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The 9 Best Battery Testers

Whether we like it or not, the use of batteries will always show up in our daily lives one way or the other. Some professions even involve consistent use of batteries. Chemical processes are responsible for the power source of these batteries. We cannot see the chemical processes, there is therefore the need for us to devise means of accurately quantifying the amount of charge present in our batteries in order to make adequate preparations.

This is where a battery tester comes in to play. This device helps us to determine the amount of charge, capacity and any fault in batteries. Accurate testing of batteries is a sophisticated process which requires using very sensitive and well-engineered battery tester. Therefore you can’t just jump out to buy any battery tester anyhow. You should be selective and careful of the ones you buy.

In our quest to always offer you the best of everything, we have carefully selected a range of quality battery testers based on a nice blend of fascinating features present in these devices. Having a quality battery tester will save you the trouble of encountering disappointment in your household gadgets. It helps to prolong the life span of your gadgets. If your wish has always been how to enjoy your gadgets and keep them running smoothly, getting any of the following battery testers is a dream come true.

9. Amprobe BAT 250 Battery Tester

Amprobe is prominent name in manufacturing of Battery tester. This state of the art device is designed to give you one of the most reliable readings during measurement. It is fast in detecting amount of charge present in common types of battery. It can measure charge in both rechargeable and non-rechargeable batteries.

The meter display is easy to read as it comprises of a needle that moves on a calibrated scale enhanced with color. A unique feature of this battery tester is that it doesn’t require any internal battery for its operation.

Amprobe BAT 250 enables operation with a single hand. It consists of a side cradle which helps to hold battery tightly in place while testing. This also prevent erratic readings caused by loose contact. The shape and ergonomic design of the tester makes it easy to handle.

There is a perfect mold on the device which makes it fit your hands for better convenience. Amprobe battery tester is highly durable and it meets safety regulations. It will perform efficiently in all professional environment. This product has a display that is easy to read and association of professional electricians have shown their preference for it because of its durability and efficiency.

8. ZTS Mini Multi-Battery Tester

This is a wonderful battery tester that takes portability into consideration. It provides accurate readings in testing over 15 types of batteries. ZTS Mini Battery tester utilizes MBT’s microprocessor and high accuracy pulse load test for taking readings. The device uses LED bar to display battery capacity. Reading of test result is very easy using this LED display.

This device is highly efficient because it measures more than just voltage. It also measures battery performance while testing. The load is automatically disconnected after testing, this helps to ensure that testing doesn’t harm or drain the battery.

It is suitable for testing alkaline and lithium batteries. It can test batteries like AA, AAA, 1.2V NiMH, NiCd, 3V photo lithium, C, D, N, 9V alkaline and many more. The battery tester is powered by 4 AAA batteries.

A major advantage of ZTS Mini Multi-Battery tester is that it is easy to use and understand. No special setting is required for its operation. The contacts for each battery type are clearly labeled for easy recognition.

If you require fast and convenient battery testing, this device is ideal for you. Its portability and affordability are added advantage. A technician simply described it as his smart and portable companion.

7. TACKLIFE Universal Battery Checker

Tacklife Universal battery checker provides an affordable way of testing your batteries. It is suitable for AA, AAA, 9V and 1.5V button cell batteries. This portable devise is fast in testing batteries and it doesn’t require any internal battery for its operation.

It displays results using calibrated and colored scale that is easy to read. With the analog display, the needle moves over a color coded scale which helps to indicate good, low or bad batteries.

One of the features that make this device unique is the smart design and portability. You can easily slot it in your pocket. Tacklife battery tester can be conveniently operated with just one hand. With the adjustable slide, its compatibility with various types of batteries has been improved.

This adjustable slide also helps to keep batteries intact while testing. To further ensure your satisfaction, Tacklife offers you 24 months warranty on Tacklife MBT01 Universal battery Checker. The device offers you a nice blend of durability, affordability and efficiency, all these factors will make you absolutely satisfied with the product.

6. La Crosse Portable Battery Tester

This is a battery tester that has a design different from any one you have come across before. It is an epitome of contemporary smart and efficacious battery tester. It is suitable for testing varieties of common batteries and it is easy to operate. It is one of the most portable battery tester, you can conveniently slot it in to your pocket due to its compact size.

La Crosse Battery tester has a display that can be read easily. It can be held comfortably and operated with just one hand while taking readings. With this battery tester, you can accurately measure the amount of charge in rechargeable and alkaline batteries by utilizing the condition indicator.

It doesn’t consist of movable cradle, all you have to do is to just place the battery in the trough and it settles into the suitable size to be used for testing. This feature makes it look different from many common battery testers. This also helps to keep it compact and easy to protect without losing any part of it. If you have been in search of a smart and convenient way to test your batteries, La Crosse is exactly what you need.

