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The 9 Best Concrete Strengthening Vibrators in 2020

A concrete vibrator is a construction tool that people use on concrete pouring jobs. You dip the head into the concrete, and the vibrations work to release unwanted air bubbles and water. Once they come to the surface, they burst and help create a smooth, workable concrete surface.

There are both residential and commercial concrete vibrators for sale. Some are gas-powered, while many of them run on electricity or battery. Before you decide on which one is going to suit your needs, you have to think about what will be more convenient, and what you intend on doing with it. 

If you’re not sure how to make that initial step, then read on. Below, we’ve listed nine of the best concrete vibrators for sale, as well as considerations for purchasing the one that suits you well. You can then buy with more confidence. 

1. Seeutek Electric Vibrator

Seeutek Electric Vibrator

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By Seeutek

If you are pouring a small slab of concrete at home and need something effective yet affordable to help create a perfect surface, then this concrete vibrator is for you. While it wouldn’t hold up to daily use and is only suitable for small pouring jobs, it’s an excellent tool nonetheless.

This concrete tool is 750 watts, or 1HP, which is more than suitable for home use. It also produces 13,000 vibrations per minute – plenty for the average home user. It runs on your everyday 110-volt power supply and has a 1-3/8-inch vibrator to bring those pesky air bubbles to the surface with minimal hassle.

What people also like when they buy this vibrator is the generous work area. You can use this concrete tool within a 4.9-foot workspace. Once you push the trigger, you can then lock it into place to save fatigue.

It’s lightweight, small, compact, and convenient – everything you would want and need in a home user’s concrete vibrator. If the time has come to carry out a few DIY tasks around the house, consider this tool for the job.  


  • 750 watts
  • 13,000 VPM
  • Black or steel color scheme
  • 110 volts 
  • 1-3/8-inch vibrator
  • 4.9-foot work area capacity
  • Lock-on button 
  • Handheld style  


  • Affordable to buy
  • Comfortable to use
  • You can choose a color 
  • It has a lot of power
  • It comes with extra motor brushes 
  • Small and easy to store
  • Lightweight for comfort
  • You can lock the trigger on for convenience 


  • It wouldn’t hold up to daily use
  • Only suitable for small pouring jobs

2. Makita Cordless Concrete Vibrator Kit 

Makita Cordless Concrete Vibrator Kit

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By Makita

If you like to stay true to your favorite brands when buying new hardware tools, then this concrete vibrator from Makita might be right for you. Makita is well known for its reliability and durable machines, so you can expect this model to be no different. 

It’s comfortable to use, has a dual-directional switch so that you can run it horizontally or vertically, and it boasts 13,000 vibrations per minute. Allow this concrete vibrator to cover up to four feet of workspace at a time. 

It’s also nearly 59 inches long, under eight pounds, and comes with a kit consisting of a case, battery, and charger. The battery is Lithium-Ion and can last up to 40 minutes on a single charge. However, many people question its quality as it may not last that long for you.

Even though this concrete tool is expensive to buy and is only suitable for home use, it has a lot to offer. It’s lightweight to reduce fatigue and is robust to handle a lot of daily use at home. If you are about to begin pouring concrete, then make sure you’ve got this concrete tool from Makita ready to go. 


  • Four-foot work area
  • 13,000 VPM
  • Dual-directional switch
  • Lithium-Ion battery
  • 58.5-inch length
  • 7.7 pounds 
  • Charger and case included


  • You can use it in a horizontal or vertical position
  • You get the charger and battery with it
  • It can run on a single charge for around 40 minutes 
  • It’s lightweight to reduce fatigue 
  • It can work on a reasonably large home worksite 
  • High-quality parts
  • Comfortable to use


  • Expensive to buy
  • Only suitable for home use
  • The battery is not as reliable as many people need

3. GlobMarbe Concrete Vibrator Motor

GlobMarbe Concrete Vibrator Motor

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By GlobMarbe

If you don’t need a concrete vibrator, but a motor to make something else work as one, then let it be this one from GlobMarble. Suitable for mining operations, concrete setting, and much more; it’s an exceptionally versatile product that’s likely to suit the task at hand.

