vanity Table

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By Vasagle

If you’re determined to buy a makeup table that’s made of high-quality materials to last the distance, then this model from Vasagle could be right for you. Instead of the more common and popular MDF or particleboard, this table boasts solid wood with a divine finish.

A lot of effort has gone into making sure it’s a robust item, and that’s evident in the finish. It’s smooth, elegant, classy, and will suit any woman looking for somewhere stunning to store their makeup and accessories. 

You can buy this makeup table in golden oak, black, white, or saddle brown. No matter which color you pick, you’re bound to be impressive. It has a non-toxic finish, mirror lid hinges that are made to last, and feet pads on the legs to protect your flooring. This makeup table also has six organizers, a single 10.8-inch drawer, and a flip-top mirror. 

The mirror, however, is something you need to watch. Some customers note that it cracks at random without any effort. Be gentle with it, and it’s likely to last the distance. This high-quality makeup table is a breath of fresh air in a market that consists of a substantial percentage of inferior quality materials. You’re likely to enjoy what you get. 


  • Flip-top mirror included
  • Solid wood construction
  • Six organizers
  • One drawer 
  • Saddle brown, golden oak, black, or white color schemes
  • 10.8-inch deep drawer 
  • Non-toxic finish
  • Mirror lid hinge 
  • Feet pads 


  • High-quality wood construction
  • You can choose one of four finishes
  • Versatile for different applications
  • You can remove the mirror
  • It has a safe finish for pets and children
  • High-quality hinges 


  • Many customers have noted that the mirror cracks randomly 

3. Vasagle Vanity Make up Table

Vasagle Vanity Table Set

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By Vasagle

Trying to find space for both yourself to apply makeup and all the tools of the trade is no walk in the park, but it can be if you purchase this beautiful makeup table from Vasagle. While it’s a little on the small side, making it more suitable for a young adult, it’s a great addition to any home.

It comes with a round mirror large enough for hair and face applications, and two drawers on sliding rails. These rails help the drawers to shut and open effortlessly. You also received a cushioned stool with a removable stool cover. You can, therefore, take it off to clean it and even apply new ones in a style that suits your look. 

When you buy this makeup table, you can purchase it in black, natural with white accents, and white. It doesn’t matter which color you get; it’s likely going to impress you with what it can help you to do. 

There are a few things of which to be aware before you make your purchasing decision though. It arrives with a toxic odor that may take a while to dissipate. It’s also quite small, which means it might suit a teenager or child best. The legs can also be a challenge to make steady. Weigh up the pros and cons to decide if this makeup table is right for you. 


  • Round mirror
  • Two drawers
  • Sliding rails
  • Cushioned stool included 
  • Removable stool cover 
  • Assembly required 
  • White, black, and natural/white color scheme options


  • It doesn’t take long to assemble
  • You can remove the stool cover to wash it or change it 
  • Two large storage drawers that glide on rails 
  • Versatile to suit most home décor
  • Affordable to buy 
  • Compact size to suit small rooms 
  • It has a clean and aesthetic appeal


  • Strong toxic odor
  • Better suited for a child or teenager 
  • The legs are challenging to get steady 

4. Simlife Makeup Vanity Table Set

Simlife Makeup Vanity Table Set

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By Simlife

Trying to come up with gift ideas for young girls is impossible, but this Simlife makeup table could be a winner in the eyes of your young or teenage girl. As an elegant white makeup table, it’s an excellent option for girls who are experimenting with makeup and hairstyles. 

With the makeup table, you receive a small oval mirror, five sliding drawers with metal knobs, and plenty of counter space for all the tools of the trade too. You can even sit at the table thanks to the matching padded stool that comes with it. 

This makeup table features MDF and solid wood materials, detachable components for convenience, and the mirror swivels for ultimate functionality. It’s elegant, stylish, reasonably sound and stable, and also comes with a competitive price tag.

What many people also adore is that even though you have to assemble it, it’s not hard work. You’ll have it together and ready for use in no time. Consider this as your next birthday present, and you’ll be onto a winner. 


  • Oval mirror
  • Cushioned stool
  • White color scheme
  • Five drawers
  • MDF and solid wood construction
  • Metal knobs 
  • Five panels 
  • Gliding drawer
  • Detachable components
  • Mirror swivel function 
  • Assembly required 


  • It’s straightforward to assemble
  • Competitive price tag
  • Elegant styling
  • Plenty of storage for accessories
  • It comes with a padded stool 
  • Reasonably solid and sound 


  • The mirror is small

5. Honbay Vanity Table Set 

Honbay Vanity Table Set

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By Honbay

Achieve that princess look and feel in your daughter’s bedroom with this makeup table from Honbay. This makeup table is the epitome of luxury, with elegant touches and exquisite styling reminiscent of a fairytale. There’s every reason to believe your daughter will love receiving this makeup table as a gift.

