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The 9 Best Jewelry Making Kits to Make Your Own Jewelry in 2020

A jewelry making kit is a set of accessories that allow you to get creative. They sometimes come with beads but more often than not feature all the clasps, wires, and tools you need for high-quality jewelry creation.

Every jewelry making kit on the market is different, which is why it’s paramount to do a lot of research. Think about what you like, whether you’re buying it for yourself or someone else, and your price range. The age group matters too, for younger kids will enjoy bright colors, but older ones may not.

Take the time now to view these nine top-rated jewelry making kits below. You never know, you may unleash a new passion for jewelry making that you never knew you had.

1. BeautyBeads Jewelry Making Kit

BeautyBeads Jewelry Making Kit

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By BeautyBeads

If you’re looking for that perfect gift for a loved one – or even for yourself, then this jewelry making kit from BeautyBeads may be the answer. From the inclusion of a bead design board and a jewelry-making book to the repair kit and lifetime warranty; this jewelry making kit offers it all.

Those who purchase it can enjoy 200 pieces in a well-thought-out kit, a durable and portable bag, and the affordable price tag for it all. What’s more, it’s a set that’s suitable for not only children and teens but adults as well.

Make jewelry from scratch, repair what you have, or customize something you’ve already got; the choice is yours. This jewelry making kit even has a book that explains all parts of the jewelry creation process to pique your curiosity.

The pockets in the bag don’t always hold everything securely, and the beads feel like cheap plastic, but it’s a great place to start. You never know, you could inspire a new-found hobby in the recipient.


  • Bead design board
  • Jewelry making guide
  • Repair kit included
  • Lifetime warranty
  • 200 pieces


  • It comes with a generous warranty
  • There are 200 pieces in the kit
  • Affordable to buy
  • Ideal for adults, teens, and children
  • It comes with everything you need for creation and repairs
  • There is a manual to explain jewelry creation
  • You can make jewelry from scratch


  • The beads are cheap plastic, making it better-suited to teens and children, not adults
  • The pockets don’t hold everything securely in place

2. Modda Jewelry Making Kit

Modda Jewelry Making Kit

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By Modda

If the time has come to immerse yourself in a new hobby, then why not start with this jewelry making kit from Modda? As a portable box of goodies for adults and teenagers, this jewelry making kit is going to fill your spare time with no problems at all.

There is a vast selection of beads, all the tools you need for crafting jewelry, and four different kinds of wire as well. You won’t have any problems trying to come up with something to make. However, if you do, then the sheet of instructions with a few project examples will surely inspire you.

This travel box has compartments for all the beads, a manual, and an entirely convenient setup for you to discover a new passion for jewelry making. It does, however, have a few flaws. Many people note how the container for the beads doesn’t secure tight, which means beads are likely to escape and become lost. The container is also smaller than it looks.

Otherwise, it’s still a valid purchasing option. Choose one of five color options and give it a whirl. You’ll be surprised at what you can create.


  • Five model options
  • Four beading wires
  • Tools and accessories included
  • Travel box included
  • Ideal for teenagers and adults
  • Six project examples
  • Instruction manual included


  • You can choose from five box options
  • The carry-case is portable
  • All the beads in the case are separated by type for convenience
  • It comes with everything you need for jewelry creations
  • Ideal for adults and teenagers
  • There is a manual to help you put things together
  • There are four different types of wire for convenience
  • Competitive price tag


  • The container doesn’t seal tightly shut all the time
  • It’s smaller than it looks

3. Cridoz Jewelry Making Supplies

Cridoz Jewelry Making Supplies

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By Cridoz

Whether you are trying to find the perfect gift for the crafty member of your family, or you’re interested in jewelry for yourself, then this jewelry making kit from Cridoz will stand out for all the right reasons.

Not only is it a substantial kit with as many as 740 pieces, but everything fits beautifully in the plastic three-layer storage container that comes complete with a carry handle for portability. When you open this box, you will be amazed by what you see.

There is a minimum of six tools, four jewelry wire rolls, and around 425 pieces of jewelry. This kit also comes complete with all the fixtures, clasps, and charms you require to create your works of art. Cridoz hasn’t left anything out, for they also included a beading mat too. There is no reason why you can’t spend hours crafting and creating the jewelry of your choosing.

What people also love when it comes to this jewelry making kit is how it suits many age groups. Children, teens, and adults will all get a kick out of using this kit. Some of the beads look a little bit childish, but that’s to be expected in a broad-ranging set designed to suit many people.

It’s full steam ahead. Purchase the jewelry making kit and get to work making jewelry for yourself and others.


  • Six tools
  • Four jewelry wire rolls
  • 740 pieces
  • 425 jewelry pieces
  • 10 necklace charms
  • Beading mat
  • Storage box
  • Carry handle


  • It comes in a tall storage box with a carry handle for convenience
  • Affordable to buy
  • You can use it for jewelry repairs and creation
  • There are a lot of pieces and beads to play with
  • Plenty of tools included for tinkering
  • Three layers of storage
  • Ideal for children, teens, and adults


  • Some of the beads look childish

4. Fixm Jewelry Making Supplies Kit

Fixm Jewelry Making Supplies Kit

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By Fixm

If you already have all the beads you need for jewelry creation, but you’re missing everything else, then this jewelry making kit from Fixm the ideal solution. Rather than end up with a whole heap of beads in an inclusive package that you won’t use, you can buy all those necessary jewelry creation pieces, then purchase the beads separately. Such a kit isn’t going to suit those who want beads with their package, but it’s an excellent solution for many.

