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The 9 Best Hose Clamp Pliers for Cars in 2020

Hose clamps now come in many different varieties, so regular hose clamp pliers can no longer perform the function of removing these clamps. There are several different types of hose clamps used on a vehicle, depending on the region or manufacturers. Sometimes you may even find more than one hose clamp on the same car.

Now, hose clamp pliers can do the entire job for you with ease and convenience. Whether you are a DIY car enthusiast or a professional mechanic, hose clamp pliers can transform the way you work with hose clamps. All-in-all, these products are so great that they feature on our list of the top 9 hose clamp pliers.

9. Drake Off Road OTC 4502 Hose Clamp Pliers

If you are looking for a straightforward yet practical set of clamp pliers that don’t feature long cables, then you should consider the OTC Hose Clamp Pliers. The flat band pliers are capable of reaching narrow areas, so removing hard to reach clamps won’t be a problem. Though they can’t reach tight regions as far as cable pliers, they still do a fantastic job of opening the hose clamps that are within their reach.

The jaws swivel allows you to access the hose clamps no matter your position. The hose clamp plier can services most flat band hose clamps and most ring type. All in all, the OTC hose clamp pliers is an elegant set of tool for both amateur and professional mechanics. They are affordable while still offering a great deal of value.

Pros and Cons

  • Can handle clamps of almost any sizes
  • Affordable
  • Durable construction
  • You may have to modify clamps for optimum performance

8. EWK Universal Collar Hose Clamp Pliers

If you are a professional mechanics looking for an excellent universal collar hose clamp pliers, look no further than the EWK Universal Collar Hose Clamp Pliers. The specially built jaws allow you to quickly change from installation to removal by merely turning the plier over. EWK made this clamp hose plier with high-quality, durable material, and it will enable you to make complete use of your hand.

After keeping the unfastened clamps opened, you can use the EWK Universal collar hose clamp pliers to slide clamps from the hoses. By turning the plier by 180 degrees and snap back, you can easily re-hook the opened clamp of your car. The tool also allows you to reuse the factory hose clamps on your vehicle.

Pros and Cons 

  • Very affordable
  • Perfect fit for all clamps
  • Sturdy construction
  • Slippery grip

7. Goplus 9 PCS Wire Long Reach Hose Clamp Pliers Set

These hose clamp pliers are the latest set from Goplus; they contain a hose remover, screwdriver, and hose clamp pliers. The tools will be of great help and will make your work faster and easier. For convenience, all the instruments come in a toolbox, so you will be able to find whatever device you need without hassle. The Goplus hose clamp pliers have a precision clamp on the end of a flexible cable; this gives you an extended reach to the places other models cannot.

You can lock the pliers thus freeing up your hands for another task like pulling off the hose. The heavy-duty 24 inches cable can flex to almost any preferred position, and Goplus has re-engineered the hose clamp pliers for maximum strength.

Pros and Cons 

  • Affordable
  • Have locks to free up your hands
  • Has a case for comfortable carriage and storage
  • Flimsy carry case

6. Drake Off Road OTC 4525 Flexible Hose Clamp Pliers

The OTC 4525 Hose Clamp Pliers is a high performing pair of pliers at a reasonable price. These are cable wire pliers that are capable of going through narrow openings. With the cable length of 24 inches, you can reach plenty of areas no matter the project. The clamps of the pliers are held open with a ratchet locking mechanism; these means the plier can stay attached to the hose clamps without help, and you can pull off the hose with your two hands.

While they’re not as functional as a full set of pliers, The OTC 4525 hose clamp pliers still serve their function with flying colors. It makes the installation and removal of clamp much easier. And also allows professional mechanics to access the flat-type hose clamps that are in the hard to reach areas while coming with one-year limited warranty.

Pros and Cons

  • Durable construction
  • Easy to use
  • Has 24 inches cable
  • Need both hands for the release mechanism

5. Knipex Spring Hose Clamp Pliers

The Knipex 85 51 250 A hose clamp pliers have a unique design that is perfectly fit for standard spring wire hose clamps that are up to 70 mm Nominal size. It opens and close hose clamps quickly and effectively, the hose clamp pliers are made in a way that they won’t harm the hose or clamps; hence you can use them once again.