It boasts IP65 protection to stop dust and water from penetrating it, and it operates continuously. Even at full centrifugal force, this concrete vibrator motor won’t let you down. It can withstand hot temperatures of up to 180 degrees Celsius and also has a long service life. Given the competitive price tag, what this vibrator motor has to offer will surprise you.

It also doesn’t require a lot of maintenance, runs on standard household 110-volt power supplies, and weighs a mere 17.6 pounds. Install it in your work surface and let it get to work right away. You can use this motor for conveyors, feeders, polishers, concrete screens, and much more. 

When the time comes to put this concrete vibrator motor into action, you will be impressed by its versatility. It works well for large or small jobs. While you don’t get the entire concrete tool, and only the motor, this product is well worth your inspection. 


  • IP65 protection
  • 180 degrees Celsius temperature resistance 
  • Vibrating force adjustment 
  • 110 volts 
  • 17.6 pounds


  • Water and dust can’t penetrate it
  • It operates continuously, even at full force
  • It can withstand hot temperatures
  • It has a long service life 
  • Requires minimal maintenance
  • Ideal for small and large jobs
  • You can adjust the vibrating power
  • Ideal for conveyors, feeders, screens, polishers, and more 
  • Suitable for a range of industries


  • You only get the motor, not the entire vibrator

4. Chicago Electric Concrete Vibrator 

Chicago Electric Concrete Vibrator

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By Chicago Electric

If you are working on a concrete patch job, repair, or small construction task, then it’s an excellent idea to view this concrete vibrator from Chicago Electric for the job. It may not look like the most well-made vibrator for sale, but it’s likely to service your conservative needs well.

It works quickly, is lightweight to reduce user fatigue, and has a metal roll cage for protection. Once it begins working, it also produces 4,000 RPM throughout its 16-inch head. Whatever your concrete task, this concrete tool is bound to deliver.

Upon putting it in concrete, it quickly releases trapped air and water for a smooth finish. It’s comfortable to use, won’t make you tired, and is affordable to buy as well. This concrete tool won’t win any awards for durability if some of the reviews are anything to go by, but it’s a product worth your consideration nonetheless. 


  • 16-inch head
  • 4,000 RPM
  • Metal roll cage 
  • 1-7/16-inch diameter
  • 43 pounds
  • 16-inch head length


  • It works quickly
  • It’s lightweight to reduce fatigue
  • It releases trapped air and water quickly
  • It’s affordable to buy
  • It has a roll cage for protection
  • You can use it on patching, repair, and other small construction tasks 


  • It doesn’t feel well made 

5. ZNCKE Concrete Vibrator

ZNCKE Concrete Vibrator

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When the time comes to carry out a few concrete jobs around the home or construction site, you need the best concrete vibrator for the job. Otherwise, you can find yourself fixing more mistakes than you could have anticipated.

This concrete tool is an excellent example of a machine that’s versatile and ideal for a range of uses. While you can use it at home, you can also put it to good use daily on a construction worksite. It’s powerful with 1.1 HP and is only 34.5 pounds. As a result, you’re not likely to battle fatigue.

It has an internal motor, 2.05-inch head diameter, and the head is 18 inches long too. It also has an Intelli-Vibe internal sensor control for peace of mind, and consistent speed regardless of centrifugal force.

This vibrator works well in a range of industries and is very comfortable to use. It can work 24-7 and releases trapped air and water quickly. It may not be the most affordable concrete vibrator for sale, but when you want reliability, it delivers ten-fold. 


  • 1.1 HP
  • 34.5 pounds
  • Internal motor
  • 2.05-inch head diameter
  • 18-inch vibrator head length
  • 9.9-pound head weight 
  • Intelli-Vibe internal sensor control 


  • Ideal for commercial use
  • It can work 24-7
  • The centrifugal force is consistent
  • It releases trapped air and water quickly
  • Suitable for a range of industries
  • Comfortable and easy to use 
  • The speed is stable 


  • Expensive to buy

6. High Speed Electric Concrete Vibrator

High Speed Electric Concrete Vibrator

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It’s not always that easy to find a concrete vibrator that does the job it’s supposed to, but this one is likely to please. It’s suitable for small and medium jobs, home and construction site use, and for those with plenty of experience or very little. This vibrator from USA Pro is as versatile as they come.

