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A cat condo is a small house that is specially designed for the special feline friend in your life. It often has one or more tiers, soft fabric, a hidey-hole, and sometimes a scratch post. They are either standalone, can be put on dressers and in high places, or tower above other furniture.

Every cat condo is different because every cat is different. Before you buy a new house for your cat, study their behaviors and patterns. You can then match those to different condos to avoid buying one they won’t use or appreciate.

Once you’ve done your homework and have read the considerations for purchasing a cat condo below, it’s time to go shopping. Here are some of the best cat condos for sale.

1. Petmaker Double Hole Cat Condo

1. Petmaker Cat Condo

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Cats love to lounge around your house and make themselves comfortable, but think how much pleasure they would get from this cat condo from Petmaker? At 20.5 x 14 inches, in the contemporary gray color scheme, and suitable for most cats older than ten weeks, this cat condo ticks a lot of boxes.

It has two holes, a built-in scratch post, and robust particleboard construction that can handle wear and tear. Pets and pet owners alike also like the plush polyester fabric, which is soft and pleasant underfoot.

Whether your cats want to play, hide, or nap, they will likely find that this cat condo caters to all their needs. It’s also quite affordable, which is even more of a reason to purchase it.

Before you do, make sure you’re aware of the not so great points of this condo. It doesn’t have any padding, which sacrifices comfort for cats. Large cats may also struggle to fit inside it. Some people also notice that it’s quite lightweight and would tip over if a cat jumped on it.  It’s going to meet the mark for many pet owners, but potentially not for all of them.


  • Two stories
  • Double holes
  • 20.5 x 14 inches
  • Gray color scheme
  • Particleboard construction
  • Polyester plush fabric
  • Sisal scratch surface


  • Affordable to buy
  • It has two hiding holes for cats
  • Ideal for almost all cats and kittens from ten weeks old
  • The particleboard is strong
  • Contemporary color scheme
  • It has a scratching area for cats to enjoy


  • It doesn’t have any padding
  • Large cats don’t fit inside it properly
  • It’s lightweight and can tip over

2. Kitty City Large Indoor Cat Cube House

2. Kitty City Large Cat Bed

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By Kitty City

While the larger cats in your family may not enjoy the instability of this cat condo, the smaller ones are sure to love many of the standout features it has to offer – as will you, the pet owner.

From the contemporary color scheme that ties in with most home décor to the single or double story options, what’s not to love? This cat condo is also a stackable cat cube, which means you can buy more than one if you have a few cats.

It’s foldable, comes with a comfortable and cushy polyester pillow, and it’s all about making sure your cat has somewhere dark and comfortable to hide or nap.

What pet parents also like is that it’s washable. The fleece base mat is removable and washable to keep the entire cat condo looking as good as new. It’s not as sturdy as some people would like, and it can fold on itself with heavy cats, but it’s still worth your attention. Many pet owners swear by it for their feline friends.


  • Stackable cat cube
  • Single or double-story option
  • Fabric sidewalls
  • Foldable
  • Polyester pillow
  • Removable and washable fleece base mat


  • Competitive price
  • Contemporary styling
  • It’s comfortable and well-cushioned
  • Suitable for more than one cat at a time
  • You can wash the pillow to keep it clean
  • You can choose from one story or two


  • Not as sturdy as it could be
  • It can fold onto itself with heavy cats

3. MidWest Cat Condo

3. MidWest Homes for Pets Cat Cube

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By MidWest Home for Pets

If you’ve got a regular-sized cat who’s in dire need of somewhere comfortable and cozy for it to sleep, then could this cat condo from MidWest Homes be the answer? Even though it’s better suited to smaller cats and the cut-out holes are not the easiest to get in and out of it, it’s still a great option.

Those with small cats will enjoy the four color and style options available, the three tiers, and easy-care faux suede material. The collapsible design is also convenient for when the cat condo is no longer in use.