The gripping jaws of the Knipex spring hose clamp pliers allow it to loosen any tight hoses while the narrow head makes it easy to reach the confined areas. The rotatable tips let you grip the click clamps in any position, and the quick-set adjustment enables you to adjust by shifting directly onto the workpiece. Knipex spring hose clamp pliers also allow over 40 mm clamping range.

Pros and Cons 

  • High quality
  • Fits confined space
  • Perfect for spring clamps
  • A bit expensive

4. Performance Tool Flexible Hose Clamp Pliers

These hose clamp pliers are an excellent product from Performance tool that is reasonably priced and perfect for auto mechanics. The pliers feature a locking mechanism that you can use to hold clamps open wide in any position; this leads to making installation and removal of hose clamp easier. The pliers can accommodate clamps of almost all sizes, covering them from 2 ½ inches to 11/16 inches.

The heavy-duty pliers have a 24 inches cable that you can flex to almost any preferred position; this allows mechanics to be able to access the flat type hose clamps that are in confined spaces which are very difficult to reach for other pliers. Performance Tool made this hose clamp pliers out of a stainless steel handle which you can squeeze effortlessly for peak unlocking pressure.

Pros and Cons

  • Possess locks mechanism
  • Can handle clamps of any sizes
  • Sturdy construction
  • Wobbly a little bit

3. GearWrench Angled Hose Clamp Pliers

The GearWrench 3977 is the perfect hose clamp pliers you can use to install and remove flat type hose clamps that are in hard to reach areas. This GearWrench 3977 is a variation of the common GearWrench 3976 hose clamp pliers, and it boasts of 45º jaws, and the pliers swivel effortlessly tip to grip at any position.

GearWrench 3977 hose clamp pliers latch securely in position, and the improved spring mechanisms are more durable and long-lasting. It boasts of 25% thicker gauge steel which offers more strong force without bending, and the thicker double-dipped handle provides you with more comfort.

Pros and Cons

  • Thick double-dipped handle
  • Sturdy construction
  • Reaches confined spaces
  • Some users complain about the jaws bending

2. Astro Pneumatic Tool Hose Clamp Pliers

The Astro Pneumatic 9409A is one of the best single pairs of hose clamp pliers available on the market today. The company guarantees the quality of this product, and that is why it comes with a lifetime warranty. It features a re-engineered double-gear lock level; this provides a more in-depth and broader secure locking and a newly improved cable which is larger and has a stronger connection for optimum strength.

The multiple gear lock and new cable adjuster of the Astro Pneumatic 9409A hose cable pliers provides a secure and accurate locking for any preferred clamp position. The precision clamp which is at the end of the flexible cable allows you to reach the confined compartment other models cannot get to, and the lock mechanism will enable you to free your hands making your job faster and easier.

Pros and Cons

  • Ability to reach confined space
  • Lock mechanism
  • Fit for most clamps
  • Challenging to clamp with one hand

1. Channellock Hose Clamp Plier

The Channellock 558 8-Inch hose clamp plier comes out of high carbon drop forged steel and finely polished. The high carbon steel provides you with superior performance while on the job, and the electronic coating prevents the hose clamp plier from rusting. The plier features patented PermaLock® fastener, this eliminates the failure to loosen bolt and nut, and the Channellock blue® comfort grips make it convenient for you to use.

The crosshatch pattern on the hose clamp pliers’ jaws grips works tight. These pliers that can serve as a wire cutting shear has a unique jaw design which can hold clamp ends from either the sides or the nose. And it comes with 100 % guarantee against failure and breakage.

Pros and Cons

  • Patented PermaLock® fastener
  • High-quality construction
  • Solid grip
  • Not fit for large size spring clamps


The top 9 hose clamp pliers on this list are known for their quality. Whether you need to install and remove spring clamps, ear clamps, or click hose clamps, we would recommend these top hose clamp pliers. You never know when you might need them, and there is absolutely nothing like having the right set of tools.


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