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The 9 Best Inline Fans for Heating and Cooling Booster in 2020

An inline fan, or exhaust fan, is a fan that has internal ducting or is connected to ducting. The purpose of such a fan is to extract air, transfer it, or cool it down. 

Most inline fans are not in your ceiling or plasterboard but, instead, are in attics, roof spaces, or similar. They also feature in kitchens, greenhouses, and grow tents or rooms for those who are growing plants.

These duct fans replace ductwork and can either be hardwired into your home or plugged in. The hardwired variety needs a relay to your furnace, so they know when to turn on.

Given the sheer volume of inline fans for sale, it can take some time to work out which one is likely to suit your needs. You have to think about what you are using it for, how much you are willing to spend, and how large it needs to be. The airflow and noise are essential considerations as well. 

If the time has come to make a purchasing decision, then read on. These nine inline fans below may be able to help you choose the best one for your needs. 

1. AC Infinity Inline Duct Fan 

AC Infinity Inline Duct Fan

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By AC Infinity

Whether you need a capable inline fan for your grow room, AV closet, or somewhere else, you may find that this one is ideal for your needs. It doesn’t cool the area, nor is the fan as strong as others for sale, but it’s still an option for many looking for a quality product that works.

This model has many features that are likely to appeal to your needs. You can control the temperature humidity and fan speed, set the timer, and even make use of the alarm system for peace of mind. This inline fan also has a mixed flow design and PWM-controlled DC motor so that it meets your needs better. 

When you buy it, you get the inline fan as well as everything you need to use it properly. It comes with duct clamps, mounting hardware, and a corded sensor probe. However, it’s not just the gear that impresses, but it’s functionality.

It’s quiet, energy-efficient, and is even effortless to install. Use it for odor exhaust, your grow tent, or somewhere else. You’re likely to be impressed with this inline fan’s offerings. 


  • Temperature humidity controller
  • Four-inch duct size
  • Fan speed control
  • Timer
  • Alarm system
  • Mixed flow design
  • PWM-controlled DC motor 
  • Corded sensor probe 
  • Duct clamps
  • Mounting hardware included
  • 28 dBA noise
  • Dual ball bearings 
  • 205 CFM airflow 


  • Affordable to buy
  • You can use it for grow rooms, AV closets, odor exhaust, and more
  • It’s quiet
  • Energy-efficient to run
  • It comes with everything you need to run it 
  • You can control the heat and fan 
  • It comes with the mounting hardware for effortless installation


  • The static pressure is not fantastic 
  • It doesn’t cool the area 
  • The fan is not as strong as others on the market 

2. TerraBloom Inline Fan with Variable Speed Controller

TerraBloom Inline Fan with Variable Speed Controller

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By TerraBloom

If you need an inline fan for odor exhaust or even a grow tent, then this affordable one from TerraBloom is worth a closer look. While it won’t work in temperatures over 140 degrees, can be noisy, and has an airflow less than advertised, it’s still a likely contender. There are plenty of other features that can make up for it.

It boasts 735 CFM, a built-in fan speed controller, and a grounded six-foot cord for better reach. It’s also compatible with eight-inch ducts. 

You can mount this inline fan onto ceilings, walls, and floors, and make full use of the included hardware to do the job properly. This inline fan also uses 205 watts, comes with a generous one-year warranty, and features robust but lightweight ABS plastic. 

Many people will love the effortless approach to installation, as well as the versatility of use in a grow tent, room, or anywhere else. You can even pair it with TerraBloom accessories such as carbon filters. Adjust the speed to 50% or leave it at 100%. The choice is yours. This inline fan is likely to be a welcome addition to any home in need of a ducting system. 