Cats who love to claw anything and everything will love the sisal scratching pad, while those who seek out privacy will surely notice the two private dens suit their needs well. Both the cushioned top and synthetic sheepskin promote unparalleled comfort too.

This cat condo has room for two or more cats, boasts an elevated platform, and is quite sturdy. It’s also competitively priced, attractive, and comes with a toy for your feline friend to try and attack as well. It’s clear to see that this cat condo is packed full of fun and convenient features, so consider it as your next purchase for your furry friend.


  • Four color and style options
  • Three tiers
  • Faux suede material
  • Collapsible design
  • Sisal scratching pad
  • Two private dens
  • Cushioned top
  • One-year warranty
  • Synthetic sheepskin


  • Affordable to buy
  • You can choose a color scheme
  • It has room for two or more cats
  • It offers an elevated platform
  • It has an included scratching post for convenience
  • Generous warranty period
  • It’s sturdy
  • It collapses down when not in use
  • The top is cushioned for cats to sleep


  • The cut-out holes are not easy for cats to walk into
  • They can’t sprawl out in it
  • Not comfortable for large cats

4. Bewishome Cat Tree House with Scratching Posts

4. Bewishome Cat Tree House

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Any pet parent who is looking for a cat condo will face one common problem: sizing. Many of the available options are too small for large cats and are often not sturdy or well-balanced enough for them either. Bewishome bucks the trend with this cat treehouse.

You can buy it in smoky gray or light gray, and immediately see all the benefits it has to offer. Whether you have a large or small cat, this cat condo is bound to pique your curiosity.

It has a cushioned bed for comfort, a sisal scratching post to potentially prevent furniture destruction, and an interactive jingly ball. Playful cats will have a blast in this cat condo. Even though it requires assembly, it’s a quick and easy process with the supplied hardware and tools.

It’s robust, sturdy, well-balanced, and won’t tip over with a big cat jumping on it. If there’s anything to grumble about, it’s the fabric. It’s lovely and soft, but it can shed more than the cat! Given the rarity of cat condos catered to large cat owners, you’ll surely be able to put up with that if it means your cat has somewhere fun to play and sleep.


  • Smoky gray or light gray color options
  • Cushioned bed
  • Sisals scratching post included
  • Interactive jingly ball
  • Plush covering
  • Assembly required
  • Hardware and tools included


  • It’s sturdy and well made
  • The material is plush and soft
  • Competitively priced
  • You can choose a color
  • It has a hiding area for a cat
  • Cats love the toys and scratch post
  • It’s easy to put together
  • It’s suitable for big and small cats


  • The fabric sheds more than the cat sometimes

5. Catry Cat Condo

5. Catry Cat Condo

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By Catry

If you want to stop your cat from sleeping on your bed and leaving its fur everywhere, then consider this cat condo from Catry. Pet parents face a constant battle with finding a cat condo that’s sturdy and ideal for large cats, but Catry delivers.

Because of the laminated wood construction, it’s capable of holding up to 200 pounds! It’s then covered in a lovely and contemporary fabric, jute fibers, and a scratching wall for your cat to sharpen its nails to its heart’s content.

There are certainly a lot of reasons to love this cat condo. It doesn’t look like a place for cats to nap, yet it serves that very purpose. It’s elegant, ties in with your home décor, but also doesn’t break the bank. If your cat sheds a lot of fur, then you will also be pleased to know that you can remove and wash the pad. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Upgrade your tired, old cat condo to this one from Catry today. You’ll notice the difference in quality right away.


  • Laminated wood construction
  • Jute fibers
  • Washable pad
  • Broad cat compatibility
  • 200-pound weight capacity
  • Scratching board included


  • It’s suitable for small and large cats
  • It has an included scratching wall
  • Contemporary design
  • Robust materials
  • It features a strong wood framework
  • You can wash the pad
  • Affordable price tag


  • It doesn’t have any fun toys

6. Cupets Cat Tree Condo with Sisal Scratching Post

6. Cupets Cat Tree

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By Cupets

If you’ve got a small cat that weighs no more than six pounds, then this cat condo from Cupets might be worth a closer look. From its 23-inch sizing and brown color scheme to its lovely plush fabric and sisal scratching post, this cat condo has it all.