It boasts a 60-inch shaft needle, 6.5-foot power cord for convenience, and 110-volt power supply. You can plug it into most three-prong outlets and immediately put it to work. If you struggle with fatigue on a building site, then let this tool be the answer. Because it has a trigger lock, you can lock it into place and use it without having to keep the pressure down.

This vibrator is also exceptionally powerful with its 1.5 HP motor, making it desirable for those who want to vibrate the air bubbles out of concrete quickly. This concrete vibrator may not suit a busy and large worksite that needs the most heavy-duty unit, but it’s likely to work well for most small and medium jobs. 


  • 60-inch shaft needle 
  • 6.5-foot power cord
  • 110-volt three-prong plug
  • Trigger lock 
  • Handheld model
  • 1.5 HP 


  • Powerful to operate 
  • Suitable for construction sites
  • It vibrates the bubbles out of concrete effectively
  • Ideal for professional use
  • The trigger lock makes it comfortable to use
  • Lightweight to operate
  • Affordable to buy 
  • Generous power cord length 


  • It’s better suited to small and medium work sites 

7. INFINITY Gas Power Concrete Vibrator

INFINITY Gas Power Concrete Vibrator

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By Infinity

While an electric concrete vibrator has many benefits, so too does a gas-powered one. This gas-powered model from INFINITY, in particular, could be worth a closer look. It’s powerful, well made, ideal for both commercial and residential use, and has a whole host of convenient features that are likely to appeal.

What many people find preferable is the engine. Instead of relying on a power outlet, you can use this vibrator at any worksite without the need for a generator. It has a 6.5 HP, four-stroke, gas-powered engine that’s air-cooled and has a single cylinder. It won’t be long until you realize how much this concrete vibrator packs a punch.

It comes with steel vibrator heads, but can also use rubber, and swivels 360 degrees for convenience. If you are working in a tight spot, this concrete vibrator will deliver. It also has a pull-start function, Dynapac head, and six-meter flexible pipe for on-site convenience. 

If those points aren’t enough to convince you to buy this vibrator, then perhaps the warranty will. You are covered for any manufacturer faults for one year, offering any business owner or homeowner peace of mind. 

You may have to maintain the engine since it’s gas, but when you realize how much convenience a gas-powered concrete vibrator brings to the table, you might not mind in the slightest. 


  • Gas-powered 
  • 6.5 HP gas engine
  • 360-degree swivel 
  • Steel or rubber vibrator head-compatible 
  • Steel vibrator heads included
  • Air-cooled, single-cylinder, four-stroke engine
  • One-year warranty 
  • Pull start style 
  • 3,600 RPM
  • Dynapac head
  • Six-meter flexible pipe


  • Powerful and well made
  • Suitable for home and business use
  • Easy to operate
  • You can use a rubber or steel head on it 
  • You don’t need a generator on-site to run it 
  • Generous warranty period 
  • It swivels to get into tight spots


  • You have to maintain the engine 

8. Bizoepro Concrete Vibration Motor

Bizoepro Concrete Vibration Motor

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If you have your shaker table set up and ready to go, and all you’re missing is a concrete vibrator, then you’re in the right place. This vibrator motor from Bizoepro may not be from a well-known brand, but that doesn’t mean it’s not going to suit your needs well.

It runs on 90 watts, has a single-phase motor, and works conveniently with standard 110-volt power supplies. It’s also robust and powerful with 3,600 RPM. There is plenty to love when it comes to this concrete vibrator. 

It’s compatible with shaker tables, allows you to adjust its angle, and boasts an aluminum alloy shell. Thanks to exceptional waterproofing and encasement, it’s also unlikely to get any dust, oxidation, or rust. The o-ring sealing groove surely helps too. 

Aside from the build of this concrete vibrator motor, there is plenty of other reasons why you may like to purchase it. It doesn’t make a lot of noise, it’s easy to install – especially into a shaker table, and it dissipates heat quickly. Users also appreciate that it’s compact and lightweight as well. 

If the time has come to upgrade to a reliable concrete vibrator for all your concrete and shaking needs, then let it be this one from Bizoepro. 