It has tri-fold mirrors, seven drawers for a range of accessories, and a cushioned stool included in the table set too. The stool might require some strengthening, but it matches the table beautifully. This makeup table also boasts both hardwood and MDF construction and is ideal for children up to five-foot, eight inches tall. Therefore, it’s going to suit a range of people well.

It’s affordable to buy, compact to suit most small bedrooms, and is also quite versatile. You can remove the mirrors and turn it into a writing desk if you no longer wish to use it as a makeup table. 

The tri-fold mirrors also bevel on their hinges so you can achieve the angle you prefer. It’s evident there’s a lot to love about this table, so consider it as your next purchase. 


  • Tri-fold mirrors
  • Seven drawers
  • White color scheme
  • Cushioned stool included
  • 5’8” height capacity 
  • Beveled mirror function
  • Hardwood and MDF construction
  • Detachable top


  • You can remove the top mirror to make it a writing desk
  • It’s versatile
  • Affordable to buy
  • Elegant styling 
  • It comes with a comfortable seat
  • Reasonable height for many women 
  • Plenty of drawers for accessories


  • It’s challenging to put together
  • The stool doesn’t feel strong enough

6. Frenchi Home Furnishing Wood Vanity Set 

Frenchi Home Furnishing Wood Vanity Set

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By Frenchi Home Furnishing

When the time comes to invest in new furniture for a child or adult’s bedroom, then consider this makeup table from Frenchi Home Furnishing. While it’s better suited to a smaller person due to its quaint size, it’s still a versatile and ideal option for many people.

It’s a three-piece set, can come with one or three mirrors, and is available in white or mahogany. Choose the color that best suits your home’s styling, and you’ll likely never look back. It boasts solid wood materials, a single drawer, and mirrored glass on a tilting piece for ultimate user convenience.

There is a lot to love about this table, including its competitive price tag, a spacious drawer, and matching padded stool. It’s also of a compact 28 x 50 x 15-inch size to suit most bedrooms beautifully. 

This makeup table may be better suited for shorter people, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worthy of your attention. It’s an elegant table that’s bound to offer some convenience in your household. 


  • Three-piece set
  • One or three-mirror options
  • Mahogany or white color schemes
  • 28 x 50 x 15 inches
  • Solid wood construction
  • Mirrored glass 
  • Mirror tilt function 
  • One drawer 


  • It’s straightforward and stylish
  • Affordable to buy
  • You can choose from two color schemes
  • Spacious accessory drawer
  • Compact size to suit small rooms
  • The mirror tilts for convenience 
  • Easy to assemble
  • Durable materials


  • Better suited for smaller people 

7. Unihome Dressing Table 

Unihome Dressing Table

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By Unihome

Even though you might spend a lot of time assembling this makeup table due to the sheer number of parts, you will adore the finished product. It’s cute, quaint, elegant, and ideal for a girl or woman’s bedroom. 

You can use it for applying makeup, doing your hair, or storing all the tools of the trade. Four drawers are likely to come in handy as well. This makeup table also comes with a stool with a padded and foam seat, rubberwood legs, and a 220-pound weight capacity. 

The mirror, while elegant and convenient, doesn’t have to hang around. If you would prefer to use this table for writing, you can remove the mirror with minimal hassle. This table is as versatile as they come.

It’s also available in white, but two different styles, and has anti-slip mats to stop it moving around or damaging your flooring. It’s well made, adorable, and could make any woman or girl in your household very happy. 


  • Mirror included
  • White padded stool
  • Two style options
  • Four drawers
  • MDF construction
  • Rubberwood stool legs
  • 220-pound stool weight capacity
  • Foam and polyester stool seat 
  • Anti-slip feet mats 
  • Removable mirror
  • Assembly required 


  • It’s straightforward to assemble
  • Affordable to buy
  • Plenty of storage options
  • Two styles from which to choose 
  • You can remove the mirror to create a writing desk 
  • The stool is sturdy and robust
  • Well made 


  • There are quite a lot of pieces to assemble 

8. Linon Vanity Set 

Linon Vanity Set

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By Linon

From the curved legs and elegant silver finish to the lift-top styling and effortless assembly process; this makeup table has a lot to offer. It stands out from the crowd, works for teenagers and children, and will be an ideal addition for any bedroom and user who wants somewhere to sit and apply makeup.