While you will need to assemble all the components, the instructions are clear to do so. It also has a platform and tunnel that your feline friend will likely adore. Pet parents will also enjoy the competitive price tag, comfortable components for cats, and how it caters for all your cat’s needs for sleep and play.

However, if you have a large cat, this cat condo isn’t for you. It’s not stable or strong enough to withstand the weight, wear, and tear of a cat any larger than six pounds.


  • 23 inches
  • Brown color scheme
  • Sisal scratching post
  • Platform and tunnel
  • Assembly required
  • Six-pound weight capacity


  • Assembly is straightforward
  • Plenty of space for cats to play and sleep
  • It has a unique tunnel that few other cat condos have
  • It’s comfortable for cats
  • Affordable to buy


  • Not suitable for large cats

7. Flexrake Cats Condo

7. Flexrake Cats Condo

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By Flexrake

It’s harder than you might think to find a cat condo that’s basic, functional, and robust. Flexrake provides that in the form of a single-story cat condo that has no frills but a lot of useful components.

It boasts high-grade carpet, a durable frame, and it’s 13 x 11 inches. It’s also exceptionally well made and functions as an entire scratching post due to the carpet material. It’s able to withstand wear and tear with ease, has a simplistic design, and it’s large enough for most cats. However, those with cats a little on the rotund size say it’s not quite big enough and looks more substantial in the photos than it is.

If you are going to notice anything else that might put you off, it’s the strong chemical odor from the new carpet and how it sheds.

This cat condo differs from others for sale in other ways too. When a cat jumps on it or walks inside it, it doesn’t move around. You would be hard-pressed to find one that didn’t move around, lose balance, or look unstable when a cat tried to use it.

It doesn’t have any toys, dedicated scratching areas, or removable cushions, but it’s an excellent option for many. For those who are in the market for a no-frills, no-fuss cat condo, this one from Flexrake could be the answer.


  • High-grade carpet construction
  • One story
  • Natural scratching outlet
  • 13 x 11 inches


  • Well made
  • It’s large enough for big and small cats
  • The entire condo is ideal for cats to scratch
  • It’s durable for wear and tear
  • Affordable to buy
  • Simplistic design


  • Strong chemical and new carpet smell
  • It sheds
  • Smaller than it looks in the photos

8. AmazonBasics Ottoman Cat​Condo                                                          

8. AmazonBasics Cat​Condo

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By AmazonBasics

This cat condo from Amazon Basics has all the makings of something spectacular. It functions as a cat bed, but also as a footstool or ottoman for the humans in the family. Rarely do you find a multipurpose cat bed that suits your home while functioning for your pet too.

You can buy this cat condo in eight colors, and it boasts robust MDF materials. It’s also easy to assemble, well-sized and has contemporary wooden legs that look the part in any modern home. Pet parents love it for its elegance and functionality, while cats surely enjoy it for napping, lounging, and playing. In many ways, it’s the epitome of what a cat condo should be.

But Amazon Basics also has a long way to go to ensure they are catering more for the cat’s comfort than the human’s home styling. There is no padding on the inside, and the screws within it don’t lie flush. As a result, cats will not find it’s that comfortable unless you add padding yourself.

It also doesn’t have any area for cats to scratch as most other cat condos for sale do, and the plush fabric, while soft, does not promote claw sharpening. Therefore, you have to buy an extra scratching post to go with this condo.

For some cats who like to be off the ground, it’s quite low. It’s an excellent option for some cats, but not for all. Think about your cat’s usual preferences before you buy it.