  • 90 watts
  • Single-phase motor
  • 110 volts
  • 3,600 RPM
  • Shaker table-compatible
  • Engine only 
  • Adjustable angle 
  • Aluminum alloy shell construction
  • Anti-rust and anti-oxidation coating
  • Waterproof and insulated 
  • O-ring sealing groove 


  • Easy to install into a shaker table 
  • You can adjust the angle 
  • It doesn’t make much noise
  • It dissipates heat quickly
  • It’s lightweight and compact
  • It’s well encased 
  • It won’t rust
  • It’s well-insulated
  • It’s easy to install 


  • You don’t get the full unit, just the motor

9. Oslamp Handheld Electric Concrete Vibrator 

Oslamp Handheld Electric Concrete Vibrator

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By Oslamp

Pouring concrete is no easy task, but it’s much harder if you don’t have a concrete vibrator to help. If you’re both in a hurry and don’t have much money to spend on tools, then check out this vibrator from Oslamp. 

Even though it’s not going to be suitable for a commercial environment, it’s more than ideal for home use. It boasts 1,100 watts, runs on standard 120-volt power, and comes with a 1.5-inch head diameter. 

This concrete vibrator is also effortless to use, competitively priced, and lightweight to use. As a result, you are less likely to suffer from fatigue than you would with a heavier one. What matters more than anything else with a concrete vibrator is power – and this one delivers. 

It has 16,000 RPM and works quickly and accurately to release trapped air and water. It also comes with a poker and has an easy-access area to the brush cover. As it’s handheld, it won’t take much effort to use, and it’s designed with user comfort in mind.

This concrete vibrator may not be the best one for sale, but it’s by no means the worst. Check it out and see if it’s right for you. 


  • 1,100 watts 
  • 14-3/4-foot poker 
  • 110 volts 
  • 1.5-inch head diameter 
  • 16,000 RPM 


  • It’s convenient to use by hand
  • Affordable to buy
  • Effortless release of trapped air and water
  • It allows concrete to form properly
  • It’s lightweight for less user fatigue
  • It’s fast and has decent RPM
  • It comes with a poker
  • Easy access to the brush cover 


  • Better suited for home use

Considerations for Purchasing a Concrete Vibrator

A concrete vibrator can be a significant investment, regardless of whether you are purchasing it for home use or your business. It’s something you can’t rush into buying, especially if you don’t want the hassle of having to return it if it’s not fit for purpose. If you’d like to be as informed as possible on how to choose a concrete vibrator, then read on. Here are some of the many considerations to make. 

  1. Power Type

    The most common concrete vibrators for sale are one of three power types: gas-powered engine, electric, or battery-powered. You have to put a lot of thought into which one you would prefer, as each has pros and cons.

    A gas-powered concrete vibrator can require a lot of maintenance, but it offers the convenience of being able to go with you to any powered or non-powered job site. You don’t need to carry around a generator to run it. An electric one, while limited to work sites with a power type, is clean-running and requires minimal maintenance.

    If you are working in tight spaces where a power cord will get in the way, then the best concrete vibrator for the job is one that runs on a Lithium-Ion battery. However, this type may not last long before you need to charge it. 

  2. Price

    Everyone is trying to get a bargain; it’s only human nature. But that’s not to say that you really will be if you choose the cheapest vibrator for sale. Typically, the more you spend on such a tool, the better it is. You can also expect more reliability from a vibrator that has had much more time and money spent on parts. Try to strike a balance between value for money and quality. 

  3. Power

    Most concrete vibrators for sale will have a rev-per-minute or vibration-per-minute rate. The higher that is, the more powerful you can expect the vibrator to be. Think about your needs and whether you require more power at often a higher price, or you’re happy with less if it means it’s more affordable. 

  4. Commercial / Residential

    Are you a homeowner who is working on a small slab of concrete for a patio area, or are you a busy concrete pouring professional? How often you intend on using a concrete vibrator can make all the difference to the purchasing decision you make. 

    Some are suitable for large scale jobs, while others are better for home use on the odd occasion. Never try to purchase a residential-style vibrator for a mammoth task – it won’t perform as you would need. 


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