  • 735 CFM
  • Built-in speed controller
  • Six-foot grounded cord
  • Eight-inch duct compatibility 
  • 205 watts
  • One-year warranty 
  • ABS plastic construction
  • Ceiling-mountable 


  • Affordable to buy
  • Easy to install in many ways
  • Ideal for use in a grow tent 
  • Generous warranty period
  • You can adjust the speed to 50 or 100%
  • Lightweight
  • You can pair it with TerraBloom carbon filters


  • It doesn’t work in temperatures over 140 degrees
  • It can be noisy to operate
  • The airflow is not as generous as advertised 

3. AC Infinity S8 Cloudline Inline Fan 

AC Infinity S8 Cloudline Inline Fan

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By AC Infinity

Even though this inline fan can be quite tricky to install, that’s all with which you’re likely to struggle. With everything else, it’s going to be smooth sailing.

This inline fan works with an eight-inch duct and comes with many features you’re likely to love. From the fan speed controller and mixed flow design to the EC-powered motor and included mounting hardware; what’s not to like? 

This inline fan is also quiet to operate, producing a mere 39 dBA, and has dual ball bearings and an airflow of 740 CFM.

Aside from these fantastic features, users like this inline fan because of its versatility. You can use it for air circulation, heating and cooling transfer, exhaust odors, and even grow rooms. It’s well made, comes with clear instructions for use, and doesn’t use a lot of power while it works away in the background.

If the time has come to invest in an inline fan that’s likely to tick all the boxes for your needs, then check this one out. It could be the answer for which you’ve been waiting. 


  • Eight-inch duct 
  • Fan speed controller 
  • Mixed flow design
  • EC-powered motor
  • Mounting hardware included
  • 39 dBA
  • Dual ball bearings
  • 740 CFM airflow


  • It’s affordable to buy
  • It’s suitable for air circulation, exhaust odors, grow rooms, heating and cooling transfer, and more 
  • It’s well made
  • Comes with clear instructions
  • It’s quiet to operate
  • You can control the speed
  • It doesn’t use a lot of power
  • It can transfer hot and cool air
  • It comes with everything you need for installation


  • The installation process can take a while

4. Hurricane Commercial Grade Inline Fan

Hurricane Commercial Grade Inline Fan

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By Hurricane

When people buy an inline fan for their home or business, they often have problems with longevity and durability. If that has been a battle you keep losing, then it might be time to check out this fan from Hurricane. 

Even though it’s quite noisy to operate, it has many standout features that will ensure that’s not a problem. Its main one is durability. Because it has steel parts and powder coating, it’s made to last the distance. It has also been classed as commercial-grade, which means you can use it in a commercial or residential setting with minimal hassle. 

This inline fan has an eight-inch duct, UL-components, and runs on 120 volts. It also has an eight-foot power cord which is far longer than other inline fans for sale. This cord length is likely to come in handy. 

When it comes to airflow, it delivers with 745 CFM and is more than suitable for any fan requirements in your home or business. It’s also effortless to install and will not take long to work out how to use correctly. This fan may not be the best on the market, but it’s not far off the mark if you can handle a bit of noise. 


  • Eight-inch duct 
  • Commercial grade
  • Steel construction
  • Powder-coated finish
  • UL components
  • Eight-foot power cord
  • 120 volts 
  • 745 CFM 


  • Well made
  • Durable materials
  • It’s suitable for commercial use
  • It’s straightforward to install
  • Long power cord for convenience
  • Excellent airflow 


  • It’s noisy to operate

5. iPower Inline HVAC Exhaust Blower

iPower Inline HVAC Exhaust Blower

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By iPower

Whether you work in horticulture or have an industrial or residential need for an inline fan, let it be this one. Supplied by iPower, it’s an excellent option for many people who are looking for a way to ventilate their home or business.

It boasts a 442 CFM airflow, 65 dB noise level, and comes with 176-degree heat capacity. While it’s heavy and challenging to install on your own, and the fan settings aren’t fantastic, there is still plenty to love. This inline fan has composite fan blades that work to quieten it for convenience — these materials both dull noise and vibration.

It operates on standard 110/120 volts and has a pre-wired five-foot power cord. Before long, you can have it installed and ready for action. Buy it for an affordable price tag and revel in the high-quality materials that help this inline fan last as long as possible. 