When you buy this kit, you receive 755 pieces in a black compartmentalized zipper case. From pliers, threaders, and tweezers, to chains, ropes, and ribbons; this jewelry making kit offers it all. There are also different varieties of wire to use, as well as clasps for a high-quality and professional-looking finish.

What is also bound to stand out about this jewelry making kit is its versatility. Everyone from amateur level through to professional will see the value in such a convenient accessory pack. It’s affordable, packed full of things you always seem to run out of and is even entirely portable. Check it out for yourself, buy your beads elsewhere, and get ready to craft lots of new jewelry.


  • 755 pieces
  • Black zip case included
  • Pliers, tweezers, and threaders included
  • Jewelry wire
  • Chains, ropes, and ribbons
  • 12-grid storage solution


  • It comes with a range of accessories for crafting jewelry
  • Affordable price tag
  • It comes in an easily portable case
  • Ideal for professional and amateurs
  • The case has an organizer within it for convenience
  • Expansive pieces range


  • It doesn’t come with beads

5. Paxcoo Jewelry Making Supplies Kit

Paxcoo Jewelry Making Supplies Kit

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By Paxcoo

If you need the perfect gift for a loved one, but you don’t have all that much to spend, then this jewelry making kit from Paxcoo is an excellent place to start. The jewelry lover in your family is bound to appreciate the 845 pieces they have to play with for the creation of bracelets, necklaces, and other items.

Everything that’s included in this kit comes in a black zip pouch, including three beading pliers, silver and gold wire, and more. Those who use it can also be a professional or amateur – for everything within the kit is ideal for both.

You can make jewelry, carry out repairs, and do so while knowing there are various clamps, clasps, and wire types with which to play. While you don’t get beads in this jewelry making kit, that means you have the creative freedom to select your own from elsewhere.

This jewelry making kit will tick many boxes for those who buy it, but it’s far from perfect. You get what you pay for, and many users are not all that happy with what that is. Some of the accessories arrive rusted, and many of the tools are not high-quality. The metal is far from superior as well. For hobby jewelry, this kit is a winner, but it’s not going to win any awards for durability or quality.  


  • Black zip pouch included
  • Three beading pliers
  • 845 pieces
  • Professional and amateur-compatible
  • Repair and beading options
  • Silver and gold wire


  • Full range of repair and creation accessories
  • The case is portable for travel
  • You can use this kit as a professional or amateur
  • It comes with many different pliers for various tasks
  • There are a large number of pieces
  • It has an affordable price tag
  • You can choose from multiple rings, clamps, clasps, and wire types


  • The metal is not high-quality
  • There are no instructions for use
  • Poor quality tools
  • Some of the pieces arrive rusted

6. SunnyClue Jewelry Making Kits

SunnyClue Jewelry Making Kits

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By SunnyClue

It’s never easy to know what to buy a loved one, so why not get the crafty member of your family this jewelry making kit from SunnyClue? Even though it’s a small kit, and smaller than it looks in the photo, it can be worth every penny.

You can choose from six kit options – which include necklaces and earrings, and enjoy the full range of natural materials and essential oils. Unlike other jewelry making kits for sale, this one is all about making sure what you use does not contain harmful chemicals.

You get both charms and beads in your kit, instructions for how to make jewelry, and all the pieces you need to bring it all together. The size, price, and accessories in the nine-piece kit are sure to pique your curiosity on your hunt for the perfect gift.

But there is also no reason why you can’t buy it for yourself. It’s affordable enough to treat yourself to, and it allows you to create something for yourself, rather than to buy it. Try something new and purchase this jewelry making kit from SunnyClue today.


  • Six kit options
  • Paper instructions included
  • Natural materials
  • Earring and necklace creation
  • Charms and beads included


  • Excellent gift option
  • Plenty of small kits to choose
  • Natural materials for peace of mind
  • You can make both earrings and necklaces
  • High-quality accessories
  • Affordable to buy
  • Instructions for how to make things are included


  • Smaller than it looks in the photos

7. Signature Handtools Jewelry Making Supplies Kit

Signature Handtools Jewelry Making Supplies Kit

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By Signature Handtools

Even though the quality is questionable with some of the tools in this jewelry making kit, that doesn’t mean you won’t like what’s contained within this 20-piece kit from Signature Handtools.

Not only does it come with everything you need for making new jewelry for yourself and others, but it all arrives in a high-quality leatherette storage case. The portability of this set is bound to get the seal of approval from you.

You also get all those all-important tools such as pliers, tweezers, and needles. If you aren’t sure what you’re doing, then the included E-book is sure to be of assistance as well. Whether you’re a professional or amateur, this kit is bound to contain some useful accessories that help you on your way to the best jewelry pieces.