You can use it for hairstyling, facial applications, and much more. It’s a truly versatile piece of furniture that’s likely to tick many of the boxes you need. It comes with a padded stool with lovely patterned fabric, and it’s compact to suit most bedrooms. This makeup table also has attractive aesthetics, mirrored front and sides, and plenty of features that are likely to suit your needs.

What is also likely to appeal is the flip-top mirror. While it’s quite low for taller people, you don’t have to use it. You can flip it back down and use the table as a writing desk. The versatility of this piece of furniture knows no bounds.

If the time has come to make a few changes to your home’s décor and furniture, then start with this makeup table from Linon. It’s affordable, easy to assemble, and is likely to suit your home beautifully. 


  • Silver finish
  • Stool included
  • Lift-top styling
  • Curved legs 
  • Mirrored front and sides
  • Harper model


  • Elegant styling
  • Unique finish to other tables
  • Beautifully curved legs
  • Durable stool
  • Stylish patterned stool top 
  • Affordable to buy
  • Straightforward to assemble


  • The mirror is too low for taller people 

9. Ovonni LED Makeup Train Case 

Ovonni LED Makeup Train Case

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By Ovonni

If you’re a makeup stylist on the go, you won’t be able to lug around a traditional makeup table everywhere you go. It’s not possible to fit a large, cumbersome, and solid wood table with you on public transport or in your car.

However, this makeup table from Ovonni is a gamechanger. Not only is it suitable for professionals (even those with elite clients), but it boasts many different features that solve those on-the-go problems.

The main standout feature is that it’s portable. When it’s entirely set up, it looks permanent, but within a few slight changes it’s a regular suitcase. All the compartments and trays fold up into an ABS and MDF casing material. The telescopic legs, which you can adjust the height of, also fold up to a small size. Everything is then contained with a small suitcase with four omnidirectional wheels that you can transport around like a standard piece of luggage.

This makeup table also comes with an LED-lit mirror with lighting you can adjust, eight color options to suit your preference, and reinforced corners and edges. Even daily use is not a problem for this makeup table. It boasts a hinge and lid closure system, outer locks to keep everything in place, and even a lockable sliding tray.

What’s likely to appeal more than many of these features are the power ports. There are both regular power outlets and USB ports to help make your makeup styling job on the go far more convenient than ever before.

Professionals and amateurs alike will see the value in this portable table, even if it is quite expensive to buy. Check out the full range of features and decide if it’s right for you. 


  • Mirror included
  • LED lighting
  • Four detachable wheels
  • Eight color options
  • Adjustable lighting brightness 
  • Telescopic legs 
  • Reinforced corners and edges
  • Hinge and lid closure system
  • Outer lock
  • Lockable sliding tray
  • Power outlets and USB ports included
  • ABS and MDF casing construction materials


  • Suitable for professionals
  • Robust materials
  • It folds up to a compact suitcase
  • Easy to move around on four wheels
  • Everything locks into place
  • It offers plenty of storage space
  • It has lighting on the mirrors that you can adjust
  • It includes power ports for convenience
  • You can adjust the leg height 


  • Expensive price tag
  • The makeup compartments are small
  • Depending on your color choice, it doesn’t always look professional

Considerations for Purchasing a Makeup Table

A makeup table is a convenient addition to any home with women (and some men), but it’s not easy to find the perfect one for you. As you can only see product imagery online when you shop on the internet, you have to rely on the manufacturer information and your requirements. This set of considerations below might be able to help you make the correct purchasing decision.

  1. Dimensions

    Common complaints from customers are that a makeup table is “smaller than expected” or “doesn’t fit where intended.” These complaints are reflective of poor research, rather than product quality. If you don’t want any shocking surprises when you buy a table for makeup application, then make sure you pay attention to the dimensions. Measure the space you want your table to go, then try to find one you like that’s as close to those dimensions as possible. You can then avoid any disappointment. 

  2. Materials

    The materials for makeup tables differ dramatically. Some manufacturers see the value in using solid wood, while others are happy to use MDF or related materials to produce a cheaper product. Think about what you prefer. Do you want to pay more if you know it features solid wood, or are you happy with MDF if it doesn’t cost you as much? Solid wood, as a rule, is far stronger than other materials.

  3. Features

    Pay careful attention to what the makeup table that you’re looking at has. Does it have enough drawers? Is the mirror large enough? Does it flip up to provide additional storage underneath? The features matter, as all your equipment has to fit perfectly in the space. 

  4. Price

    No matter which table you buy, you’re likely to have to spend over $100. They don’t come cheap. But sometimes, some are more expensive or more affordable than others. You have to determine whether the price matches the value you receive. An excellent way to do that is to refer to the reviews. Customers are more than happy to share their opinion on value for money. 


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