  • 442 CFM airflow
  • 65dB noise level
  • 110/120 volts
  • Pre-wired five-foot power cord
  • Composite fan blades
  • 176-degree heat capacity 


  • It’s quiet to use
  • The composite blades reduce noise and vibration
  • The lubricated bearings require no maintenance
  • Ideal for household, industrial, or horticultural use
  • Affordable to buy 
  • High-quality materials


  • The fan adjustment isn’t great
  • It’s heavy
  • Not easy to install by yourself

6. Vortex Power Fan

Vortex Power Fan

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By Vortex

If style matters to you as much as function, then this inline fan from Vortex is worth your attention. Not only is it a useful fan that’s likely to suit your needs well, but it looks sleek, stylish, and modern while it does it.

It’s ideal for six-inch ducting and comes with an AC brushless motor. This motor partnered with mixed-flow dual impellers, and an integrated backdraft damper makes it far quieter than several other inline fans for sale.

As an S-line model, it’s also at the pointy end of quality, which is sure to be appreciated by many who purchase this product. 

It’s well made with an impact-resistant polycarbonate casing, has a mounting bracket for effortless installation, and it’s lightweight too. If you are working in a larger space, you can purchase more than one at a time for a competitive price tag.

This inline fan is tricky to mount in a tent and doesn’t work well in a hot environment, but it’s suitable for a range of applications and could tick the boxes for your needs.


  • Six-inch ducting
  • S-line model
  • AC brushless motor
  • Mixed-flow dual impellers
  • Impact-resistant polycarbonate casing
  • Integrated backdraft damper
  • Mounting bracket included 


  • Quick and easy to install
  • Affordable to buy
  • You can buy more than one in a pack
  • They are quiet to operate
  • The walls are double-insulated to make them more silent than other fans for sale
  • High-quality materials
  • All hardware included
  • Sleek and modern design
  • Lightweight 


  • Not easy to mount in a tent 
  • It doesn’t work well in hot environments

7. Fantech Inline Centrifugal Duct Fan

Fantech Inline Centrifugal Duct Fan

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By Fantech

If you know what you want and need in an inline fan, and know this one will deliver, then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t add it to your shopping cart. It might not come with much information or even a power cord, but experienced inline fan users will understand that this model means business.

It comes with four-inch ducting, is available in nine different sizes, and has one of nine airflow CFM ratings of between 150 and 650. It also boasts many features to help it operate as quietly and conveniently as possible, such as a vibration-welded seam and leakproof housing.

This inline fan boasts speed control for convenience and is lightweight for ease of installation and use. It does, however, have a temperature limit of 140 degrees, which may affect some people’s purchasing choice.

You can use this inline fan as a booster fan for air distribution or in many other situations. It’s affordable to buy, versatile, and could suit your needs well. It’s by no means perfect, but it’s definitely suitable for your ducting requirements. 


  • Four-inch ducting
  • Nine sizes
  • 150-650 CFM airflow
  • Vibration-welded seam
  • Leakproof housing
  • Speed control
  • 140-degree heat capacity
  • 5.1 pounds


  • Plenty of sizing options with different airflow capacities
  • The housing won’t leak
  • You can adjust the speed
  • Affordable to buy
  • You can use it as a booster fan for air distribution 
  • It’s lightweight
  • Easy to install


  • It doesn’t come with a power cord
  • There is a lack of information on the online description

8. Can Fan Mixed Flow Inline Fan

Can Fan Mixed Flow Inline Fan

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By Can Fan

This high-quality inline fan from Can Fan is an excellent market addition for any residential, industrial, or horticultural user. From the powerful 489 watts to the 3,374 RPM; this fan has it all.

It’s made in Germany, comes with a five-year warranty, and is also suitable for 12-inch ducting. If you need a powerful fan, then this one is the answer. It pumps out 1,709 cubic feet of air and has high-quality parts that are bound to impress. 

It’s easy to install, versatile for a range of environments and is likely to impress all who use it. However, this inline fan isn’t perfect. It can take a lot of effort to clean and also doesn’t have a speed controller. It’s also very loud, which could be a problem if you are using it in your home. There are many things to consider before you purchase this fan because it’s a significant investment to make. Weigh up the pros and cons and decide if it’s right for you. 