It’s quite expensive though, especially when you check out the quality of some of the included tools. Not all of the tools are inferior quality, but many are according to some users. There are also no beads, which means you will need to source these separately. Purchase this jewelry making kit with the knowledge that it’s not perfect, but still has a lot to offer the average crafter.


  • Professional storage case
  • 20-piece kit
  • Pliers, needles, tweezers, and accessories included
  • Leatherette case construction
  • E-book included


  • Ideal for amateurs and professionals
  • The case is elegant and portable
  • It comes with wire and all the accessories you require for crafting jewelry
  • There is an E-book for helpful advice
  • Many of the tools are well made
  • It comes with a magnifying stand to stop eye strain


  • Some of the tools are poor quality
  • Expensive for the quality  
  • No beads included

8. Yblntek Necklace Repair Kit

Yblntek Necklace Repair Kit

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For those who like to dabble in crafts from time to time, this jewelry making kit is going to come in mighty handy! From the 1,050 pieces and convenient 12-grid plastic storage case to the affordable price tag and range of accessories; this kit has it all.

You can play around with lobster clasps, six different colors of materials, and all the tools you need for the creation of jewelry – such as pliers and tweezers. There’s no denying that this kit will prove convenient on your next crafting adventure.

It doesn’t come with any beds, nor are there any size variations with the pieces, but that doesn’t mean it won’t take your fancy. All you have to do is buy the beads you want separately then get to work. If something doesn’t work as it should, then you have a two-year warranty window for the manufacturer to make it right. Check out this kit for yourself and see if it’s right for you.


  • 1,050 pieces
  • Two-year warranty
  • Tools included
  • 12-grid plastic storage case
  • Necklace cords included
  • 150 lobster clasps
  • Pliers and tweezers included


  • It has a range of different clasp color options
  • Competitive price tag
  • Convenient storage case for the small pieces
  • It has all the tools you need for repairs and creation
  • Generous warranty period that most other kits don’t come with


  • There are no size variations so that all pieces won’t suit all applications

9. BigTeddy Jewelry Making Supplies

BigTeddy Jewelry Making Supplies

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By BigTeddy

For the most part, this jewelry making kit from BigTeddy is going to put a smile on your face. As a beginner jewelry maker, it contains 19 tools of the trade and accessories that you need to get the ball rolling with jewelry creation.

From pliers and tweezers through to clasps and wires; this kit has it all. Everything that comes with it is also placed in a clear plastic storage box that’s portable and easy to store away.

The kit is affordable, well made, and has a range of high-quality tools within. That’s not to say, however, that it will suit everyone. Some of the pliers aren’t delicate for beadwork, which means you still may need to buy new tweezers separately. There are also some inferior quality tools mixed in the box that might disappoint.

However, for the price and the range of products, you can’t go wrong with this jewelry making kit from BigTeddy.


  • 19 pieces
  • Starter tools included
  • Clear plastic storage box
  • Beading and wiring tools included
  • Repairs and creations


  • You can use it to make and fix jewelry
  • Everything comes in a convenient plastic storage box
  • The tools are generally high-quality
  • Affordable kit to buy
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Has all the fundamental tools to start


  • Some of the pliers aren’t delicate for beadwork
  • There are a few inferior quality tools in the box

Considerations for Purchasing Jewelry Making Kits

When there are so many jewelry making kits for sale, it can be a tough call to find the best one for your needs or as a gift for someone else. If you buy the wrong one, you’ve wasted a lot of money and then have to go through the hassle of returning it if you decide to.

If you read on, however, you’ll discover a few of the many things to consider before you go ahead with your purchase. You never know how much money a little bit of homework can save you.

  1. Pieces

    Most jewelry making kits for sale online will detail how many parts are in the package. When you see that something has 1,000 pieces, it can be easy to think you’re getting excellent value for money. But are those 1,000 pieces of anything you’re likely to need a thousand of?

    Make sure you read through the quantities of everything in the kit. There’s nothing worse than receiving it, only to realize that it has no jewelry wire, but 500 clasps that don’t fit most of your creations.

  2. Price

    Generally, jewelry making kits are quite affordable, which is what makes them ideal as gifts for friends and family. The more you pay for a package, however, the better quality and more pieces you are likely to get for it. The quality of the tools in a kit must be high, so don’t be afraid to spend more money if it means you’re going to be happier with your purchase.

  3. Beads

    Not every jewelry making kit comes with beads, as some packages are designed as repair kits rather than those for full jewelry creation. Pay careful attention to avoid disappointment. If your chosen kit does come with beads, then look at them closely. Do they suit your style? Will you ever wear those creations? Sometimes, it’s in your best interests to buy a bead-less kit, then purchase your favorite accessories separately.

  4. Packaging

    It would be a nightmare if your jewelry making kit came in little single-use plastic bags. You then have to figure out where you are going to put everything! Pay special attention to the packaging before you hit the ‘buy now’ button. A plastic compartmentalized storage container is one of the best you can buy as it’s sturdy and allows you to separate all the pieces.


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