  • Eight color options
  • Ottoman style
  • Medium-density fiberboard construction
  • Easy assembly
  • 14.8 x 17.1 inches
  • One-year warranty
  • Wooden legs


  • It functions as a footstool and ottoman
  • You can choose from different colors
  • It’s contemporary and stylish
  • It’s comfortable for cats
  • The framework is stable and solid
  • Generous warranty period
  • Ideal for napping, playing, or lounging
  • Suitable for bedrooms, living areas, and any part of your home
  • Soft and plush fabric


  • No padding in the fabric
  • It doesn’t have an area that cats can scratch
  • The screws can be felt inside the sleeping area
  • You need to add your own padding to the inside
  • It’s too low to the ground for cats that like to be up high

9. Beau Jardin Cat Tower and Condos for Big Cat

9. Beau Jardin Cat Condo

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By Beau Jardin

Porky cats are not the easiest to buy a cat condo for. They can tip over smaller ones, crush those that aren’t well made, and have no space to lounge around and play in most others. The market is quite small for those whose cats don’t fit into the “standard” cat sizing group. Beau Jardin understands this and has produced a generously-sized cat condo that suits small and large cats alike.

It has a 32.3-inch height, an enlarged top perch to suit most large cats and a base condo that’s comfortable and luxurious for cats to nap. What people also like is that it’s well made. Even heavy cats who want to jump on things will be no match for this condo. Its framework is robust and perfect for heavy-footed furry friends.

While the tent areas have soft sides, not hard sides, as they seem in the photos, most people don’t seem to mind. The generous proportions and convenience of this cat condo are more than enough for any feline owner.


  • 32.3-inch height
  • Enlarged top perch
  • Base condo
  • Raised edges
  • Thickened cat scratching post
  • Natural sisal rope
  • Large and small cat compatibility


  • Ideal for large cats, whereas many condos aren’t
  • There is a scratch post for convenience
  • The edges are raised to stop cats from slipping off
  • The top perch has plenty of room for a large cat
  • Cats can spread out with ease
  • It’s durable and well made
  • Robust materials
  • Competitive pricing
  • Easy care design


  • It has soft sides, not hard sides for support

Considerations for Purchasing a Cat Condo

Cats are stubborn, fussy creatures who can be quite particular about where they sleep. They also have particular things they like to use for play, napping, and lounging. Therefore, when you know you have to buy your cat a new cat condo, it’s not a decision to make likely. There’s every chance your cat will turn its nose up at it and think you’ve done the worst thing in the world!

If you want to reduce the risk of wasting money on a cat bed that your furry friend won’t use, then read on. Here are a few considerations to help make your decision.

  1. Tiers

    Every cat condo differs in style, but if you were to break down that style into two or three types, it would be by tier. Some cat condos are one, two, or three tiers, so think about how much of an adventurer your cat is. Does it like to climb? Does it find one spot it likes and sticks with it? Young cats are more likely to appreciate two or three tiers, but docile, older cats may only require one.

  2. Comfort

    Cats love to be comfortable, and a cat condo can help with that or hinder it. Some come with cushioning, and padding – often removable – but not all of them do. Some have a fabric covering over MDF framework, and you have to add your own padding. The comfort also relates to the size and style of the cat condo. The larger the perch or hidey-hole, the more comfortable your cat can be.

  3. Price

    You may want to spoil your cat, but it’s not like they can do chores around the house to pay you back. The more affordable the cat condo, the happier you can be. However, it’s paramount to strike a balance between value and quality. A lower price tag can be reflective of inferior materials that could lead to the condo failing before its time.

  4. Weight and Size Capacity

    Like humans, cats come in all shapes and sizes – and some are far larger than others. Pay attention to what reviewers and manufacturers say about the kind of cat their cat condo suits. Some are specially designed for large cats, while others cater more for kittens and small cats under six pounds. Paying particular attention to this point can ensure you don’t waste your money on a condo that’s far too small for your feline friends.

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