  • 3,374 RPM
  • 489 watts
  • 12-inch ducting diameter
  • Made in Germany
  • Five-year warranty
  • 1,709 cubic feet per minute 


  • Ideal for industrial use
  • Generous warranty period
  • It moves air fast
  • Well made
  • Easy to install
  • High-quality parts 


  • It can take a lot of effort to clean 
  • It’s loud
  • It doesn’t have a speed controller

9. iPower Inline Duct Fan

iPower Inline Duct Fan

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By iPower

When the time comes to invest in a new inline fan, then this one from iPower may be worth your consideration. You can buy it with ducting, as the fan alone, with fan filter ducting, or with a fan and speed controller. You can then purchase ventilation kits separately if you need.

This inline fan has plastic housing and plastic blades to ensure it’s as low noise as possible. It’s rated at 35 dB or lower and is, therefore, ideal for a range of situations. You can use it in your kitchen, basement, greenhouse, or even your grow room. Its high-quality parts and durability make it useful for whatever your situation.

What people also like is that it’s effortless to install. It comes with removable duct ends and locking screws, and a six-foot power cord. There is no hassle or fuss involved in this process, and you can quickly remove it if you want as well. The installation bracket included can work with your airflow direction as the cherry on top.

While this inline fan has heat limitations of 104 degrees-Fahrenheit, most people’s needs fit beyond that anyway. It can then blow air through your location to provide ample ventilation. Control the speed with the variable remote, and enjoy the lack of noise while it works. 

Finally, this inline fan is worth a closer look because it’s affordable. Buy the fan and speed controller for a highly competitive price that’s almost unheard of on the market.  


  • Variable speed controller
  • HVAC exhaust blower 
  • 2,250 RPM fan speed
  • 350 CFM airflow
  • Plastic fan housing
  • Plastic blades
  • 35dB noise level
  • Six-inch ducting
  • Removable duct ends
  • Locking screws included
  • Six-foot power cord
  • 104-degree heat capacity 
  • Installation bracket included 


  • It comes with a speed controller
  • Ideal for grow rooms, greenhouses, kitchens, basements, and more
  • It’s easy to maintain
  • Straightforward to install
  • Great airflow
  • It’s not that noisy 
  • It works well in most conditions
  • It comes with all you need to install and run it 
  • Affordable price tag


  • The plastic housing and blades don’t seem strong

Considerations for Purchasing an Inline Fan

People use inline fans for many reasons. They are useful in kitchens, basements, greenhouses, industrial settings, and even grow rooms or tents. However, the fan in your price range won’t necessarily be the best one for your needs. It can take homework to establish your requirements concerning the fan’s capabilities. Read on to discover what those might be. 

  1. Installation Type    

    Every inline fan is different and can be installed in various ways. Think about what you need, then compare it to what a fan can offer. Some can be mounted on ceilings or walls, or hung wherever you need them. 

  2. Airflow Capacity

    Everyone has different needs when it comes to airflow capacity, and not all inline fans are the same. Pay attention the cubic feet per minute, or CFM, rating. This number will determine how fast the fan can circulate air. In a small space, you need one CFM per square foot for it to be effective. 

  3. Duct Size

    If you are replacing an old inline fan, then you need to consider the duct diameter to ensure a snug fit. Most are between four and 12 inches but can be in between or out of those measurements too. Failure to consider the duct size can result in a poorly fitting fan that doesn’t suit your needs.

  4. Price

    How much you pay for an inline fan can depend on what you get with it, the brand, and how large and powerful it is. You can’t choose the most affordable and hope it works. Instead, you have to match the fan to your needs, not your budget. 

    If you find a competitively-priced fan that has all the things you need, read the reviews. There might be a reason it’s within your price range. Don’t be afraid to rely on other people’s opinions of a product to help you make your final decision.

  5. Energy Efficiency

    No one likes a high utility bill, but that can be the reality if you aren’t smart with your purchases. Pay attention to the wattage and power usage of the fan you are considering purchasing. If you’re not sure, skim through the reviews and see if you can find anyone that mentions power usage – or excess usage. 

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