5. Blueskysea MICRO-200 Car Battery Tester

Blueskysea MICRO-200 12V - Car Battery Tester
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This is a specially made battery tester meant for 12V car batteries. Its diagnostic function is not limited to car batteries alone but also extends to detection of faults on vehicle starting system and charging system. It can also be used to accurately measure output voltage of charging system. It works on the principle of advanced conductance testing technology.

Blueskysea Car Battery tester is suitable for use in garage, automobile factories, and battery manufacturing factories. It is very potable and easy to use. It makes use of digital screen to display test results. It is also equipped with USB interface which can be connected to computer to print results. This battery tester can be used for both dry cell and wet cell car batteries.

A fascinating feature that makes this battery tester very popular among auto mechanical engineers is the fact that it can serve multiple purposes, there is therefore no need for carrying several instruments. Blueskysea battery tester alone can accurately detect faults in the battery, charging system and vehicle starting system.

4. All Sun EM577 Automotive Battery Tester

This digital automotive battery tester is very efficient in conducting multiple diagnosis on 12V car batteries. It is well adapted for load test and it gives accurate readings under this condition. It is also equipped with 12V and 6V battery voltage indicator.

All Sun automotive battery tester is portable, easy to understand and convenient to use. The device will accurately function for battery load test, charging voltage test and starter motor test. This makes it very instrumental in automobile industry and it eliminates the need for using multiple devices.

All Sun EM577 battery tester has been fashioned to be very handy and convenient to handle, this can be attributed to its perfect shape. An automobile engineer said All Sun battery tester is simply the smartest modern battery tester. The device is durable, and affordable.

Another special feature of this device is the display. The bright digital LED display is suitable for both bright and low light condition. If you are in need of a blend of accuracy, durability and smartness in your automobile battery tester, All Sun is a perfect choice for you.

3. Triplett Check-A-Cell Multi Battery Tester

Triplett is a portable and battery tester. It is suitable for testing various sizes of batteries. It is facilitated with loading function, it can therefore load test. It can be used for testing Li-ion, NiMH, NiCad and sealed lead acid. This device can display difference in voltage starting from 0.01 volts and its accuracy is +/- 0.03.

It has no adjustable cradle but rather, it is equipped with pointed negative and positive contacts that can access the terminals of any battery. This makes its design to be unique.

An outstanding feature of Triplett battery tester which makes it very popular is the super bright digital display it has. This digital display is easy to understand and it is easy to use the device accurately indoor and outdoor. It is highly suitable for various industrial and residential application.

Association of technicians have endorsed it as a standard battery tester. Triplett battery tester comes with a case that help to safely accommodate it during transportation. This ensures durability and keeps the testing cords intact. Triplett is highly recommended for professionals who do a lot of battery testing every day.

2. Cen-Tech Digital Battery Tester

Testing of batteries has been taken to another level with the advent of Cen-Tech Digital Battery tester. It is extremely portable and easy to use. It gives accurate readings. It is suitable for testing battery sizes like AA, AAA, C, D and 9V batteries. The scale is easy to read and understand.

The scale has a color coded chart which indicates good, weak or poor battery condition. The scale shows 16 bars on its scale, the bars increase according to strength of the battery. The battery tester is also very affordable.

A feature that makes this device unique is its extreme portability, you can easily slot it into a small pocket. There is no need for movable cradle in this device. Batteries fit well when slotted into the tester, these batteries are held tightly while testing in order to prevent erratic readings.

An internal battery of type SR44 is used to power this battery tester. The readings derived from this device are absolutely reliable and accurate. It is suitable for both rechargeable and non-rechargeable batteries. If you don’t want to be burdened by carrying cumbersome battery testers about, this product is exactly what you need.

1. Dantona

Among all battery testers this product has held a special position due to its unique design. It is suitable for testing battery sizes like AA, AAA, C, D and 9V batteries. It has an easy to read scale. Its needle indicates battery status by moving on the color coded scale.

It uses colors red, yellow and green to indicate bad, fair and good status respectively. Dantona battery tester is accurate and very sensitive, it can be used for measuring the amount of charge in both rechargeable and non-rechargeable batteries.

Dantona battery tester is unique because its method of anchoring batteries is quite innovative and effective. It is not common in other battery testers. It utilizes an adjustable and collapsible anchor to hold batteries tight while testing. This makes it to easily fix and remove batteries.

It automatically adjust its height to that of the battery. This feature also makes it possible to easily fold the device and slot in the pocket whenever it is not being used. It is very suitable for both professional and personal use. If you are a person who likes combination of style and effectiveness, this device is typically what you need.


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